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02:56 PM on 11/14/2008
Bravo! They really deserve it. I had three of these hard workers living with me to help turn Arapahoe County in Colorado blue for the first time since 1964 and they did it. They slept little and walked all day to canvass for Obama. Good for them. Bobbie
03:11 PM on 11/14/2008
Thank you for hosting them.
02:49 PM on 11/14/2008
Congratulations and KUDOS!!!
02:43 PM on 11/14/2008
As someone who donated the maximum I could afford to Obama's campaign, I wholeheartedly approve!

Job well done, campaign staffers! You deserve these bonuses. :-) :-) Thanks again for all your hard work!
02:33 PM on 11/14/2008
Glad to have helped out for a job well done!
02:31 PM on 11/14/2008
I love it! Our local people worked tirelessly. In the heat, the cold, until all hours of the night. They were amazing.

As someone who contributed several times throughout the campaign, however, I would love to receive a card or some other commemorative correspondence to thank me for my support. Something to save and pass on to the kids : )
02:45 PM on 11/14/2008
Didn't you get the thank you e-mail and text from Barack?
03:00 PM on 11/14/2008
I did, too - but don't we get that every time we see the words "President-Elect Barack Obama"? And won't we have it every day for the next four years? :-) Our contributions are the gifts that keep giving back to us.
Forget hope. Agitate.
02:29 PM on 11/14/2008
That money should go to the unpaid volunteers who worked trieslessly for Obama and not the paid staff. Obama's people know who they are too because they have their names listed and addresses etc. A lot of people put in a lot of time for Obama, many unpaid. It's those poeple who should have also been sent tickets to the inauguration first. It just doesn't seem fair that they've been left out.
02:38 PM on 11/14/2008
With all the unpaid out there, I doubt if Sen. Obama, had decided to give them the money, it would have amount to anything much....Too many unpaid workers out there....Would you have accepted 10 cents? (just throwing a figure)
02:44 PM on 11/14/2008
I was an unpaid worker and the fact that I was a volunteer made me even more proud of myself and my efforts.
02:57 PM on 11/14/2008
I volunteered, and watching Obama on that stage in Grant Park on the night of the 4th was the biggest reward I could have asked for.
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03:23 PM on 11/14/2008
I happily volunteered and would (will) do it again in a heartbeat. I met the professional staff in an AZ office and they deserved every penny for organizing and directing the volunteers so well--I would guess they were making about 52 cents an hour, judging by the time they all put in.
02:28 PM on 11/14/2008
Well deserved, and bravo to Obama's team for "spreading the wealth". That's change I can believe in!
02:26 PM on 11/14/2008
I donated and I am glad to assist these "Real American Heros" with my contributions. Thank you all for your efforts. You are appreciated.
02:20 PM on 11/14/2008
Look - these people worked incredibly hard and for once, in my memory at least, the Dems weren't broke at the end of the campaign. They earned it, and as for Blackberries and laptops, that helps everyone - and not that much on taxes, come to think of it.

I have no problem with this at all, and I made donations.
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02:16 PM on 11/14/2008
Those staffers can thank the donors who made it possible.
02:16 PM on 11/14/2008
It's nice to see people getting bonuses for a job well done rather for running a company into the ground.
03:17 PM on 11/14/2008
I second that.
03:27 PM on 11/14/2008
Completely true!
02:13 PM on 11/14/2008
I'm so glad to see so many supportive comments here! I admit I expetced the trolls to be spamming the comments with accusations of elitist irresponsible spending, blahdy blahdy blah.

I just had a welcome home dinner with a friend who ran a Field Office in Las Vegas for the campaign, and her descriptions of the work they did were incredible. They worked SO tirelessly, for very little money, and not in big swanky offices but in crammed corners of whatever room the could find... And they conducted the best political campaign in recent history.

Yet again, Obaam is reminding me of what integrity looks like in a leader. I wonder if I'll ever get used to it :)
02:11 PM on 11/14/2008
Money very well spent indeed. I am very proud of the work that was done for Obama.
Obama is the man.
02:08 PM on 11/14/2008
His campaign deserve every penney they get!
02:06 PM on 11/14/2008
They deserve that month and then some -- for two years many of them have had literally no lives. Hey, give 'em through Christmas!!