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02:55 PM on 11/17/2008
Another liberal hypocrite in a long list who want wind turbines but not in their backyard or own 10,000 square ft. home in Tennessee or got her wealth from a wealthy ex-husband.
03:09 PM on 11/17/2008
Actually he is a libertarian in the Ayn Ryan mold.
03:23 PM on 11/17/2008
And herein lies the problem
02:49 PM on 11/17/2008
ya, but he's rich (and obnoxious) nothing will happen to him in the good o'l USA
10:47 AM on 11/20/2008
Remember Martha Stewart? Same things (rich/obnoxious) have been said about her.
I'm not gay but my husband is.
02:44 PM on 11/17/2008
There is nothing he can say to cover it up. He was aware of the PIPE and he sold his shares prior to the announcement - and THAT was illegal. If Martha can spend five months in jail then Cuban can spent five years for insider trading. And he should.
03:09 PM on 11/17/2008
Did you read the article? This is a civil suit not criminal, thus Mark will not serve jail time. If he loses he will have to pay a monetary sum. Try reading for a change.
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02:36 PM on 11/17/2008
One of these days, Mark -- one of these days pretty soon, I would expect -- you're going to learn that the danger of offering unsolicited advice
is the embarrassment of learning its exact value to its recipient.

Being in a lucky market at a lucky time does not qualify you to advise the President.
02:33 PM on 11/17/2008
time to cleanout wall street.
02:31 PM on 11/17/2008
This is too rich! Last week Mark Cuban was blogging on THIS site, whining about the academics on Obama's team, insisting that what was needed was more entrepaneurs like him. Like him! I guess Cuban's solution to the economic crisis is to lie, cheat and steal. He must be a Republican! So this is your advice to the new administration Mark? Cheat and steal your way to success?
In the LEFT lane.
02:31 PM on 11/17/2008
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. *extreme sarcasm*

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02:28 PM on 11/17/2008
Fantastic truism!

The beloved Kennedy Klan derived its wealth from running liquor during prohibition, but today no one would dare question the wealth of its family members or doubt the political standing of its members. We, as a nation were more black and white then, and those who primarily were able to enrich themselves were literally all-white in a society run by all-whites. And, within a matter of a generation or two, many were able to work themselves into a society which once sought to convict them for crimes in which made them rich.

At some point, some smart folks are going to have to ask themselves how much of America's grand story of its economic prosperity was a result of Yankee ingenuity and how much of it resided with 'theft' and colonialism; in other words, has America like the Brits and the French before them suddenly run out of folks to exploit and subjugate for its own selfish ends? Have we ever been a nation operating on economic genius or were we always dipping into the limited pool of money built upon centuries of indentured servitude and African slavery?

Thusly, can America actually operate and out achieve the Chinese and the Indo-Chinese, if it does not have a labor force to exploit?
02:23 PM on 11/17/2008
Wasn't this guy just a few days ago squawking about Obama's choices for his inner circle? Something about start up guys? Maybe he meant start up the river types.
No bio needed. My cuteness speaks for itself.
02:23 PM on 11/17/2008
Cuban got too greedy for his own good. He is a billionaire. I hope that all of this was worth saving $750,000 for!
02:17 PM on 11/17/2008
Another example of Cuban not liking something and then breaking the rules. He got caught, he now must be held accountable.

He seems to have an attitude that rules don't apply to him.
02:17 PM on 11/17/2008
Funny timing I'd say because it's Mark Cuban who is bankrolling theweb site which tracks the bailout money aka "The Great D.C. Theftapalooza." No good deed goes unpunished. Check out the site and see if you can figure where Hank Paulson and his brave little band of money changers spent OUR money.
02:07 PM on 11/17/2008
02:03 PM on 11/17/2008
Cuban has been a little critical of the Bush administration and the SEC recently so this is probably has more to do with politics than anything else. By the way, who in the SEC really has time for this now anyway? The amount in question ($750,000) isn't even worth the time. They should have bigger fish to fry right now.
01:56 PM on 11/17/2008
To this guy just tried to give sage advice to Obama recently here on HuffPost!
Your goin' to jail buddy!
02:15 PM on 11/17/2008
The SEC filed a CIVIL complaint. There won't be any jail time.
02:31 PM on 11/17/2008
Of course. The SEC is toothless -- they talk a good game, and then never do anything. Obstruction of Justice -- Bad (see Martha Stewart), but own up to your malfeasance -- just pay a fine and move on.

What always seems to get lost in the equation is that when a guy like Cuban unloads his stock at a higher price, someone else bought the stock -- and then got burned when the price fell when the inside information became public.