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01:56 PM on 05/12/2012
"Incidentally, there is no evidence that golfers are inadequate sexually". Oh Yeah ? Something tells me the moniker `Golf Widow' goes deeper than hubby being away for a weekend. Check out the TV spots for Cialis. The fine print reads `As advertised in Golf Digest'. There's a reason for that, & its not GD's tiny readership. Golf is also a great excuse for getting away from the ol'lady & domestic BS, not to mention sex w/a zombie. However, after lugging around a 50lb bag of clubs for several miles, you may as well have left your balls on the fairway.
Nic the wonder puppy
When life throws lemons, throw them back
10:56 AM on 05/12/2012
Nic says, its basketball players because they dribble before they shoot.
Shoes For Industry
09:47 AM on 05/12/2012
Great one liners! Be advised that I wil steal them and use them at every opportunity. Thanks
Eliminating poverty is smart business
05:28 AM on 05/12/2012
Golf spelt backwards is Flog. It is how I pay the game.
11:36 PM on 05/11/2012
Alan may say his golf game is "Kevorkian." but his boomerology articles are alive and well. His humor and wit are so refreshing. I like how he just says it like it is. Although the Mulligan theme song "If I could do it all over, I would do it all over you." sounds like the theme song to an adult movie (if anyone could write one Alan could) his views make people smile and get them to think. Keep em coming (no pun intended)
09:59 PM on 05/11/2012
Love this line: May you always find your balls and may your putter never flutter! This could be a Hallmark card. Alan's prospective is hilarious and very amusing.
09:53 PM on 05/11/2012
Amusing reading, I'll never be able to watch men golf without think of their sphincter and how hard it must be working. Enjoyable.
09:45 PM on 05/11/2012
I never thought you had to be athletic to play golf but after reading this I may have to re-think that. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a Mulligan in life? I sure would take one. Thanks for sharing your humor.
09:37 PM on 05/11/2012
Another funny article, very amusing. Having a husband in his 60's I loved the Viagra reference. I look at Golf much differently now. Thanks
09:36 PM on 05/11/2012
Another great funny article, having a husband in his 60's I love the Viagra reference. Gave me a whole new outlook on Golf. Thanks