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06:34 PM on 12/07/2008
I just love all of the cynical and accusatory comments that a story like this generates. fact is when an election gets this close the natural errors in counting and accounting for ballots becomes evident. This would be the case in any state, any election - primary or final. So don't blame the state - don't blame the parties and don't blame the candidates. They all will do what they must to protect their interests and those of their constituents. It will all play out to a conclusion with a fair decision unless there has been actual election fraud like the tampering of voter rolls in FL and Ohio.
06:21 PM on 12/07/2008
This is the same way the Repubs were able to steal the election from Al Gore. They threw away Democrat ballots, hid Democrat ballots, did not count all of the Democrat ballots, and stole the election, not once but twice, the did the same thing to steal Kerry's place in history.
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12:00 AM on 12/08/2008
Blah blah blah florida florida florida...blah blah stolen election.....
Learn a new tune.
01:21 AM on 12/08/2008
That tune will never end. Not until the Republican vermin, and the people of this country, finally face the facts and admit that we, the greatest nation on earth, the lords of the universe, had an election stolen. In much the same way that any garden variety banana republican has their elections rigged, so too did we. And we will pay for it for generations to come.

So can the 'learn a new tune' crap and pull your head out of your
01:05 PM on 12/08/2008
No problem in playing an old historic tune that tells the truth......
No one here is exactly what they appear.
04:46 PM on 12/07/2008
If Franken wins he can say he has a mandate.

As Bush claimed in 2004 that he had a mandate after not even receiveing a majority of the votes,
Franken, if he wins by 4 votes, can say that he received 4 times the amount of votes he needed
to win, hence he has a mandate.

Spin is such a ____________ (you can fill in the blank).
04:21 PM on 12/07/2008
If anyone ever wondered if their vote counts, this is the proof. Out of almost 3 million votes cast the difference is only maybe 4 votes??
Imagine if you were one of the many who didn't bother to vote!
The atmosphere is Toxic
03:25 PM on 12/07/2008
what a nail biter
02:46 PM on 12/07/2008
Both guys are clowns. People of Minnesota should find honest and noble people like Garrison Keillor and beg them to represent their state.
05:54 PM on 12/07/2008
I agree, where is Jessie the Body Ventura when you need him?
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06:30 PM on 12/07/2008
Point being, they need to change their antiquated election law, not their voting system. Letting a plurality carry the day without a runoff is what gave them Ventura and this showdown
in the first place.
06:25 PM on 12/07/2008
That's a helpful comment
02:12 PM on 12/07/2008
Why does it always seem to be Democrats who "find" missing ballots?
02:20 PM on 12/07/2008
Because we're good at it.
02:23 PM on 12/07/2008
Why does it always seem to be Republicans who are caught "cooking the books" or stealing elections, or trying to trick or intimidate people people into not voting? Why is it that when electronic voting machines malfunction, they always seem to do so in favor of the Republican candidate? Why is it that Republicans are the ones who get caught in the phone-jamming scandals, the fliers claiming Democrats are supposed to vote the day after election day, etc? Why is it that the Republicans are always the one trying to purge voter rolls, usually of people most likely to vote Democrat?

The Republicans always claim to be on the warpath against voter fraud, when in reality they're the ones most guilty of it.
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01:10 PM on 12/07/2008
No matter who wins, 58% of the people of Minnesota rather have someone else.
It might be better if each party found someone else and ran another election.
02:24 PM on 12/07/2008
The election is close so let's scrap the entire campaign and start over with different candidates? That's not the way it works. And thank God for that.
12:47 PM on 12/07/2008
Maybe most of you don't remember it but BEFORE BUSH ballot counting was something that was done with very little controversy. Now we even debate whether we should count the votes. I don't think it takes a genius to know that those NOT WANTING THE VOTES COUNTED ACCURATELY probably have a dead argument. Count the votes. Is that so hard?
02:22 PM on 12/07/2008
Repugs don't like math( specially when it goes against them ).
Werner Heisenberg may have been right.
03:27 PM on 12/07/2008
They don't like anything they can't understand.
11:30 PM on 12/07/2008
they like to take the "count" out of accounting
02:29 PM on 12/07/2008
I agree... ever since Florida 2000, every election seems to be a long, drawn-out lawyer-fest. I'm glad the Obama/Biden win on Nov. 4 was decisive enough that there was no way to dispute the results. That was my biggest fear leading up to election day.
10:36 AM on 12/07/2008
It makes you wonder how election officials would lose ballots. Almost as if someone is skimming ballots to affect the outcome. Why don't Republicans want to recount the votes? That makes you wonder too. As we have found in most elections recently that after a recount the Democrat wins. Most of the time in these close races there is a poll worker that has accidentally missplaced some ballots in the trunk of their car. I not saying someone is commiting a crime, there just seems to be a pattern.
It makes you wonder how many close elections were won by a politician because poll workers might have misplaced ballot.
01:09 PM on 12/07/2008
Why would poll workers place ballots anywhere else than in a ballot box? This BS sounds like Franken's minions are busy "creating" ballots for Mr. Smalley.

Kinda reminds me of the 1994 election in Californa where more Hispanic voters voted for Loretta Sanchez that were registered in the district, defeating Bob Dornan. It was discovered many of the voters weren't American citizens but Sanchez was still allowed to win.
I don't think HuffPo covered this,,,naturally.
02:33 PM on 12/07/2008
You're absolutely right... Huffington Post didn't cover that... because Huffington Post wasn't created until 2005.
02:47 PM on 12/07/2008
Other than exit polls, which have varying levels of accuracy and only identify percentages and not number of votes, how would they be able to tell how many people of a specific race voted for a specific candidate? The ballot you cast does not have your name or your ethnicity on it.
10:07 AM on 12/07/2008
Democrats will try anything to steal an election and they don't even try to hide it.
10:37 AM on 12/07/2008
They are trying the same thing in MN that they did in Washington state in '04 and in Florida in 2000 . They succeeded in Washington, they must be stopped in Minnesota.
10:55 AM on 12/07/2008
By...counting the votes?
10:45 AM on 12/07/2008
They don't try to hide it because it has become a matter of course for them. Democrats think that if a democrat doesn't win every election that it can only be due to an error or republican voter fraud. Therefore, they feel they are entitled to "steal it back". Their tactics are right out of the banana republic election playbook. The democrats have gone so far over the line with their rhetoric and political ploys for so long that they forgot where the line was.
06:20 PM on 12/07/2008
Why is recounting a close election so controversial. If a republican lost by a handful, you think he wouldn't want a recount? You betcha!

By the way, can you buy the "banana republic election playbook" on amazon? Does it come in a series or is it one volume? To think the repubs have been winging it without a playbook all these years!
06:45 AM on 12/07/2008
It's just insane how there are a "Oh, here are a few missing ballots we pulled out of our A**!" wtf!?
01:51 AM on 12/07/2008
I hope Al wins. But it MUST be fair.
10:03 AM on 12/07/2008
Ditto that.
Roadrunner, Roadrunner, Going faster miles an hour
11:30 AM on 12/07/2008
It's Minnessota state law to have a recount when the results were as narrow as there were here. That should be a full, thorough, and fair count of the ballots. I want Al Franken to win, but I don't want either side to cheat by disenfrachising the other side's votes. A full recount would have won Al Gore the presidency in 2000, but the Supreme Court stopped the counting. Count all the ballots and let the chips fall where they may.
02:26 PM on 12/07/2008
You're right, fair to us Democrats.
10:36 PM on 12/06/2008
Minnesota can join the ranks of Florida and Ohio who couldn't get an election right.
01:48 AM on 12/07/2008
Only fair that one goes to the Dems.
06:52 AM on 12/07/2008
Mart I think this is just an ice crystal of the iceburg of how messed up our entire election system is, and how the Gang O Phascists have been stealing them. Isn't it funny, how since Franken will not give up and is digging deeper, how the missing votes are coming out of nowhere now?
Refer to "How to Rig an Election- Confessions of a Republican Operative"
10:05 PM on 12/06/2008
Little House on the Prairie...take two.