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Think of the otters!
03:00 AM on 11/19/2008
There's only one reason, it seems: Liebermann is the potential "60th Man".
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07:26 AM on 11/19/2008
Yeah, right, and we can all count on his loyality to vote with Democrats.
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10:51 AM on 11/19/2008
It is also being said that he is going to have to take the heat for failure to indict Bushco for criminal activity. He hasn't had a hearing in the last four years; why start now? It's ironic that Cheney's first indictment is coming from a grand jury in Texas. You can bet the US Senate will not follow suit.
02:58 AM on 11/19/2008
This is disgusting! There should be consequences for incredibly bad behavior! The Democrats do not need his vote. They can always pick up the few Republicans who can think straight. I do not see CHANGE anywhere yet. What am I missing? Was it just a campaign slogan?
03:38 AM on 11/19/2008
NO, NO Stashpanache I was as angry as you, but Barack is raising the bar to all new political heights , in the long run we will understand how politicaly savvy it was to advocate on Lieberman's behalf . What I have learnt from my new party leader is that a political rival does not mean a political enemy. That is the republican way of thinking. Lieberman's constituents in Connecticut will determine his future in two years from now and if the chickens come home to roost, then so be it. Obama will not be accused of his demise if it comes to that.
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07:27 AM on 11/19/2008
Two years can't come fast enough.
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10:52 AM on 11/19/2008
In this case, enemy is the appropriate term.
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06:43 AM on 11/19/2008
Because just has during the primary and the general your perception of change is different than that of reality and you were not the only one on this board suffering from that delusion.
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02:44 AM on 11/19/2008
Joe Lieberman will have two days of reckoning. First, 2010 Senatorial elections. If the Democrats continue to gain and get over 60 without Lieberman, look out. Second, 2011 when he runs for reelection. The people of CT will have their day. What does he run as, an Independent or as a Democrat? Joe is going to have to keep a low profile and not anger anyone in the party. Obama basically de-fanged him.
03:24 AM on 11/19/2008
02:24 AM on 11/19/2008
TIME always has an answer: Why do we need to go to war? Why it is so good to keep JL in charge of committees? The true reason, Obama is also controlled by the neocons (unfortunately) and is afraid to not follows their orders.
06:28 AM on 11/19/2008
He's certainly surrounding himself with super pro-Israel war hawks and business as usual D.C. insiders. So, it's not looking so good for "change" at this point, is it?
06:37 AM on 11/19/2008
I think he will be parking their cars at the inaugural. As I say over and over again. We are a nation under occupation - by a foreign government - whose representatives, like Lieberman, and Paulson, and Goldman Sachs - should be tried for treason.
02:17 AM on 11/19/2008
Forgiveness of Lieberpussey comes with a price as he will find out in the months ahead.
Meantime lets enjoy his groveling and ignore his two faceness. Conrats to a few Demos that fired humiliating salvos at leieberpussey!
02:12 AM on 11/19/2008
Yes, but will Lieberman forgive the Democrat party? I think not.
02:15 AM on 11/19/2008
That's okay. He won't get re-elected by the good citizens of CT anyhow.
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02:41 AM on 11/19/2008
No one is forgiving anyone. Lieberman threatened to turn officially Repub and rather than call his extortionist bluff they smothered him with "kindness."
And as luckyrico says, CT is waiting and will watch him very closely.
61 years of age, happily divorced, father of three
02:11 AM on 11/19/2008
Except for the 13 who voted against that "Quisling" it was Washington as usaul, the rich entrenched covering for one of their own. 40 years in the "beltway", that should give us "plebes" something to chew on. "We" keep voting in a "ruling class" that really does not give a "flying" anything about what "we the people" want or need. You can talk all you want about "Machiavelian" this and that strategy, the press conference said it all, OUR opinion does not count. There was "Reid" saying:" he would not apologize to anyone" for his vote. Lieberman, all smiles because once again that "exclusive
club" had come through for him again, he didn't have to apologize either, just express "regret" for some of the things he said and did during the "heat of the campaign" Disgusting. We, as a people should start voting Senators out after 2 terms, so that they don't get so damned comfortable. 12 years is plenty enough time to accomplish the will of the people.
I'm Just Me!
04:02 AM on 11/19/2008
Finger on the pulse!
writer animator lover
02:05 AM on 11/19/2008
1) is Obama being blamed for senate vote 2-) why are we lamenting that he didn't pull a business as usual vengeance tactic ala Palin?
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Wolf Larsen
The Country You Want Back No Longer Exists
01:59 AM on 11/19/2008
Barack Obama now holds Lieberman's political fate in his hands. While Lieberman can be spiteful....he is also pragmatic......he knows that Obama now has his family jewels resting quietly on the Oval Office desk. By bringing Hillary on board he consolidates power with the Clintons and puts them in a position to do his bidding as opposed to working against him.

Look for him next to bring in maybe Lugar or Hagel while keeping Gates to achieve gravitas with the conservatives. When he is done he will have many roads to success in legislation and governing....just like he did in the campaign.

The one thing that everyone who opposed him had in common....they all underestimated him to their own detriment...and like any tactician will tell you.....your perceived weakness can be your greatest strength.....if you know how to take advantage of it.....and Obama is a master at this....and he will only get better.
give peas a chance
01:59 AM on 11/19/2008
Forget about Bill's donors, what about Hillary's ties to ultra secret "Family" of Douglas Coe:

"The Family takes credit for some of Clinton's rightward legislative tendencies, including her support for a law guaranteeing "religious freedom" in the workplace, such as for pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control prescriptions and police officers who refuse to guard abortion clinics."

"The Family avoids the word Christian but worships Jesus, though not the Jesus who promised the earth to the "meek." They believe that, in mass societies, it's only the elites who matter, the political leaders who can build God's "dominion" on earth. Insofar as The Family has a consistent philosophy, it's all about power--cultivating it, building it and networking it together into ever-stronger units, or "cells." "We work with power where we can," Doug Coe has said, and "build new power where we can't."
This Dog's bite is Worse Than his Bark
01:41 AM on 11/19/2008
Undestand the reasoning, but leaves a bad taste.
02:02 AM on 11/19/2008
I'd rather have the bad taste rather than the toxins we've been swallowing the last 8 years.
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01:36 AM on 11/19/2008
Mediocrity - thy name is Democrat.
02:04 AM on 11/19/2008
Mediocrity is a far sight better than.... STUPIDITY!
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Bake the hall in the candle of her brain
01:31 AM on 11/19/2008
Hooray for the neutering of checks and balances!
Thank goodness after eight years of virtually no oversight, we have the same guy, and probably no meaningful oversight...

The President will be able to use all those powers we hated for eight years, and now we love them. But those dirty liberals will always want meaningful oversight and limits upon powers... Even when their side is in charge. They're just as bad as the far right.

nice rabbit hole.
01:52 AM on 11/19/2008
Huh? The Dems should seek to limit their own influence in the name of checks and balances? You make no sense whatsoever.
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Bake the hall in the candle of her brain
02:14 AM on 11/19/2008
It's the point of having oversight, rather than a rubber stamp.
I think the Senate, in the name of a "new chapter," have appointed the exact same as what we had, and what we didn't like.

I would rather have someone I can trust to do the right thing, than a stooge who we "have by the balls." No matter how much I like Obama, I don't like unchecked power.
02:09 AM on 11/19/2008
What was your point? the checks and balances have to do with the separate houses, the executive branch and the Supreme court. How did anybody neuter the checks and balances by voting to keep Lieberman in caucus with the Dems or allowing him to retain his chairmanship?
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Bake the hall in the candle of her brain
03:19 AM on 11/19/2008
This is the Senate's oversight of the President's operations of the Dept. of Homeland Security, I believe. It shouldn't be decided by who can be kept quiet. That would neuter the the check on the executive.
writer animator lover
01:18 AM on 11/19/2008
In about six months, when Obama is getting stuff done with little to no opposition, we will be saying "Ohhhhhhhh"
I'm for the separation of church and hate!
05:05 AM on 11/19/2008
writer animator lover
01:13 AM on 11/19/2008
Why are people blaming Obama any way--isn't this a senate vote? Obama isn't even officially president yet so he couldn't veto them if he wanted to--WTF???
01:16 AM on 11/19/2008
The rational nature of your post is going to cause cerebral unrest : ))
01:17 AM on 11/19/2008
Obama requested that Liebermann be allowed to keep his seat. Such a request by the new leader of the Democratic party is not taken lightly.
writer animator lover
01:22 AM on 11/19/2008
Sure, but they could still say NO one twisted any arms, and Obama, as we can see, is not one to take vengeance when decided against...