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"Let us march on 'til victory is won"
09:48 AM on 11/20/2008
This was a BIG mistake on their part, but they went to D.C. in the same way they have been going there and to other places. Someone found out, told everyone, and now everyone is so "outraged" they can barely see straight. One congressman's "cutsie" comments are being played over and over, and everyone in upset. Are we upset about the "right thing"??? $20,000 x 3 does not equal or come close to the AIG spends. How are bankers and ceo's of banks and financial houses traveling? By train or Greyhound Bus Line? Where are they staying overnight? Motel 6 or Redroof Inn? What are they going to do for the holiday meal? Eating at the local soup kitchen? What about the 3,000,000 plus people who will not have jobs? People want change and this would be a good time for "bipartisan" cooperation and a "bipartisan" plan. Why is there such a drive to take out the Big 3? Not too many see the demise of the middle class and the hard worker. Mitt Romney, Dick Army, and so many others are so busy giving their ideas on t v. Why not call people together and get a plan together--go bipatisan--and present it to Congress, the Big 3,and the public. I know a holiday is coming, but I think saving the nation trumps.
11:36 AM on 11/20/2008
There IS a bipartisan effort going on right now, and it is to RIP YOU OFF. 25 Senators voted against the original bailout. That's it! When most Americans were against it. Don't be fooled. All of the bigshots will tout the bailout and how it will help YOU. It WON'T help you. It is a TOTAL SCAM! Most Americans realize that, including myself, and that's why we're against it. Don't be fooled!
09:38 AM on 11/20/2008
But the best line odf the day was little Chrissy Dodd asking how they didn't see this coming.? The very man who presided over the banking collapse . The man who helped defend Fred and Fannie to the very end.

Oh how the double standard is in full view for all to see who care to see.

Personally, I say let the auto industry die. They made bad decisions and now want more of my tax dollars. Scr ewem I love my Mercedes and will always buy Mercedes. They know how to build cars that last.
11:37 AM on 11/20/2008
Well, what does that tell you about Chris Dodd and the rest of Congress?
America needs a Labor Party
09:38 AM on 11/20/2008
This is the problem with the neoconservative 'survival of the fittest' corporate welfare state Bush and co. have created. Simply put, the market is incapable of controlling its own greed for the sake of common sense. This is why the AIG CEO is making $87 million a year at the same time his company is going belly up and shareholders are losing their shirts. Without common sense government guidelines placed on business, those at the top have little incentive to create competitivenss. They merely rape the company, then move on to bigger and better things. And look who they had as an example - the neocon clowns in the Bush Administration and US Congress. And a shining example they were! As Bush said recently, "This one might be worse than '29." If this congress does nothing to bail out the automakers, which would not be surprising due to their arrogance, then expect the Obama Administration to take a partial government ownership role, install good, fiscally conscious management and green them up.
09:21 AM on 11/20/2008
I don't know if the United Auto Workers Union flew on one of the private jets or not. I would think and have seen him in the past flying on Northwest Airlines because has a hub here in Detroit and they have a very large union presence here in Detroit.
09:18 AM on 11/20/2008
The three automotive companies have a fleet of JETS!
General Motors corporate jets fly out of Detroit City airport, Detroit, Michigan
Ford Motor Company flies out of a private airfield at Detroit Metro Airport, Romulus, Michigan
Chrysler flies out of Oakland county Regional Airport in Troy, Michigan
These three CEO's live like the Wall Street CEO's that get very large bonuses. GM is the biggeste out of the three companies and they have the most fat in their company...
09:08 AM on 11/20/2008
Corporate Jets = Corporate Welfare. Enough already!
08:55 AM on 11/20/2008
The rich are different from you and me.
Have they thought about maybe selling those jets on E-Bay ;-)
07:50 AM on 11/20/2008
Big, Big slap in the face of the American taxpayer. Alot can be saved by selling off those jets and having CEO's fluff and ridiculously high salaries eliminated. Yeah, put the burden on the overstretched taxpayer. Another case of "Wall Street" before" Main Street", IMO.

How much can the CEO's really care about their business if they are making no concessions?
09:39 AM on 11/20/2008
Was it as big a slap when Ch ris Do dd asked how they didn't see this coming? The very man who presided over the banking collapse and "didn't see it coming"?
07:29 AM on 11/20/2008
So they fly in separate private jets for 'security' reasons. Hardly; sounds like just a reason for self-indulgence. Surely they would be less conspicuous if they flew like the rest of us in coach class or business class. I'm thankful not to be living in the US today just to see my hard-earned taxes go to bailing out these corporations who have lived off the fat of the land for so long. Where was the corporate governance and due diligence to ensure they would stay afloat if the economy was to sink to where we see it now. It was always to be a possibility.
06:44 AM on 11/20/2008
Having worked in legal matters involving high level corporate executives, their use of corporate, private jets is often required by corporate security policies, the insurers as to kidnap & ransom insurance for those executives and related reasons. Do you want those CEO's being on the same flight as some guy that has just lost his job, or where terrorists could get on board? Yes, perhaps they should have came on one aircraft, but that presents it own set of security issues.
07:20 AM on 11/20/2008
Maybe if these tools spent several hours on a flight with 'real people' they'd be more in touch with reality. These guys appear utterly clueless. They have failed to listen to their customers and have lost track of where the world is headed. Good riddance.
He who argues facts wastes time, his & mine.
07:32 AM on 11/20/2008
Have these jerks never considered "plane-pooling?"

They all departed Detroit, they could have at least travelled
on one "private" jet.
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07:22 AM on 11/20/2008
you mean the corporate security policies that were written by the ceo's or the car companies,? how many years ago?, I was a driver for a major corporation and all the ceo's of my company and companies that we did business with, used the airlines, I had to go to the airport an pick them up or take them there so your statement just doesn't wash.
03:20 AM on 11/20/2008
I bought a new car this past summer. The company I work for has an incentive program with GM that amounts to a 10% discount. I looked at GMs but saw nothing but big ugly, medium ugly and wouldn't-be-caught-dead-in ugly models. None of the current offerings looked good to me and my previous car was a Saturn. It's amazing how completely out of the loop American auto makers are, or at least are so unwilling to try thinking in new ways.

At the office there is a 10 to 1 ratio of foreign to domestic car ownership in the parking lot. Think about that. I work some incredibly smart people and they prefer foreign cars by 90%.

So I bought an Accord. I paid more for it, but its worth every penny. And since they last forever, it's going to be a long time before I'm in the market to buy another US model.
Facts ARE Liberty
10:04 AM on 11/20/2008
I just did a quick survey on the DC beltway over a 2-3 minute span (not too many cars cause we were not moving very fast):
Toyota - 27
Nissan - 5
Honda - 5
Volvo - 3
BMW - 3
Mercedes - 3
Chrysler - 2
Ford - 1
Porsche - 1
Kia - 1
Jeep - 1
I saw more Prius's than American cars combined (6, including mine).
Throw in a Volvo big rig and an International big rig and an empty car carrier I could not get a brand on, and that was the look of things sitting on the Beltway in Maryland.
It was shocking to me - US cars have no economic advantages, no environmental advantages, no styling advantages and no durability advantages. Why would I waste my money on one?
(Note: Brands include all labels under that makers name, such as Chevy for GM and acura for Honda).
02:46 AM on 11/20/2008
CEOs on private jets. This is shocking how?
07:55 AM on 11/20/2008

Maybe because they were coming to ask you, me and all taxpayers for financial help to save the failing buisnesses they represent.
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02:28 AM on 11/20/2008
Make all the people, the humans, each individual, involved in pleading for or receiving federal bailout money take the money that would have been spent on non-middle class perkslike this put that money in a public fund to bailout regular people.
The arc of human history is to the left.
02:16 AM on 11/20/2008
In order to get the bailout, every VP or high must produce a certified copy of their net assets. and then invest 75% of them in their respective company. If they're not willing, taxpayers shouldn't either.

All UAW and other workers with health insurance should be enrolled in Medicare. This will save money, and educate the public about the value of single payer.
I thought so.
04:01 AM on 11/20/2008
Love this!

Betty's got a smart dad!
10:53 AM on 11/20/2008
And who's goin to pay for the Medicare???
The arc of human history is to the left.
04:58 AM on 11/21/2008
The employers that are now paying very expensive private insurance
02:15 AM on 11/20/2008
INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVEABLE, WAY PAST CLUELESS, SELF CENTERED, STUCK ON STUPID, CEO'S. Man, American business professionals look like so ridiculous to the world. Bush, when you leave office, please take your stupid friends with you. All of you have turned this beautiful, powerful country into freakin LAUGH-IN.