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Liberale sind verlorene Schafe
08:13 PM on 12/20/2008
NY Times to push this one is Bush's lap is laughable. Clinton and Carter lowered the underwriting standards for mortgages. Even Barney Frank didn't see the downfall of Fannie eight months ago.

If you want to know why NY Times (and other fishwraps) are losing marketshare read this garbage article.
08:18 PM on 12/20/2008
President Bush has claimed consistently he did see the downfall of Fannie.

Weird that he fired the whistleblower, then, huh?
08:27 PM on 12/20/2008
When you're a clown ..people will laugh at all your movements.
08:07 PM on 12/20/2008
What's surprising about this is the level of personal involvement by President Bush.

Now we know what he was doing since 2002. Destroying mortgage lending.
08:00 PM on 12/20/2008
The NY Times? Might as well be the National Enquirer.
08:06 PM on 12/20/2008
Read it. Bush lied about trying to control Fannie and Freddie.

Oh, and he fired the guy who blew the whistle.
07:55 PM on 12/20/2008
Are we really surprised by any of this or the corruption/stupidity that goes long with it?

Enron in the very beginning showed us what was to come.
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08:00 PM on 12/20/2008
This is a man who from the beginning was in way over his head. It will take perhaps a generation to clean his mess up!