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Keep On Keepin' On
03:21 PM on 05/11/2012
there's a lot of bitter men on this thread.
I ALWAYS have an opinion....
04:26 PM on 05/11/2012
Bitter because they cheated and got caught.
When a man tells you "my wife doesn't understand me" what he really means is "she knows me too well and I can't get away with anything any more". He needs a new victim who thinks he's perfect (well, until the new victim catches him cheating with a third woman....).
12:38 PM on 05/12/2012
Nice...Thankfully no bitter women on here..wait, what?
09:45 AM on 05/14/2012
Or bitter women perhaps? Are there serial adulterers? Sure. Typically however, "cheating" doesn't occur in a vacuum, nor is it "about" sex. I've known PLENTY of female "cheaters"... involved, married women... just like their male counterparts, these women "cheated" because they weren't getting what they need from their mates, even after much communication, pleading, therapy et al. As they say, if you don't feed a dog, they'll jump the fence. It takes two... ALWAYS.
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10:20 AM on 05/14/2012
"just like their male counterparts, these women "cheated" because they weren't getting what they need from their mates"

'See what you make me do?' Sounds familiar.
12:45 PM on 05/11/2012
Look, folks, I'm not saying these "experts" don't have some valid points, but you have to be careful. Like the "defensive at being confronted" argument, which is used as a red flag. If your spouse comes to you out of the blue telling you they think you are cheating, and there isn't the remotest truth to it, isn't it natural to be defensive, or call them crazy? Assumption of guilt is downright dangerous. Articles like this, which don't allow for the possibility of being wrong, are irresponsible.
02:20 PM on 05/11/2012
You're crazy!!
03:26 PM on 05/12/2012
Don't deny anything, Just say believe what you want to and if that don't work just point to the door and say go out on your own and find out because asking me in the first place means your not going to belive me anyway. If I felt a person was cheating on me the chocies would be to put up with it or get out of it. Either way once that gets in a person's head they may as well move on. Why choose to live your life in Doubt.
12:37 PM on 05/11/2012
Yeah, because no spouse ever irrationally accused the other of cheating.
11:49 AM on 05/11/2012
oops! sorry for the spelling error--- it should be female, not fremale!!!!!----(was it a freudian slip?)
11:46 AM on 05/11/2012
many years ago Ann Landers made this comment----"...if you date a man who is married and you end up marrying him, then you are now married to a man who cheats on his wife..." this obviously applies to male|fremale situations today as well as then.
12:33 PM on 05/11/2012
someone should tell that to leann rhimes
02:27 PM on 05/11/2012
She was cheating on her husband.... the two belong together.
11:31 AM on 05/11/2012
I think one of the hardest things I have ever gone through in my life was the day I found out my spouse was cheating. I was devastated. Even though five years have passed, when I hear that someone else has been betrayed, I have a pain in my heart for that person - male or female. I believe having a cheating spouse has little or nothing to do with the "faithful" spouse because if a cheating spouse was also a loving person, they would be honest enough to get a divorce if they wanted to cheat - to me cheating on your family is the most selfish acts because it is always about "what the cheater needs".
11:02 AM on 05/11/2012
This woman is crazy...ohh must be cheating on her
10:31 AM on 05/11/2012
Women cheat just as much as men.
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11:16 AM on 05/11/2012
03:29 PM on 05/12/2012
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09:02 AM on 05/11/2012
Women cheat on men and when it causes divorce, women are rewarded with custody of children, the matrimonial home and spousal and child support for a long time. This story is so unbalanced the balance beam has fallen over! If you title your story How to Tell if Your Spouse is Cheating than DO NOT make it seem like only men cheat when women cheat as well with an unprecedented advantage if it causes a breakup!
10:08 AM on 05/11/2012
could not of said it better myself
01:30 PM on 07/26/2012
Is there an actual intellectual purpose or meaning to a cliche comment like this?
Keep On Keepin' On
03:16 PM on 05/11/2012
it's usually men who say this, i've never said men cheat more than women. get over yourself. you set up a straw man so you could rail on women.
01:27 PM on 07/26/2012
I have set up nothing other than stated some unabated facts which often leads to nebulous rebuttals when the facts upset the mindset that propaganda has created. For any cheating to take place, there MUST be two or more parties to the act. When men cheat, why do women participate with a married man and vice-versa for cheating women.

For the record, I have no motivation to indiscriminately rail on women, while it is my prerogative to denounce what is seen as things that women do which is inconsistent with sound morals and principals of good judgement.

Why is it taboo to criticize women, while women feel they can be condescending towards men at will?
03:37 AM on 05/11/2012
Why r the Men cheating ? Most likely he is hearing no not now / later/ tommoro . / to tired/ it that time of the month. need more I have heard them all. But never cheated.
02:44 PM on 05/11/2012
Right, it's always because the woman is refusing sex. My last boyfriend cheated on me, it had nothing to do with me not wanting sex/frequency etc.
I ALWAYS have an opinion....
04:23 PM on 05/11/2012
Same here. When I was home, sex was readily available, all he had to do was ask. The only time I said no, it was because I was downtown at work. Even if I told him I was leaving the office in two minutes, he couldn't wait till I got home to the suburbs, he had to have it NOW and would be gone by the time I got home, and not come home till after midnight.

Once we were legally married, the thrill was gone for him. No more adrenaline rush, "what if we get caught?" The thing he wanted most from a woman was the one thing I could no longer give him -- I could never again be that woman he's not supposed to be doing it with.

Even if I BEGGED him for it, he wasn't particularly interested.

Eventually, I talked to a friend of his first wife, and heard that he did the same thing in their marriage. As an illicit lover, she was exciting, and as soon as he married her, he lost interest and started chasing other women.
01:50 AM on 05/11/2012
that's crazy.
01:49 AM on 05/11/2012
To all the men out there.....if you work on your romance,keep up with the bills,kiss your woman ( on both lips) well,beat the pelvic up when she want it beaten up,and just plain out show her some attention, she'll be like that puppy you had when you were a little boy...just waging her tail when you walk through the front door.
Micro-bios must pass muster. Mine won't.
05:13 AM on 05/11/2012
And still be too tired / not feeling well / maybe tomorrow at bedtime.
09:06 AM on 05/11/2012
I don't want my wife to be a puppy.
Living in the California sunshine.
12:14 AM on 05/11/2012
I told my husband "Aw honey you are just imagining these love bites on my neck"!!!! :) Just to be discreet and admit nothing EVER!
10:29 PM on 05/10/2012
My cheating husband: "I am completely in love with you and totally faithful to you." I charged him with infidelity anyway, and received our property free amd clear, with him ousted from it.
11:32 PM on 05/10/2012
Sounds like you set him up.
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01:49 AM on 05/11/2012
she got it all. yea and your hubby got the best lay. oh well.