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Naked is a state of mind.
01:39 PM on 05/03/2012
My people!
This is the real Bearcat - a Binturong
11:54 AM on 05/03/2012
Never paid much attention to the UFO world until about a year ago when while channel surfing saw the History 2 channel (H2 now) have a doc on a meeting (2007 I think) at the National Press Club of several pilots, military and commercial all foreign but major countries plus one US FAA retiree, brought together by an aerospace journalist. They all had an encounter they described, occurring over last 30-40 years. These are all described in chapters they got to author in a 2010 book by Leslie Kean, and the meeting had ex AZ gov Symmington announcing speakers, he also wrote a chapter at end of book to describe his seeing the UFO over Phoenix in 1997 that thousands saw but he never admitted it because it would "distract" his governing, he did ask McCain to investigate it and the AF/feds said it must have been flares from their AF planes. Since seeing this documentary, have read several books at library which your libraries should have. Also saw another Press Club meeting on AF missile officers describing their experiences at those ICBM silos up in Montana. Unless a lot of effort has been put out at hoaxing people, there is something going on up there and author here is right it could cause airline issues.
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10:11 AM on 05/03/2012
There will be a day when such things are no longer labeled as "weird" news....what is actually weird is that people aren't concerned that 5% of ALL reports ended up unidentified.
(not "definitely" alien..but "Unidentified"...meaning no one knows what "it" is...)

The fact that we are worried about blocks cheese in a person's luggage when there is a supersonic orb of light with electromagnetic influence and an apparently solid core of metal orbiting our jetliners, shows there is a state of disbelief in the general public.

That disbelief is projected out to those who want answers...and is "made" their problem by means of intense ridicule and a push for psycho-analysis of one's mental state...when actually the want to not recognize phenomenon that is on-the-record as "actual events", reflects more about the disbeliever than those who know these objects exist due to the data-at-hand.

But one is always free to "believe" the USAF's debunk reports under the Nixon Administration... and its official and repeated stance on the subject if you want to...more power to ya. The rest of us will be over here looking up
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09:48 PM on 05/10/2012
it happens all the time. look magnometers in microwaves -- they used to be Top Secret. or salt, it used to be a precious substance ('worth your weight in salt'), now it's everywhere. i think that things like psi, ghosts, UFOs, afterlife are mainstream now too...the only thing that doesn't change i think is change :3
We need a Reset
06:40 PM on 05/02/2012
A UFO sighting allegedly occurred just before the recent crash of the Pakistani airliner that crashed outside Islamabad killing all aboard. According to the account the pilot reported a UFO, then the airliner was at 300 knots at 200 feet of altitude. The fuel tank than caught fire.
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I wish everyone happiness.
07:10 PM on 05/03/2012
We need a Reset
10:45 PM on 05/03/2012
I don't think it was a missile this time, flight 800 though.....?
06:23 PM on 05/02/2012
they exist, its true whether you believe it or not, one cant simply imagine an end to this universe, too much space to claim that were the only ones, it just doesnt work like that. They evolved eons before us, they had a hell of a space program.
lifes a B and then you die
04:01 PM on 05/02/2012
this is your captain speaking. thank you for flying with us today. we will be at an altitude of.. uh oh.. anyone else see that flying saucer off the left wing tip? oh never mind. in the event of an emergency landing.... sheesh its over on the right wing tip now. please fasten your seat belts... lets see if we can out run it.
Blessed are the Cheese Makers
01:13 PM on 05/02/2012
A more unlikely danger, I cannot imagine.

Thanks, US News & World Report.
04:34 PM on 05/03/2012
Yeah. I bought the special issue of US News & World Report. This article is the worst in the entire magazine. Two thirds of the issue features articles on recent astronomical discoveries, all based on good, sound science. The last third covers space missions, both manned and robotic planetary probes...and THIS one is tacked on towards the very end. And you'll notice it's "blurbed" on the front cover. The publishers have to pander to the public's desire for sensationalism, I suppose. I would imagine that virtually no people who buy this issue because of the UFO story will actually read through the other stuff.
01:05 PM on 05/02/2012
It is going to be very interesting when someday in the near future it is finally disclosed to us all the alien contact that has been happening for as long as recorded history. Even the Vatican announced they didn't discount the presence of life on other planets and their possibility to travel here, years ago but still too many people are so "content" living by the scripted rules and beliefs the powers that be give them. It's time to wake up. Have you all watched the documentary THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take?. You should. Is this suppression of intelligent life also tied to suppression of free clean energy sources? Get informed.
08:26 PM on 05/03/2012
This is one of the best things I've ever seen and I'm old(er) and I read a lot and scour the internet for everything. Thank you for sharing it. I recommend this link to anyone who wants to understand virtually anything going on, on a macro scale, from big pharma to big oil to the federal reserve to GMO--not to mention free alternative energy sources. And aliens. Very well documented and very compelling.
food taster for the astronauts
12:54 PM on 05/02/2012
when the land, they will eat the fat ones first
02:06 PM on 05/02/2012
Oh! I am sorry that you'll be the first go, but thanks for giving us, a chance to escape ahead of time.
food taster for the astronauts
05:44 PM on 05/02/2012
they don't want me. I have gas, worse than kim chee. Think in terms of you being trapped in an elevator with your kids......
08:27 PM on 05/03/2012
If the zombies chase us, I'm tripping you.
left coast, usa
12:09 PM on 05/02/2012
After dropping the bomb, mankind traded in our old testament angels for the new technological watchers from above. One would think they would land and say hello. In the Bible, Angels sometimes came to earth but like Allien spacecraft, remain the stuff of legend and mystery.
08:27 PM on 05/03/2012
Same mystery.
left coast, usa
08:36 PM on 05/06/2012
Truth. faved. have a great week
09:26 AM on 05/02/2012
Contact by any two differant groups can be a problem . The big question is ,why are they here ?When many came here from other parts of the world it did not end well for the natives that were already here.
07:08 AM on 05/02/2012
that ufo looks like a flying tampon holder !
Life is a journey,not a trip
11:24 AM on 05/02/2012
You could be right since so many people insists they are piloted by demons, they probably have a show in their dimension called "Imp my ride".
04:12 PM on 05/02/2012
what ever you think my lil liberal space cadet !
08:36 AM on 05/03/2012
A flying vagina?
09:24 AM on 05/03/2012
lol! could be a ship full of alien woman out to pick up earth men!
Go get your own opinion if u don't like mine!
06:33 AM on 05/02/2012
When life on this planet matures enough to end our love affair with money and everyone is treated equally with dignity and respect, maybe we will be visited. All they have to do is visit this planet once to know that we can not get along with each other. What is there to make them believe that we can even begin to get along with an alien race? Heck, we are still in the stone ages. Blacks and whites can't even get along yet not to mention several other races. Plus, we have a tendency to kill everything we do not understand. If I was an alien I know I wouldn't want to reveal myself on this planet either. Perhaps they are just waiting for us to kill each other off so they can swoop in and pick up the pieces?
Crazy!..But thats how it goes.
06:53 AM on 05/02/2012
Crazy but thats how it goes....
Millions of people living as foes...
May-be its not to late...
to learn how to love and forget to hate!!

Some of these alien races could have a billion years of progress on us I don't think they would be that into our levels of hate and ignorance!

To fight each other,... there is no one winning...
we must fight all the hate!
08:30 PM on 05/03/2012
Judging from comments like "diabetic death", "M33TBallz" and others above--it's going to be awhile before the planet matures enough. It seems stuck at the 12 -year-old pre-adolescent male stage.
see biography
06:14 AM on 05/02/2012
"Why are UFOs dangerous?"
Because, if proven, they would demonstrate conclusively that our preferred “reality” is a fabrication, a mere rendition.

"the potential danger of UFO encounters with commercial airline pilots."
is the perceived presence of a paradox (incomplete understanding of reality). These individuals must be deemed trustworthy, since we place lives in their hands. So how can we then dismiss their professional observations as illusory?

"file UFO reports without fear of ridicule"
from those with the unsupportable belief that if they are not aware of something themselves, it cannot exist.

"Haines said he is also concerned about another potential danger to airlines."
Might that be an echo of the human condition in general? The oft times erroneous belief that our own interpretation of a situation is infallible? Not good, when lives are dependant on definitive decisions.
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I wish everyone happiness.
07:38 PM on 05/03/2012
fMRI's have shown that our thoughts are converted into feelings in a split second. It takes a great deal of practice to reconnect to thoughts. For example, a car cuts you off and you feel angry. What were you thinking? Sometimes when we reconnect, we find our thinking deficient. In the example, if we were thinking the person was trying to kill us, what is wrong with that thought?
Then we move on to broader areas of delusions like the concepts of "nothing" and "separateness".
We are at the beginning stages of understanding "inner space" and that goes with "outer space". Some folks recognized the above in somewhat different terms 2,500 years ago but we still have a long row to hoe.
Reality? So far it seems our thoughts create it. For good or ill...
Curve: The loveliest distance between two points.
06:12 AM on 05/02/2012
This has been happening for decades, why worry now? Gooogle WWII Foo Fighters.