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03:08 PM on 05/08/2012
Phenomenal ideas, Mr. Lucas. You've gotten to the meat of the problem: kids need to feel invested in their own education in order to become lifelong learners. You were bored in school? So was is my son. We live right here in your hometown of Modesto, CA. Why not make Modesto a real-life "edutopia"? Start right here in your hometown and perhaps these bored kids will lift up this city to reach its full potential and carry with them the curiosity and wonder, that is innate in all children, with them forever.
My son goes to Sherwood Elementary School and next year the state is slated to start a big modernization project at our campus. How much do you want to bet it will do nothing to wake up our slumping schools? Would you like to bid on this project, George Lucas? I implore you. And while we're at it: let's bring back Graffiti Night! Thank you
03:56 PM on 05/08/2012
You know he's not going to give you any money...
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07:06 PM on 05/08/2012
Why? You got first dibs?
This is the real Bearcat - a Binturong
03:06 PM on 05/08/2012
Go back to Riverside, CA 1960's public schools and learn how they integrated strongly with bussing, kept violence beyond fist fights out of schools even with kids from all backgrounds and races and all with strong tough wills, and did so well educating that even the richest company owners in town sent their kids to the public schools. One of those kids from the richest family in Riverside that owns a major electronics company was in my grade school for 6 years sitting next to kids who probably had to worry about drug dealers and bullets flying by on their side of town they were bussed to nad from. Her parents had my 5th grade classrooom up for a party at their hilltop mansion pool at the end of that school year. So what happened in that 45 years since then when the richest in town had their kids integrated with the rest of us middle class and poorer folks, and all the while giving a great public education on all subjects?
Truth has a liberal bias
02:57 PM on 05/08/2012
Teaching students at home??? Again, an assumption that there are two parents in the household and one of them can afford to stay at home with the kids.

Not so in many families. How about giving teachers the support, trust, pay, incentives, materials and time to teach - we have a teach to the test society and we wonder why are schools are failing.

The computer will never - help a kid who is failing, give support to a student who has little at home, assess where a student needs help, assign a student who has special needs the help they need, teach each student where they are and where they could be, help a student read at grade level.... the list goes on. A teacher is more than a "coach" and much more than a simple instructor.

To even suggest a "one size fits all" solution to the education problem is to exit in a fantasy world. George, I'm a big fan but this article is disappointing.
Black Rhino
02:39 PM on 05/08/2012
As long as people who have no financial security, no skills, and no education continue to have children they can't afford, or raise properly...nothing can be fixed. These children are doomed.

There are barely enough good jobs to satisfy the children of Tiger parents. They compete with intensity, starting in early childhood...supported by the willpower of their focused parents.

A bureaucracy cannot compete with that. Tiger parents will ensure the success of their children, at any cost. Irresponsible parents will ensure the continued structure of poverty.

Pretending that an educational bureaucracy can change things is a fallacy.
Elections have consequences
03:12 PM on 05/08/2012
Nonsense for a couple of reasons. Those very people you deride, find themselves in that fix in part because of massive generational failure in public education. Let's just take a moment and examine the US News and Word Report ranknigs of the best public high schools in America, released and written about today. The one element that shows up over and over again is class size. The best schools are running at about 18-1 teacher student ratio. Go to any city or any failing school... 35-1, 45-1. or more!

Yes, people who have lower income and poverty level existences are having too many kids at too quick a rate. But that is a symptom of a failed education system. The more education you have the fewer children have. This recession has devastated state education budgets. PA, for example has the Philly public schools 671 million over budget in 2011. So what did they do? Cut everything increased class size. Now they a 96 million dollar budget but the schools are in free fall.

Property tax as a means of funding schools made sense 50 years ago. Now sales tax makes more sense. It would give a massive infusion of cash to all urban schools, instantly. Better funding, more stable funding, better infrastructure, smaller class sizes, level classes again. That is how you start the process of fixing education. Poor people having kids is the condition of the world.

05:06 PM on 05/08/2012
You both make good points. Even with small class sizes, it still takes Tiger parents to arm their kids with a competitive edge. Due to over population (I guess), it is much more competitive for today's kids to be accepted by respected institutions of higher learning than it was, say, 20 or 30 years ago. Believe me, parents who aren't planning for their kids' college educations from the time of birth will find they have done their kids a disservice when college time finally rolls around.
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06:20 PM on 05/08/2012
There are numerous valid studies that document that while class size may be correlative with educational success it is not causative . Success requires an active partnership between teachers, students, and parents. That partnership is highly complicated. It is affected by intelligence, education, wealth, culture, discipline, on and on. Schools that can select for good partnership candidates (most often private schools) succeed. Attempts to instill that partnership through social work have varying degrees of success.
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02:38 PM on 05/08/2012
The fix starts at home, in a nutshell the parents need to foster a culture of education...make it a very high priority.
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a micro-bio hp can handle
02:29 PM on 05/08/2012
A deep bow to the teachers and principle of Cochrane Collegiate.

And a salute to their students.
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02:18 PM on 05/08/2012
It's about firing up the imagination. Once that happens, learning can become an unsatiable hunger.
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a micro-bio hp can handle
02:14 PM on 05/08/2012
Great idea, George. The hurdle: training hundreds of thousands of teachers to function effectively in this paradigm. Got any cool solutions?
02:09 PM on 05/08/2012
My friend was a teacher for 17 years and a great one. She could barely pay her bills and no way could she afford a house. She finally got tired of it...and the abuse from the kids a parents...and quit.
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02:01 PM on 05/08/2012
You listened to 8th graders?
02:01 PM on 05/08/2012
You know, George Lucas, I don't care about anything you have to say except as it relates to Star Wars. When are you giving us theatrical-release, bluray versions of all 6 movies? You know, without all your unnecessary CGI "enhancements"
04:16 PM on 05/08/2012
I love it. Fanned.
02:00 PM on 05/08/2012
Really? My friend dlid it for 17 years. She could barely affored her bills and sure couldn't afford to buy a house.
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01:52 PM on 05/08/2012
Personally, I don't want my tax dollars paying for someone to make a profit particularly when charter schools' education have been shown time and again to be simply equal to or less than public schools.
I want public education fixed and charter schools are the LAST/WORST way to try to fix it.
09:29 AM on 05/09/2012
Interesting that charter schools, the currently popular "fix," actually make things worse.

But they're profitable.
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01:23 PM on 05/08/2012
I'm glad that I finished school just prior to this "no child left behind" approach to teaching. Once you're in the thick of it you don't really see how dysfunctional the system is and how far it reaches. I'm back in college getting another degree and seeing this mentality of how the school should bend and cater towards people is absurd; what's really scary is that it's medical school. When one see's people certify for CPR and are allowed to test as many times as necessary to pass, you really see how absurd the system is.
04:17 PM on 05/08/2012
same for the bar.. lol..
The United States for All Americans
01:13 PM on 05/08/2012
One of the problems with education is how something can be true and witnessed by many one day, and the next it's morphed into the opposite.