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01:50 PM on 12/18/2008
The country is jam-packed with advisory peanut galleries, all itching to get their 2 cents in. This is a two-cent issue. The gays-progressives-neo-cons-right-wingers-screamers, etal all need to give it a rest. Obama will do fine without you and the moderate-center really has had enough of your screaming as it is.
04:36 PM on 12/18/2008
I totally agree. We all have to take a deep breath and relax. We voted for change and we voted for hope. Let's just sit back and see how it works out.
11:29 AM on 12/19/2008
01:50 PM on 12/18/2008
I'm an Obama fan, but this really pisses me off. There are plenty of other clergy they could have selected who would not have been as insulting to the people who elected him.

Come on ....they could have picked someone a little further to the right, but this guy is on Palin's side of the right.

I just can't even watch this man.
11:30 AM on 12/19/2008
why? Isn't Warren an American? Doesn't he have the same rights as the rest of us? He is giving an invocation for cripes sake. get .over. it.
03:52 PM on 12/19/2008
Skinheads are Americans too. Would you be okay with a skinhead pastor from Montana giving the invocation?
01:33 PM on 12/18/2008
This is the price progressives are paying and will continue to pay for their wide-eyed, no-strings-attached support of The Big O. You asked nothing of him during the campaign, you demanded nothing for your support, you just jumped on the bandwagon and hoped everything would turn out OK.

So don't act so surprised when O turns out to be a more marketable version of the Republican Lite brand that Hillary failed to sell.

Get used to these "what the heck did he do THAT for?" moments, my progressive friends. There are plenty more coming. Obama got your vote for nothing, and that's what he'll be giving to you in return.

Merry Christmas.
Teacher. Traveler. Volunteer.
04:17 PM on 12/18/2008
I suspect you're right, and I won't be fooled again.
11:32 AM on 12/19/2008
nonsense. We asked MUCH of him during the race and he gave us his opinion whether we liked it or not. That is the person I want leading this country.

So get over it. Oh btw . . . even you have a seat at the Obama table. Be a part of the solution or continue to whine about our problems.
01:04 PM on 12/18/2008
If only you were King, eh Geiger?
12:29 PM on 12/18/2008
Team Obama is probaly thinking that evangelicals have greater numbers in America than homosexuals and it would be nice to have their support. On the other hand who are homosexuals going to vote for? Republicans? They'll be like black voters and either support the Democrats or stay home on future election days.
12:07 PM on 12/18/2008
Having hissy fits about other peoples positions on gays and abortion is what the other side is supposed to do. This guys not influencing policy, he's fulfilling a traditional religious role at the inauguration. Lets give Obama's long-stated desire to be inclusive a chance, and not jump on the hyper partisan "us vs them" mentality that he campaigned against. There haven't been any indications from his team that he intends to be anything less than progressive on GLBT issues, and the fact is that in this country, Warren is really pretty mainstream.

Lets pick our battles, and not tear our hair out over symbolic picks. When you have prominent Republicans telling the RNC to give the Blago partisanship a rest, can't we Dems take a deep breath too, and accept that not everyone tangentially associated with Obama will agree with us on every issue?
01:51 PM on 12/18/2008
Warren is mainstream? Not in my view.
02:42 PM on 12/18/2008
Maybe you should leave your bubble then. Despite my very progressive leanings, I'm honest enough to admit that the majority of americans are against gay marriage. The good news is that their numbers are decreasing every year, especially among the younger generation. So there is hope. This isn't something that will go away overnight, it takes time.
This Rick Warren thing is a difficult pill to swallow for me too, but you know as well as me that it's time to create bridges and work together. It's time to disarm the lunatics, and the best way to do that is to include them in public discourse and get to a level of respect that allows them to see the benefits of a progressive agenda. You know this is also a war of hearts and minds. For the sake of the future we need to get over ourselves. The journey is hard but the rewards are great.

So look beyond yourself and your world, find ways to reach consensus with the other side and see how from common ground you can build agreements on controversial issues. unlike the author of the article, I'm not a fatalist. I really think pursuing this strategy will diminish the voices of the fringes.

let's not become radicals please...
Once I heard nothing
02:43 PM on 12/18/2008
Yes, and just sit in this pool of warm water. Relax. You won't even feel it as we raise the temperature a little bit at a time. You won't even know you're being poached, yet alone, boiled.

This didn't have to be a battle. Why not have the Robinson, the ordained gay minister, give the invocation? Or both?

This isn't just a minor incident. It's symbolic. It's like when Ronald Reagan announced he was running for President in 1980. He didn't do it in Illinois (his birthplace) or Hollywood or Sacramento. No, he did it in Philadelphia, Mississippi. That is the place where three freedom riders in the 1960's were tortured, emasculated and buried alive in a wall of mud. What do you think Reagan was "saying" without saying it?

This was a no brainer and, as it turns out, it is a no brainer.
11:36 AM on 12/19/2008
suppose we dont want a gay Pastor leading the invocation? Christians could object to that.

Where am I going with this? This nation is made up of multiple groups. It is just a prayer. 2 mins tops. Isn't there a pro-gay pastor also praying toward the end of the ceremony?

All this drama over absolutely nothing.
12:01 PM on 12/18/2008
Some would say that Mr. Warrens attitude toward the Gay Community is "Evil" and therefore needs to be destroyed ("the role of Government" so says the Bible as interpreted by Rick W.). Someone needs to remind Mr. Warren that perspective is everything and "Evil" and "Good" are always in the eye of the beholder.
Ask Mr. Warren how it is possible to attack and destroy a country like Iran and not "murder" many times more innocent people than the bad man we are trying to "defend'ourselves from (Mr. Ahmadinejad). War only incites more evil, no matter who starts it. Usie the words and beliefs of the Iron Age people who wrote the Bible and you will become just as unenlightened and backwards as those Iron Age people.
11:41 AM on 12/18/2008
He doesn't sound very Godly to me. It's not just what he says, but how he is saying it. I travelled around the world and have heard numerous Godly people speak and they don't sound like this.
11:39 AM on 12/18/2008
There are going to be a lot of decisions and appointments that O makes that upsets a lot of people; frankly, at this point I could care less about who he invites to the Inaug. or who he appoints. The country is in such bad shape, that if he and his people can put it back together again, then sobeit. Nobody likes the President 100% of the time, and I'm sure O knows this.
01:46 PM on 12/18/2008
I agree with Chicago48; he only asked Rick Warrren to perform the opening prayer, he didn't ask him to help with policy decisions. This opening prayer will take all of five-ten minutes. I can't believe the uproar over something so trivial. Some of you need to find something to do! I wonder if Obama realizes what he's gotten himself into! This is Obama's big day and if he feels that he would like to include as many different people in the inauguration, then so be it! If the so-called Progressives are so progressive, what is wrong with Obama continuing a dialog with others who may not share his views. What the country should be worried about is helping Obama put this country back on track. Leave the trivial stuff alone; this country has too many problems and some of you are not helping at all! I don't agree with everything he does, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt
Once I heard nothing
02:46 PM on 12/18/2008
All kinds of different people will participate in the inauguration -- except any gay people (not counting the designers, caterers, etc.) in a public position at the inauguration. Now that would have sent a signal for change. No President-elect has done that before, and it looks like we will have to wait another four years for a different President-Elect to do it. I guess I still have to wait for the change I was waiting for.