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Pata Locs
05:35 PM on 05/03/2012
gross, I cant believe people want to have sex with prostitutes without a rubber...
Anabelle Whitepaws
The UNITED States of America Has Spoken #TeamUSA
01:56 PM on 05/04/2012
05:42 PM on 05/04/2012
I can't believe people can actually enjoy sex while wearing a rubber. Thank God my former gfs have all been clean. I tried sex while wearing a condom, and more than once. Some rubbers are better than others but, in general, sex with a condom feels more like work than pleasure.

I've been married for two decades. If anything ever happened to my wife and I had to date again, there is so much "stuff" out there, and sex with a condom is so much less pleasurable, I would just as soon not even bother.
Leon Engelun
03:34 PM on 05/03/2012
I'll probably die before I get it.
01:48 PM on 05/03/2012
Positive Voice needs to be stifled. This has nothing to do with violating human rights. These women a) did not get tested when required to do so-against the law b) May have knowingly infected those they had sexual contact with-against the law. How is Positive Voice helping these women? Should these women not have been arrested and continued to spread this disease? Either way, they broke the law.
Peace. Justice. Generosity. Respect.
10:42 AM on 05/04/2012
Last I read about it, it takes two. This kind of moralizing helps NO ONE.

Some people have sex. Some people have unprotected sex. Some people are prostitutes. Some people go to prostitutes. Some people have all kinds of STDs, some (NOT just HIV, or AIDS can be deadly if left untreated). This really hasn't changed... ever.

Are you going to arrest anyone with syphilis or gonorrhea? Or is it okay because (in MOST parts of the world) antibiotics provide a cure?

Simply because something is "against the law" does not make the law morally right, or even effective. There are a lot of laws on the books that simply persecute; they don't resolve the problem. The only moral imperative in this issue is FINDING A CURE.
06:28 PM on 05/05/2012
But this law IS resolving the problem and this law is in fact just. HIV/AIDS is an epidemic with NO CURE. Why is it against the law to not disclose you are HIV/AIDS positive with a sexual partner?-Because these diseases kill and it is morally wrong not to provide a sexual partner with the option of having sex with the infected person or not understanding he or she is a carrier of the virus. The government did what was right. The prostitutes were suppose to get tested and they did not and they may have knowingly infected dozens of people. Finding a cure at this moment is not enough in preventing the TRANSMISSION of the virus. Finding a cure could take years, even decades more. Prevention, prevention, prevention! I see nothing wrong with the actions of the government. These women broke a morally just and sound law and they should face the consequences.
Anabelle Whitepaws
The UNITED States of America Has Spoken #TeamUSA
01:58 PM on 05/04/2012
Their names shouldn't have been released to the public. Now they and their families are at risk of being harmed. Yes, I understand they are HIV+ but the Johns knew the risk when paying more to go in without a condom. Its both the prostitutes' and the Johns' faults.

Afterall, if they're going to release the prostitutes' names, they should very well release the Johns' names too.
12:32 PM on 05/05/2012
Yep. Especially since they're probably out there right now giving it to other women.
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12:01 PM on 05/03/2012
Big deal. Aids isn't a death sentence anymore. Just take some pills.
01:42 PM on 05/03/2012
Hah. "Just take some pills"...???? It still is a death sentence. Those who have HIV/AIDS not only have to worry about the virus at hand, but risk dieing due to other HIV related illnesses their immune systems cannot fight.
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03:38 PM on 05/03/2012
Magic Johnson does just fine
06:35 PM on 05/03/2012

Learn before you talk. There current treatments make the viral load undetectable and the HIV patients live normal lives for as long as HIV negative people. The medical breakthrough of the 2011 was a research that showed that HIV positive people that take the treatment are 96% less likely to transmit the virus. It's time for you to leave 1985!!!!
It IS what it IS!
02:06 PM on 05/03/2012
It's some of the things that a weakened immune system allow to attack your body, that become a death sentence.
11:53 AM on 05/03/2012
The women are just trying to make a living, albeit in a disgusting fashion. But why are we arresting the women instead of the johns, both in Greece and in the US???
12:57 PM on 05/03/2012
Because they have HIV and are intentionally spreading it. Nothing to do with their profession-several other folks in Europe-including a German singer-were arrested for the crime.
01:43 PM on 05/03/2012
I agree with tkns. It is a crime to knowingly affect a sexual partner. Not to mention, these women were required to get tested either way. So if they did not get tested, add another charge to the list.
01:44 PM on 05/03/2012
*infect* woopsies
Question Everything Republican
11:48 AM on 05/04/2012

No the disgusting fashion is Wall Street, Enron Traders, Lobbyists, etc.
Bible is a fairy tale book
11:50 AM on 05/03/2012
Wow unsafe kitty.
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10:36 AM on 05/03/2012
Sounds like the illegal immigrant argument here in the USA, those poor (HIV positive) women were just doing the work that respectable Greek women would not do.
Peace. Justice. Generosity. Respect.
10:58 AM on 05/04/2012
By "work" are you referring to particular acts that "respectable Greek women would not do" on/to/for their boyfriends and husbands? Johns went for a reason, and I doubt it's because they were getting what they wanted at home.
05:15 PM on 05/04/2012
Oh, come on, don't blame wives.
Moldova Marsupial
10:14 AM on 05/03/2012
>>>would call on the next government to criminalize unprotected sex at brothels.

just thinking about unprotected sex with a brothel ho makes my skin crawl
Susan Shaffer
watching you...
10:02 PM on 05/03/2012
oh come on!
You don't like sloppy seconds?
I am me not you.
11:18 AM on 05/04/2012
The wives of those 12 U.S. secret service agents that were in Columbia need to go get tested...