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As I see it from here
08:51 PM on 05/13/2012
The best thing to maintain the integrety of the show is to cancel it.
"Look For The Helpers"
08:51 PM on 05/13/2012
They better have some great scripts for season 10. It's really getting old and boring.
M.B.A Live
08:51 PM on 05/13/2012
So they cancel CSI Miami but keep this? Really?
Let's put an end to red state welfare
09:17 PM on 05/13/2012
Don't worry, the other 15 CSI's are still around.
08:49 PM on 05/13/2012
If you would stop watching the program, it would not be renewed..............DA
08:57 PM on 05/13/2012
I don't know anyone that does watch it anymore.
08:41 PM on 05/13/2012
After Charlie left, the show simply sucks for the following reasons:
1. The brothers character is boring, and wimpish and Sheen carried him!
2. The idiot son..How long can a kid be stupid each and every show? Boring again!
3. Aston came into a bad situation,and he just cannot replace Sheens character!
4. CHARLIE SHEEN MADE THE SHOW! Charlies character was a guy who was crude, rude and totally socialy unexceptable, but you had to laugh and love the guy!
Besides the lines he had where so natural to his own personna,and the women where totally hot!
5. Without Sheen, there simply is no show!
08:27 PM on 05/13/2012
Inane tripe, insulting and vulgar with or without CS.
Bad Boy
08:16 PM on 05/13/2012
Ifyou're going to replace Sheen. Do it with Cheech & Chong!!!!! Now that would be the BOMB!!!!
08:08 PM on 05/13/2012
this show sucks without Charlie Sheen...they all act like a bunch of high school boys...can't beleive it got enough ratings to keep it going...
08:01 PM on 05/13/2012
Even without Charlie, ten seasons is too long... for any show. (not to mention, the bad writing that makes this show a primary contender for retirement)
07:59 PM on 05/13/2012
toss kutcher...he sucks...bring back sheen
imperfect at best and proud of it
07:57 PM on 05/13/2012
Jump shark, JUUUMP!
07:56 PM on 05/13/2012
Here is the story line they should have used: They need to have Alan awake from a sound sleep as the opener to next season... he awakes and realizes that he had a terrible nightmare, everything that happened this season. But thank god it was only a nightmare except that Alan realizes Charlie is really gone but now has to deal with his son getting Berta's granddaughter pregnant. With out a hitch Alan begins to realize that his son is becoming his brother, a major player and they could use flash backs of old episodes showing how much the kid really listened to Charlie in his informative years of growing up and being around Charlie. Now Alan son picks up on writing jingles and becomes very successful... allowing Alan to live with him at the beach house. Grandma comes in and tries to screw things up as usual and Rose sees Charlie in the kid and takes it from there. Alan's ex-wife goes nuts over the transformation of her son into her former brother-in-law and the show can once again be funny. ANY THING BUT THE STORY LINE THEY HAVE NOW!!! Ashton is terrible in this show, simply terrible.
07:54 PM on 05/13/2012
I hope season 10 is it...
07:49 PM on 05/13/2012
07:43 PM on 05/13/2012
The show needs Charlie back!!! It is not going to make it after Season 10.