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the most valuable thing you posses is your freedom
10:06 AM on 05/18/2012
you don't have to sign a ticket in indiana. if you refuse, they don't care. you still have to pay. the use of tasers by the police is becoming a serious problem in this country. if police are such lazy cowards that they have to use them on a pregnant woman, they need to get a different job.
A true conservative.
09:57 AM on 05/18/2012
Here it is again a pregnant female, thinking SHE can do anything and not be held accountable.

She was treated no differently than anyone else who committed the same offense. She deserves no special treatment if she is not going to follow the law. Its a fine example that she was teaching the son. And we say moms know best.
10:24 AM on 05/18/2012
That's a totally indifferent approach. Guess if it were YOUR daughter or WIFE and child you would think that? I don't think so. Those cops should be severely punished for endangering a mother and child. They shocked that BABY! That boils my blood!
A true conservative.
10:29 AM on 05/18/2012
mightybenskeeter, Not at all if any of my children got in trouble it was them not me. And no I did not nor do make excuses.

What is is
Views from the Middle
Politicians seem to only listen to the extremes
10:51 AM on 05/18/2012
A pregnant woman DOES deserve special treatment if it means violence won't be enacted against her. Yes, she was definitely in the wrong, but the police over-reacted. They should have just tripled the fine or something of that nature.

The police nowadays are too quick to resort to violence. This is not a good thing for any community.
A true conservative.
10:59 AM on 05/18/2012
views from the middle, My statement stands. she does not nor did she ever deserve ANY special treatment. To say she does is giving her an excuse. People of today do not take responsibility for their actions. For every action there will be a reaction.
As a matter of fact, I AM a wise-ass...
09:54 AM on 05/18/2012
Bullies... with a tazer.
09:51 AM on 05/18/2012
Lady, do as you're told and comply, and this never would have happened. You were speeding, and you had your young son in the car. Set a good example and cooperate with the police, who are trying to keep the area safe for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Sure, the taser shouldn't have been used on a seven-month pregnant woman. But the fact remains that if she had thought a bit more about her unborn child she wouldn't have been so stubborn in the first place.
Snowden / Manning 2016
09:59 AM on 05/18/2012
I smell a pork product of some kind.
10:05 AM on 05/18/2012
If Police would protect and serve, and not write tickets all day long, and use accessive force, than this would never have been a problem.
Res ipsa loquitor
09:49 AM on 05/18/2012
Three cops vs a woman 7 months along over a traffic ticket. I say put their chief in jail, fire them, and put a fedweral monitor on the department. I'm a former cop. We didn't have tasers - we also rarely had three cops available for a routine traffic stop, so at the sight of the waddling mommy we would've just lifted up our petticoats and ran screaming down the road - just like these wussies would've doubtless done if they didn't have their tasers. Unbelievable.
Rights For Women
09:49 AM on 05/18/2012
The officers should be FIRED!!! They really HAD to use a taser on her??? For what ?? I thought tasers were supposed to be used ONLY when everything else failed and they were in danger of their lives. Tasers are being used way too much and have killed people when other methods would have worked. Police are becoming dependent on them and forgetting what they could do instead. This woman NEVER deserved this treatment.
09:49 AM on 05/18/2012
Yes, they followed the law, but come on, it would have been better to let the woman go. The police had enough information to bring the woman to traffic court. Sometimes you have to use common sense. No, the police should not be punished but in the future should use that thing betwee their ears.
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09:47 AM on 05/18/2012
Sounds too me like some cops need their butts kicked
Michael Legnon
One world, one people
09:43 AM on 05/18/2012
Tasering a pregnant woman? Really? When would that EVER be justified? Okay maybe if she had a weapon and was intending to use it. But a traffic ticket...again, REALLY?
09:43 AM on 05/18/2012
What really would be good to know is the coversation between the officer and his supervisor.
Speed of lightning, Roar of thunder
09:42 AM on 05/18/2012
Does anyone here remember police work before tasers? Before tasers, police would simply have removed this unarmed woman from her car and arrested her. Originally, tasers were introduced as an alternative to using a gun, in other words, police needed to be in clear and imminent danger to discharge a taser. Now police have such a wide latitude when it comes to discharging a taser that they are attacking unarmed women, children, and the elderly, and they are using tasers as punitive measures (punishment) against citizens. Police have no business punishing people with anything; that is for the courts who represent the people to do, and they have no business threatening people with tasers. This is what happens when power goes unchecked, people's rights get trampled.
10:06 AM on 05/18/2012
I agree with your statements. We seem to think that just becuase the police now have to have better edgucations to become police officer's the physological profile to become a police officer is not much different then it was in the not so distant past when the thought was it took a crook to find a crook and so on. The only difference now is these men and women just never got caught and now they are better educated thugs. We as a society, our elected leaders have put so much power into the hands of people who are not much better then the people they arrest in a lot of cases. You cannot continue to enact laws and protect those who are charged with our protection without negative consequenses if those who are suppose to protect go unchecked without firm guidlines. Far to much power in the hands of people who have little regard for anyone but themselves and the power they weild with a badge and gun. In my opinion this was an unjustified abuse of power by these cops with no reguard for the women and her unborn child. Instead of her lawyer sueing on behalf of the women he should have sued on behalf of the unborn child who was not driving nor speeding becuase they not only tasered the woemn but the child as well who was completely innocent.
Still searching for freedom
09:38 AM on 05/18/2012
Anyone that feels the need to taze a pregnant woman, for any reason, Is a coward of the highest order. But then we are talking about American cops here. So it is not at all surprising. Disgusting, but not surprising.
05:31 PM on 05/18/2012
What if a pregnant woman has a gun? Then what?
Master of neither subtlety nor style.....
09:37 AM on 05/18/2012
Bad enough they felt they had to use a Taser on an obviously very pregnant woman, but did they have to zap her THREE TIMES? Then take her to the ground and place her belly down?

Wow, I can't even imagine how the court decided that wasn't excessive force.
09:37 AM on 05/18/2012
This is why is should be LEGAL to kill a cop
09:43 AM on 05/18/2012
You Sir are an ignoramus.
09:50 AM on 05/18/2012
" In 2004, Malaika Brooks was "

Was Malaika black?
10:08 AM on 05/18/2012
does it honestly matter?
09:35 AM on 05/18/2012
whats that
10:54 AM on 05/18/2012
But they did have to control two people.