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09:58 AM on 04/27/2012
That is cute for the younger ones. Me and my kids sing 2Live Crew..."Me so horny" and NWA "Straight outta compton". They are all teenagers and share their fathers love of old school hiphop and gangsta rap.
09:52 AM on 04/27/2012
Party time! Excellent!
09:48 AM on 04/27/2012
I love it, I love Freddie Mercury
09:46 AM on 04/27/2012
I bet my kids could have something cute like that too, had they stayed in an upright position. But nooooo, they were too busy laying on the floor of the car in mortal fear their friends would see them being driven somewhere by their mother.
09:50 AM on 04/27/2012
I need that laugh this morning, thanks =)
09:25 AM on 04/27/2012
Used to sing that on the school bus in seventh grade -when it first came out! DAMN I'm old!
09:03 AM on 04/27/2012
Totally awesome! Glad a good family thing is getting some net time.
"OBSESSED" is the word lazy people use to describe
08:23 AM on 04/27/2012
love how even the little guy in the back was singing...awesome!
07:56 AM on 04/27/2012
Awww adorable, good way to start the day off =)
07:48 AM on 04/27/2012
You put a smile on my face this morning, your video brought back alot of memories for me, my husband and I would do the same with our kids, we were always singing together to the music on the radio. They like the theme song from Rocky. My kids are now 17,20 and 32 and when ever we are in a car together guess what we do SING. They will always remember their ride to school. Don't ever stop singing.
07:27 AM on 04/27/2012
That was great. Our car seat song was "Hotel California".
Every cloud has a silver lining
08:42 AM on 04/27/2012
That's a good choice too. Hotel California is one of my favorite songs from The Eagels.
I always sing along with the Eagels CD in my car and when Hotel California comes
on, I put up the volume. I think the guitar accompaniment in Hotel California is awesome.
In the Land of the Living
06:57 AM on 04/27/2012
I love to see happy families. Praise the Lord.
04:42 AM on 04/27/2012
WAY TO GO DAD!!!!! THAT'S AWSOME! i can only imagine how getting them out of bed can sometimes be a struggle but i can see how singing that song begins their little days and gets rid of the early morning sluggish feeling. all i can say is great job and thanks for sharing.
02:40 AM on 04/27/2012
i hv shared music with my grandson since the day he was borned he enjoys music from the 50s to rap that includes country
02:07 AM on 04/27/2012
Wonderful! We travel long distances quite often to visit family and instead of it being boring we rock out and have the time of our lives.
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01:10 AM on 04/27/2012
This is great. These kids will fondly remember those morning rides long after they are grown.

We always sang in the car on long trips. Does anybody know a round that has Boom de odd itee as a chorus and a verse of "I love the mountains. I love the rolling hills. I love the flowers. I love the daffodils. I love the fireside--when all the lights are low oh Boomdeodditee, etc."?

I have never known another family that sang that, but everyone in my family did--grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins. . .
Every cloud has a silver lining
08:49 AM on 04/27/2012
When I was a child we used to deliver Christmas presents to family friends. While my
dad would drive on snow covered streets, my sister and I would sing Christmas carols
in the back seat. My dad loved to hear us sing Christmas carols and the singing always
got all of us in the Christmas mood. My dad has since passed away, but this is still
a cherished memory of my childhood.
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03:22 PM on 04/27/2012
Sounds lovely.

We also always sang while doing the dishes after supper. Made the work go faster and made us laugh.