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No, not microbio, molecular bio and biochemistry!
06:27 PM on 11/19/2008
I am not one to support the vaccine (+/- mercury) autism connection, but this is a great pick. He will support research on various levels, but more importantly, will be a strong advocate in helping families with the difficulties of children on the spectrum. This is exactly the type of leader we need for this position.
Kim Stagliano
Author All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa A Lif
07:19 PM on 11/19/2008
I am glad to read this comment. Very fair. Kim
05:22 PM on 11/19/2008

Thanks again for writing about the subject of vaccines, mercury and autism.

As a mother of a child with autism whose father is in the Navy, I am very excited that President-Elect Obama made this move today. I believed from the beginning that he cared about the autism community. I also believe that this is a sign of the good things to come.