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08:41 AM on 05/09/2012
Once a tax and spend liberal always a tax and spend liberal.

Rev. Al, can you answer 1 question for me? Why are Democrats waging a war on women when they wanted to raid the PPH fund 5 months ago to feed their other liberal spending but when the Republicans want to use the same funds to extend the lower interest rates you call it a war on children?

6 TRILLION IN NEW NATIONAL DEBT IN 3.5 YEARS! You liberals need to wake up at the bankruptcy route this president is putting this country on.
09:31 AM on 05/09/2012
So you prefer to raise what amounts to a tax on the youth, even though the money only goes to the banks and will not be used for public services like real taxes; while at the same time feigning outrage at the semantics of conservative ideology and ignoring the real, actual WARS overseas and the military budget which exceeds all other expenditures combined and increases the debt more than the entire list of social programs including public education and health care. If you thought balancing the budget was really more important than your regressive social ideology you would call for cuts in the military while reducing the costs of education and health care.... but then again.... if you come out against all the real wars we're fighting and stand up for peace and education, people might think you're gay.
09:57 AM on 05/09/2012
Here is an idea. Somebody can be against the war, still have enjoyed Baywatch, and still want to balance the budget.

Anybody that is for the war overseas and the drug war is not serious about the idea of balancing the budget, so I include both idiotic parties in that assertion.
Vincent Stevens
Midwest American
09:48 AM on 05/09/2012
A family in bankruptcy still feeds its children
08:31 AM on 05/09/2012
I thought the Left had decided over a year ago not to use violent imagery in political debates. Nowadays, everyone has forgotten about Gabby Giffords and now every time they disagree with Republicans it's a "war".

Can we please all agree that Republicans are not literally waging war on women, students, the poor, etc?
because I want it empty...
08:52 AM on 05/09/2012
What are you wanting to call it then?
09:08 AM on 05/09/2012
How about "the fabricated social fissure built by the DNC to distract from the abysmal record of President Obama"?
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09:18 AM on 05/09/2012
No, we cannot agree.  The republicans are waging a war.  And no, we did not decide to not use violent imagery.  You are lying, as usual.  You rightwingnuts lie all the time.  We're on to you.
09:35 AM on 05/09/2012
Oh wow, you are on to them. Gosh, you must me really smart.
A level Head
Who will protect us from the protectors
09:37 AM on 05/09/2012
What exactly are you onto --

Is it our disgust with the cost of failed Social Programs ???

Is it our disgust with being forced to pay for other people's bad social decisions ??

Is it our defense of what we earn ??

Is it our reluctance to make the American identity into a collective ant style society ??

08:29 AM on 05/09/2012
All this sloganeering about the Republicans' 'war on this' and 'war on that' is getting a bit ridiculous. Tone down the emotion, folks, and get reasonable.
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09:19 AM on 05/09/2012
We are reasonable, and the republicans ARE waging wars on students, minorities, women, the poor, the sick, the elderly, and anyone else who doesn't conform to their rich white male christian ideal.
09:27 AM on 05/09/2012
The Republican's need to tone down their un-American activities and get reasonable.
Resist We Much
08:28 AM on 05/09/2012
This is a shameless attempt to deflect from the fact that DEMS PASSED THE STUDEBNT LOAN BILL that allows interest rates to become less subsidized.

Perhaps Big Education had better quit their spending orgy on mindless ancillary courses, dumbed-down majors and athletic palaces and let on-line degree programs turn these 19th century educational quagmires into 21st century learning opportunities at a reasonable cost.
10:00 AM on 05/09/2012
You are so right. The cost of higher education continually goes up because they expect less of their professors (who only teach one or two classes), build expensive play areas and perks to attract more students and offer degrees that are not marketable in our economy. The more money they get from the state and federal government the more they spend (just like the federal government).
Jim Mccarthy
10:25 AM on 05/09/2012
BULL-OWN-KNEE.................We are behind the world in higher education, not to mention math & science, reading,..........but education and teachers get slashed. priorities are in the wrong place.
Resist We Much
06:23 PM on 05/09/2012
Thank you for separating "education" from "teachers".

I rest my case.