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01:46 PM on 05/11/2012
Right before Katrina made landfall, I sprinkled Holy water on my house, us, my friends, our pets. Trees crashed all around us, roofs were torn away, windows broken. My house was untouched.

My neighbors evacuated, their home sustained massive damage but Mary was still standing amidst the rubble.

My friends' home was flooded into the second story. Mary had been in the backyard facing the bayou. When the water receeded, she was standing on the porch facing outward, an open Bible at her feet.
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02:04 PM on 05/11/2012
And my Jewish cousin and his Catholic neighbor also evacuated at that time, KittenSoldier. But when they returned they found that my cousin's house had pretty much been spared; he had just a bit of flooding (about 3 inches in the basement), a tree in his yard crashed missing his house by less than a foot except for a few branches that scraped the paint, he lost a few shingles on his roof, and two living room windows were broken so the contents inside suffered water damage. However, his Catholic neighbor's house lost the entire roof and front porch, all but one window was broken, his entire basement was flooded, and the shrine in the back yard in which resided the statute of Mary holding the baby Jesus was shattered. My cousin most definitely did not sprinkle Holy water and there were no statues of Jesus or Mary anywhere in his home or on his property. So now explain that from your Christian viewpoint. Sorry, but God works in mysterious ways and one's religion has not a darned thing to do with it. Remember, God has no religion - man may have been made by God, but religion was made by man.
02:18 PM on 05/16/2012
No explanation needed. Why are you so defensive? No one said that ALL Mary statues survive fires and floods or that only Christian homes are saved from same. We are just posting our own experiences. Delighted that you cousin's home was spared. Just not getting your anger over the posts.
02:44 PM on 05/11/2012
Seems Mary is saying something to your bible and trust in what is written there!
Ask and you will get more info.
01:41 PM on 05/11/2012
You had me..until you got to the shrine part...
01:38 PM on 05/11/2012
Actually as I now only believe as Jesus said, that ONLY HE is the way to the father, sure Mary had a role, but God had the bigger role. Now saying that, I do have a friend who gave me a Mary statue he has painted, and it's a beautiful work of art, vibrant colors and it was a wonderful gift. Do I have her in a shrine? No, but she's in my house as a statue. Not something I will venerate, I gave that up many years ago for lent when I found Christ. Now if you want to believe that's great for you. If it gives you comfort, even better. Some people do not need crutches in order to worship God. But all the best to you anyway.
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02:14 PM on 05/11/2012
grace, Mary always points us towards her Son. I see you have found Him. God Bless.
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03:40 PM on 05/11/2012
Christ was lost and you found Him? I suspect Christ was there all along and the Holy Spirit led you to Him. That's His job that no one else can do. According to the Bible, humans have zero to do with being a Christian "...lest any one boast."
01:28 PM on 05/11/2012
Aren't religion and God about peace? Therefore if this statue of Mary amongst the ashes brought this women peace isn't that God? In casual usage, "miracle" is seen as any event that is statistically unlikely but beneficial. In today's world is it likely that someone can find peace after a traumatic event without the use of drugs and/or therapy? Take it from a mental health therapist, the answer is statistically NO. Therefore if finding peace in a statue was beneficial to this women then it was a "miracle" I am Catholic and no I do not worship idols. As someone has already said, they are representations, just like photos of loved ones. What I have been taught and believe is that God can be in anything or anyone. Therefore if there is an act of peace or peace is found in something...that IS God. For those of you who are ready to jump on that statement let me put it in simpler terms. If I were to help someone in need (a friend who has lost a parent, etc) then that act is God. In visual terms,it is almost like (I said ALMOST LIKE) a mist that leaves my body and enters that of the person in need...that is God. If the world believed this way, then there would be peace, and that truly would be a MIRACLE.
01:08 PM on 05/11/2012
There was a big brush fire in the Inland area years ago. My house was one of many that were at risk of burning. Before my family evacuated, my son and I sprinkled holy water at the exterior of our house and around my grotto of "Our Lady of Grace. The statue of Our Lady is placed on a hill in the back yard. We sprinkled holy water on the ground around the statue and on her as well. We evacuated and went to a nearby friends house. Watching the news a resident said, if any house that will burn it will be that one! He pointed to my house which the news man was showing. We went to see the damage and were amazed that not only was our house not burned but were ever we sprinkled holy water, the fire didn't touch. Thank you God! and Our Lady still is there overlooking the neighborhood, keeping us all safe.
06:06 PM on 05/11/2012
I love this story, but was it Mary or your faith that spared your house?
11:23 PM on 05/11/2012
Neither, but their faith helped them rejoice in the midst of the loss.
12:59 PM on 05/11/2012
A fire is a reminder that you can lose everything in a moment but that you are never alone in your misfortune. Your faith and the kindness of your neighbors is inspiring.
zombie chick
01:21 PM on 05/11/2012
thank you i was having a bad day pretty grim but your post helped me out just thought i should you know pay it forward too you bye
03:06 PM on 05/11/2012
Whenever I have a bad day I always make it a point to be nice to someone else. Next thing I know I'm feeling better, it always works!
zombie chick
03:08 PM on 05/11/2012
12:54 PM on 05/11/2012
There was a large brush fire in Corona,Riverside, Perris, CA area years ago and my house was surrounded by fire. Each property in our neighborhood has five acres. My son and I sprinkled holy water all around the exterior of the house. I also had a grotto of our "Lady of Grace" at the top of our hill. My son and I sprinkled holy water over the statue and around her. We had to evacuate and were at a friends house nearby. We were watching the news and one resident spoke in the news and said, if any house will burn, it will be this one. The news camera man showed my house. When we got permission to go back to our house to see the damage. Our house was completely intact and all around the statue and the statue were we sprinkled holy water was not burned. The fire burnt the area that was not sprinkled. I believe God can do anything! Our Lady's statue is still there watching over everyone.
Sigrid Wyly
03:21 PM on 05/11/2012
This kind of story disgusts me. There is no way I could feel joy that all my neighbors suffered horrible looses while I was spared. Couldn't you have saved a little holy liquid for others? If God can do anything, why the hell didn't He help the rest of the neighborhood? Does possessing holy water make you more worthy? I just don’t get it —and I never will.
05:17 PM on 05/11/2012
Before passing judgement on my comment, I did give holy water to my neighbors. The fire didn't burn their houses as well. Everywhere they sprinkled holy water, the fire didn't go near it. I thought of my neighbors, I would never just think of myself and I thank God that non of the houses caught on fire. God is an all powerful and loving God. We must remember God not only loves me but he loves everyone.
05:59 PM on 05/11/2012
This is a problem I have with the Catholics beliefs also. A statue of Mary is preserved while lives are lost. The are several stories of Christians who have not suffered any loss praying while a raging fire destroyed everything in it's path. But hey, if a little holy water or prayer will save your lives and homes, what's the problem?
12:53 PM on 05/11/2012
It is OK to disagree with a person's beliefs, but many of the posts here are nothing short of bullying. I guess religion is an acceptable topic to allow people to say hateful, denigrating things about other people.
06:03 PM on 05/11/2012
Bullying is rampant these days and it's definitely not exempt from religions. Sometimes the one place you would think you could go to avoid it, is worse. I guess it's just easier to judge than to love.
12:51 PM on 05/11/2012
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful testament to the faith. I think it's always so important to remember that as comforting as earthly possessions can be, all we really need is the love of God and that will get us through anything. My grandparents lost everything they had in a house fire several years ago, and you're absolutely right - you never forget that smell.
all im sayin is
STOP organized NO ONE!!!
12:47 PM on 05/11/2012
"... It was as though she was saying, "Here I am, and everything is going to be OK."

Riiiggghhhtt...she was saying, "Uh-huh, you remember this day...NEXT time you leave me somewhere to burn!!!"
12:43 PM on 05/11/2012
I was warned as a child that Catholics would be persecuted for their faith and by reading some of the nastier responses to this story, I see that again - the warnings proved to be true.
It's sad when nonbelievers mock the faithful amonst us, but it is the nonbelievers who are pitied.
What do nonbelievers believe in?
The nothingness?
I believe in God and His goodness and divine intervention. Every person has a relationship with God even those persons who chose to ignore Him.
Persons who attack the faithful are really only crying out in pain for the vacuum in their faithless hearts, but the only person who can save them is themselves. They must open their minds more to the possibilites of God - God bless them.
05:00 PM on 05/11/2012
I have a few things to clarify with you dear.

I am a non-believer. I am fine with this. I do not mock others for their religions, no matter what those religions may be. That being said, I do not need your pity nor want it. To pity someone is a horrible thing to do, and I will thank you to leave us non-believers alone, because just as you believe with your heart and soul, I do not. I do not need pity for that.

What do we believe in? A lot of things actually.

I believe that I'll die and rot in the ground. There is nothing wrong with that.

You believe and that is fine. Go for it. I have no relationship with God, I cannot ignore what isn't there.

Also, it is kind of offensive for you to say non-believers have a 'vacuum in their faithless hearts'. My heart is very intact thank you. I'm not in pain and I don't need to save myself.

Your heart is in the right place, but maybe you should re-word yourself because you are coming off as kind of overly religious and pushy.
Devils advocate
06:11 PM on 05/11/2012
Absolutely beautiful response Ethereal-Queen. I respect what anyone wants to believe in. Why can't others do the same?
05:37 PM on 05/11/2012
Belief is something you either have or don't have. If you don't have it, it may come to you. I've never seen an example of someone being forced to believe. I think in someways believers are luckier than non-believers as they have something to look to like a child looks to a parent. But I'd rather be an adult. I just wish people who claim to be believers acted on their beliefs not on their greed, fears and prejudices.
12:24 PM on 05/11/2012
i am really really glad god saved this statue. im sure he was busy when the 5 children died in a fire in Derby today but still top marks for saving this statue. We can all sleep better tonight knowing are statues are being watched over
Have I said too much? Probably.
12:55 PM on 05/11/2012
Yes, it couldn't have been the material that it was made of, or the fact that it was encased in stone. God works in mysterious ways.
01:08 PM on 05/11/2012
I think you (sarcastically) raise a really good point. It's wonderful that the fire spared the statue of Mary and that reinforced your faith. However, it does leave us with the question of why that blessed statue and not the blessed people who are killed in brushfires like that.
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12:16 PM on 05/11/2012
Beautiful. Our Blessed Mother interceded for me in several ways, leading me back to the Faith. God Bless. Veritas.
01:44 PM on 05/11/2012
Well are you sure it was your blessed mother? Because she wasn't OUR blessed mother, at least not for me. And I guess you know that the only way to the Father is through Jesus. He's the only one who can lead you to God. That's what the Bible says and more than once too....but you are free to believe whatever you want.
04:45 PM on 05/11/2012
Thats why Veritas said interceded.
12:13 PM on 05/11/2012
I'm Protestant and experience miracles every day in one form,or another .My reason for being born,raise a family to love,and making a better world ,is a blessing to me ,and never once have I felt I should bow before a man,with a pointed hat,and holding a cross.He is not the one that should be given the credit for who I am .
12:13 PM on 05/11/2012
Yes God saved that statue.
look I went through a house fire and mine also burned to the ground and I bet that this statue was not the only thing that was spared from the flames. I had a dresser that everything was burnt up in the top two drawers and the bottom drawer, but the third drawer down (with my under ware in it) was not even touched. There were many other things like this in the house, like my desk with computer was burned out, except for the drawer that was full of photos etc....

I am not saying that I don't believe in God or that s/he preform miracles. What I am saying is, "If you are looking for something to call a miracle, you will find it," and once do no one will be able to convince you that it was not one.
01:45 PM on 05/11/2012
The miracle she is saying that a statue was the only thing saved. A plaster statue in a stone grotto....Now what if the statue had burned up and the family photos for example, didn't?
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01:52 PM on 05/11/2012
Wash your underware.