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08:54 AM on 04/20/2012
I would love to see the second and third performance of Jonathon, anyone know how I can?? somethings I can't because I am not from the UK
12:10 PM on 04/20/2012
The season is just starting and it will be another month (I think) before round 2 starts and they are on stage again. Just keep looking for him on youtube from time to time. he has about 4 solos and duets up and you can subscribe to his channel and BGT's as well.
03:17 PM on 04/20/2012
A couple weeks ago, I tried to go to BGT website and tried to view more, and it said since I wasn't from the UK I couldn't. Then the article I read on here this morning said that he has had his 2nd and 3rd performance, which I would love to see.
08:02 AM on 04/20/2012
Its sad to see the judges first impressions. Just because someone is big doesnt mean there talentless . Come on judges and people in general be nice. Its not whats outside but whats inside that counts !!
Helema Alkaabi
09:35 AM on 04/20/2012
did you se the girls and some of the guys in the audience they were cracking jokes and makeing clown faces n such when he walked on the stage....
09:43 AM on 04/20/2012
I agree ,, this world need to see with there hearts and not always with there eyes, . this guy by far has so much to offer, wow ,, well done.. ,,,
11:13 PM on 04/19/2012
Jonathon is truly a future Pavaroti, he really needed Charlotte to be there. Perhaps she had trouble with the acoustics because she went painfully flat a few times and at other times she sounded great. His pitch was perfect even when she went off (which is really difficult to say the least). You can see some of his recitals on youtube before his breakdown and realize the toll it took on him, he put on a lot of weight during/after his crisis. But When Simon takes a young talent under his wing they really blossom. I know great things are in store for Jonathon. He reminds me of another wonderful (and bullied) BGT 2008 runner up, boy soprano Andrew Johnson who is now at the Royal Northern College of Music and still following his dream path- in part because of Simon and BGT. Andrew's album "One Voice" produced by Simon is still one of my favorites. Can't wait for Jonathons!
Helema Alkaabi
09:37 AM on 04/20/2012
she may of been nervous for her partner because of the reception he received when he walked out. while she is trying to help him up she needs to realise shes letting herself fall. and every pavaroti needs his opera men and women balance each other out if you have all men or all women it just does not really work!
11:59 AM on 04/20/2012
Well said! I've told everyone I've introduced this duo to that Jonathan needs Charlotte to go on with him, not just because it's the right thing but also he really needs her support on stage. Ultimately we hope his confidence builds to the point he's ready to accept whatever offers he may receive that may not include Charlotte. She might be the next Sissel (pop opera) but he is classic opera and the 2 are very different in opportunities. And while I love pop opera (beautiful but classically imperfect voices making classical music appealing to the untrained ear) Jonathan would be selling his talent short to go that route.
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06:47 PM on 04/19/2012
Without a doubt, he was sent to replace the, never to be forgotten, Pavarotti. I have watched this video 50 times at least and never cease to be amazed. Wow is an understatement.
Helema Alkaabi
09:38 AM on 04/20/2012
yes i kinda miss him there are a few that move you but not like pavaroti!! and this teen is apavaroti in the makeing!!
If I were a man I'd be Will Rogers
12:47 PM on 04/19/2012
that piece "The Prayer" holds a special place in my heart..Andrea Bocelli and Celene Dion do it so lovely....this young man out sang Bocelli and that is not easy to do....I hope he goes very far...the opera world needs.a young new my heart out with this performance...
05:53 AM on 04/19/2012
very beautiful judge a book by it cover you never know what my be hidden deep inside
06:29 PM on 04/19/2012
thats why the version where they sing and the judges can not see them until they vote on the person with the best performace is the best
Helema Alkaabi
09:40 AM on 04/20/2012
yup there have bene some surprises on the X factor!!
05:04 AM on 04/19/2012
old performance but worth the watch, very powerful, hope they find a place forr his sister
10:01 AM on 04/20/2012
She's not his sister.
03:37 AM on 04/19/2012
Its so sad to see the pre-judgements they made to begin with. But since he has a great voice, now he is of value. It really make them no better than the bullies. Really demeaning...
12:27 AM on 04/19/2012
Awesome singer...
11:55 PM on 04/18/2012
This video is a true & sincere lesson as to stay out of the "judge" side of your brain! I actually felt guilty after he began to sing. An amazing inspiration to always have a positive outlook on people & to stop judging others based on their physical looks! Bravo & well wishes to a bright & amazing future!
Helema Alkaabi
09:42 AM on 04/20/2012
yes i knew what he was going through because i was made fun of alot as a child and still get wise cracks about my weight. people forget that there are people that cant help their looks but they can walk away from those that down them and help them to understand its not ok!!
11:33 PM on 04/18/2012
Starting at the third note, the audience recognized these kids' talents and rewarded them with shouts of approval and applause. It was so moving and beautiful. In these days of such discord, it was simply wonderful to be able to celebrate with these two young people and come together as one in total agreement that we were privileged to witness something remarkable. The last note was gift…………………………. to all of us. It fed my soul.
Jack Rupert
11:32 PM on 04/18/2012
It pissed me off when I read "Fat kid surprises judges".......Why couldn't have said "Shy kid". That headline in and of itself is a form of bullying. Shame on you damn people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:28 PM on 04/18/2012
I thought they sounded great together. Yes, Jonathan was the biggest surprise but I thought Charlotte sounded fine and I don't necessarily agree with Simon that she will "hold him back."

Simons' suggestion to Jonathan that he should "dump her" must've felt like a stake through Charlotte's heart.
Jerry Stephen
Hybrid: Socially Liberal & Fiscally Conservative
01:27 AM on 04/20/2012
The young man did the right thing when he stood up to Simon. "We came here as a duet, we'll continue as one." (paraphrased).
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11:14 PM on 04/18/2012
11:07 PM on 04/18/2012
I hope this kid lives long enough to enjoy success. These audiences are so unnerving. The guy barely gets a note out before they start screaming and drown out the entire performance. Why the hell don't they just listen to the music first and then react? And could Simon be so harsh on the girl when he couldn't hear her voice for all the screaming? That's why I can't watch these talent shows.