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11:37 AM on 05/14/2012
We've come a long way from what was real entertainment to what is now called entertainment..What we have now is a bunch of disgusting crotch grabbing slobs who disguise their real voices with hysterical noise called music.Talent doesn't seem to exist any more when a bunch of no talents make millions of dollars with no talent ..The suppossedly comic shows have taken our language and replaced it with cursing and that takes no talent at all..The really sad part of all this is the kids of today don't know what real talent really is..
Kathy PriceDopke
11:33 AM on 05/14/2012
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW! I picked the winner from both seasons......YAY....How awesome and what a great way for the "unknown" to get found!
11:21 AM on 05/14/2012
What would really make it good in my opinion is if it were taken off the air along with Idol , Dancing, Survivor and all those toerh reality shows out there. Put on some good tv for a change. And give the real TV shows a fighting chance without cancelling them after one season when there is no way they can build up any kind of fan base with programming being all screwed up and time slots changing all over the place. I am aobut to stop watching FOX all together because of poor scheduling choices. Take away all reality shows and make the world of TV a lot better.
11:20 AM on 05/14/2012
NO, NO, NO, Do not change the coaches, they make this show. Why do the producers want to fool around with a hit show???? As far as I'm concerned if Blake and Adam go I go, and yes Christina is sometimes a pain but she also plays an important part by causing controversy. Please leave it alone !!!!!!!!
Kathy PriceDopke
11:34 AM on 05/14/2012
Yep, the old saying goes....IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!
warning irish temper with an italian attitude
11:15 AM on 05/14/2012
they are going to RUIN it what makes it great is it moves quickly...and the coaches are the reason i watch it
Stop the world, I want to get off!
11:11 AM on 05/14/2012
I would like to see America taken out of the voting. Sorry, but people are swayed by celebrity tweets and postings and in the end the most deserving doesn't always win. I think it should be up to the judges from beginning to end!!!
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04:29 PM on 05/18/2012
You can't win either way. CeeLo picked Erin Martin for unexplainable reasons, Blake kept Rae Lynn around way too long and as much as Iike Tony Lucca, I thought Katrina was better and without Adam it would have been her.
11:03 AM on 05/14/2012
I would like to see Christina go. I thought her comments to Tony were uncalled for and showed her in a bad light. Telling him the lyrics of his song were offensive to women when her dress was offensive to this woman when she sang "The Prayer". She has to always run up on the stage in her low cut costumes with what amounts to dance tights or swim suit bottoms or whatever they are. Even shorts or a mini skirt would be an improvement--especially since she isn't performing. The couple of times she wore a top that covered her was a pleasant experience for me. LOL I also think the male judges are more courteous to the other judges' contestants when they do a good job. I thought all 4 of the finalists were good, and I also liked Jamar Rogers. Someone has to win in these contests so................
Milly Combs
11:25 AM on 05/14/2012
I agree with all but replacing her. I think she does have remarkable talent, she just needs to change her clothing and her attitude lol. I too loved when she covered up "her girls" but then uncovered the bottom :\ first time I saw her run up on stage I almost spit out my coffee, thinking, OMG, did she forget her pants/skirt? That was too funny. I hope they keep her, just maker her tone it down a bit.
Educated, liberal Southerner...(we DO exist!)
12:17 PM on 05/14/2012
I actually agreed with her comments about that song (HATE it), but I agree that her style of dress is not exactly pro-respect-towards-women (and I'm going to give her a pass on being extreme on days she performed because "the look" is part of the performance (hel-LO Cee Lo with heavy eyeliner). Still, displaying the Girls like she's advertising for a produce stand got really tiring for me, too.

To be fair, I think people are more critical of her comments because she's female. There were times when other judges said some harsh things to contestants and no one ever called them "bitchy" or something similar. (and I'm not particularly a fan of hers)
11:01 AM on 05/14/2012
I'd definately like to see Christina A. gone! Her over-the top, immature, diva displays have got to go! She's not all that she thinks she is & the contestants would be better off with a better mentor. Also, I'm not to keen about Celo anymore. This season he showed that picking someone for their looks over their talent doesn't make it right for the people who can actually sing & have better talent. I like country music so I hope Blake comes back if he can get his drinking under control. And I started watching the show only because of Adam Levine - he makes for some great "eye candy", not to mention he's mature & displays that he's a great mentor to the contestants.
10:59 AM on 05/14/2012
the judges Id like to see for the voice are Steve Perry, phil Collins Pat Benetar & Gloria Estafon
I Am, Therefore I Think...
11:57 AM on 05/14/2012
I'd watch the hell outta that! Nice choices.
12:00 PM on 05/14/2012
Good choices all lazerdjs... only trouble is, these singers are all too classy to want to be judges on a singing show. Might be able to get Gloria Estafon or some other female to replace the Diva Christina though. I would be all for that!
10:54 AM on 05/14/2012
Offering critical advice to an emotional person right in front of you is not an easy task. Christina is smart, knows repetoire, gave honest coachings and direct advice to her team. All coaches at one point or another on the show allowed their teamates to make their own choices about repetoire. I felt Christina was honest with her advice when working on a song, she offerred vocal advice as how to sing a particular passage, she cautioned her team members as to what could happen as a result if that particular repetoire choice were made. I think the "persona" one may depict of her negatively, might look mean in insenstive, but I think it comes from her having to defend herself in front of the world who's watching her every move, while maintaining her credibility. In her defense on being late, It's takes a long time for a gal to get ready, choosing clothes, doing hair and make-up, spray tanning etc...Musicians have odd/off hours, many people misunderstand the delicate balance musicians have, especially women, of getting rest, trying to look fabulous and sing well. I dont' know about the guys on the Voice, but Christine also has a young child, so if she's trying to be with her child like any loving mother would want to be, I get her need for that extra time to bond. Even if it means to pay a fine for being late -A Female Musician, who is also a mom.
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10:46 AM on 05/14/2012
Pat Monahan from Train has one of the best voices around and he would be an excellent judge. I wouldn't mind looking at Nelly Furtado instead of Christina either.
solid centrist
The moral majority are neither
10:45 AM on 05/14/2012
I could not care less about yet another smarmy and overly drawn out exploitation of singers doing all of the same vocal shtick of either beer and grits country crap or twisting as many notes as they can R&B tripe. The "coaches" are unnecessarily intrusive in this version of an amateur hour.
10:41 AM on 05/14/2012
So let's see if I understand this.
NBC is going to ensure that the show DOESN'T burn out... showing twice a week instead of once.

There are times I think that to be an NBC planner you have to take an intelligence test. And fail.
Facts not talking points
11:15 AM on 05/14/2012
Twice a year, not twice a week. A winter and spring cycle of the show is what the article said.
11:42 AM on 05/14/2012
it also said twice a week.
01:35 PM on 05/14/2012
"Given that, there will be a few tweaks to the show come this fall, including Tuesday night shows throughout the entire season (as opposed to just during elimination rounds and final performances). "
This too shall pass..
10:38 AM on 05/14/2012
I watch for Adam Levine......Christiana Aguleria can go.....too, too pompous...she forgot her roots.
11:20 AM on 05/14/2012
and her pants!!
10:35 AM on 05/14/2012
Alice Cooper would be an excellent Judge on Voice, Idol or Talent. Down to earth, hes done it all and has great showmanship. Too bad he doesnt have time. Maybe when he retires from touring!!