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Caryn Roy
04:29 PM on 05/10/2012
i think it will be adele or keptner. the one that is so prepy
Welcome to the island of Misfit Toys.
05:48 PM on 05/10/2012
adele is not a main character. if it is her than Rhimes duped us.
A pair o' pathetic peripatetics
08:19 PM on 05/10/2012
I think she'll go st some point anyway, but yeah - I agree - it needs to be a main character or else I'll feel duped.
04:16 PM on 05/10/2012
I used to be an avid watcher of all of these types of shows. You know, the serial type, continuing story lines, high drama week after week, falling in love with characters, etc. Then, Grey's had Denny die in what I thought was a very real looking death. Then, the way they killed off George. Private Practice did the 'cut the baby out of the womb' thing and I said enough is enough. This is what I am watching after a hard day's work for entertainment? What am I, nuts? I ended it. I vowed never to watch another movie, TV program, etc that would make me so very depressed. I swore off the darkness intended to make me feel bad. I have enough going on in my own life. So, carry on with your 'shocking' story lines Shonda Rhimes, cuz I don't miss that at all. Give me old Lucy reruns, or some Carol Burnett or a good documentary. LOL !! So the lesson learned is to each his own...and good luck tonight, Grey's viewers.....
03:58 PM on 05/10/2012
I hope it's not Avery. I like him on the series.
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01:12 AM on 05/11/2012
He's nice eye candy!

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03:57 PM on 05/10/2012
Should have put a spoiler on this, I was wondering if it would have been one of them and this pretty much nixes that. Just started watching this season (on Netflix then caught up on this season). It's seemed to regained some decent writing this season and I hope the next 2 years continues on this course.
03:39 PM on 05/10/2012
My money is on Adele
03:26 PM on 05/10/2012
I hope it's April. Not because I want her to die, but it makes sense (her boards, breaking her promise to Jesus, nothing is going right for the girl) that she might kill herself or something. Some people think it will be Owen, but I really really hope not because unlike most people, I love him.
12:05 AM on 05/11/2012
I actually hope that it is april because I figured something was going to happen when she ran out of the bar drunk and I don;t wont it to be any other person. Besides I was thinking that if Christina really loved owen and could forgive him maybe this plane accident will make her wake up and realize that she married him for better or for worse and that she should go back to him.
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Jill from NYC
Left is right and right is wrong.
03:25 PM on 05/10/2012
Check one:
Lexie (I hope not because I like her)
or -- God forbid -- baby Zola.
03:18 PM on 05/10/2012
ugh....I've grown tired of this show years ago.

the show is so dark, and all the characters were always so damn depressed...they wouldn't know how to be happy even if Ronald McDonald slapped them in the face with a happy meal. -cheesy I know lol
04:35 PM on 05/10/2012
Same here...might have been 'cheesy' but you made me chuckle. LOL. Well said...
fan & fav
03:16 PM on 05/10/2012
They know they can't get other jobs.
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03:58 PM on 05/10/2012
Do they need them? I can assure you they will make more in this 2 years than you will in your life, why risk something else?
War...what is it good for?
02:08 PM on 05/10/2012
I could go for a few more seasons of Greys Anatomy....why not
ALL Hail The Lords of Funk Entropy
01:53 PM on 05/10/2012
I wonder if the character will die while attempting to ski jump over a shark infested lagoon???
Art is long, life is short.
01:39 PM on 05/10/2012
I genuinely had no idea this show was still on.
01:33 PM on 05/10/2012
LOVE Grey's Anatomy!!!! Keep it going forever!!!!
01:16 PM on 05/10/2012
This is a medical drama. In medical dramas, as in life, there comes a point where the doctor must step up and "call it". SHONDRA, your series is on life-support. Call it and stop torturing the patient.
01:38 PM on 05/10/2012
I'm sure they look at the ratings, do you know where they stand in ratings?
01:16 PM on 05/10/2012
Richards wife, or a staff suicide. (Teddy, owen or april)
01:39 PM on 05/10/2012
April, over the fail.
animal lover 01
02:54 PM on 05/10/2012
agreed, she can't handle failing.
01:39 PM on 05/10/2012
Of jesus and the boards
You're so full of what's right, you can't see what
05:26 PM on 05/10/2012
I'm hoping that's not the case; story-wise, it is beyond awful. She already failed her boards and, according to her, her God. Giving in to despair on both counts would be not only tragic for her, but incredibly, cruelly nihilistic on the part of the writers. April deserves better.