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Give Snout To It
06:29 PM on 05/21/2012
Republicans adopt Cory Booker.
05:57 PM on 05/21/2012
Oh I didn't realize Cory was an idiot. Glad I now know.
05:42 PM on 05/21/2012
Cory Booker
I'll always prioritize my nation over a political party. & right now crass divisive partisan politics is not serving the citizens of my city... May 20, 2012

Obama needs to dump Corey turn coat after his defense of Bain capital.

Speaking the truth is not crass, divisive partisan politics. The citizens of this nation have not been served since Bush and Cheney took office.

The only time they get along is when Democrats give into the republicans and let them do their dirty deeds.

Corey is like too many Democrats, he has no idea that Democrats try to protect the middle class. The republicans protect the rich, Corey doesn't need to protect Mitt or the rich. I hope he never runs for office.
06:45 PM on 05/21/2012
I feel really good about having 0 fans right now after reading your blinding hate for all things conservative. Good intentions don't trump results.
Resistance is Futile
07:31 PM on 05/21/2012
"Blinding hate"?

Hyperbole much?
Condemnant quod non intellegunt.
09:37 AM on 05/22/2012
You have gained a fan.
05:31 PM on 05/21/2012
Booker as a friend of Obama's is unbelievable. With friends like him, Obama is in trouble. Obviously, Booker is a snake and an opportunist. Anyone calling him a friend need to watch their backs. He is not only dishonest but also untrustworthy.
05:58 PM on 05/21/2012
I agree 100%!!!
05:03 PM on 05/21/2012
“In October 1993, Bain Capital, co-founded by Mitt Romney, became majority shareholder in a steel mill that had been operating since 1888.

It was a gamble. The old mill, renamed GS Technologies, needed expensive updating, and demand for its products was susceptible to cycles in the mining industry and commodities markets.

Less than a decade later, the mill was padlocked and some 750 people lost their jobs. Workers were denied the severance pay and health insurance they'd been promised, and their pension benefits were cut by as much as $400 a month.

What's more, a federal government insurance agency had to pony up $44 million to bail out the company's underfunded pension plan. Nevertheless, Bain profited on the deal, receiving $12 million on its $8 million initial investment and at least $4.5 million in consulting fees.”

Reuters “Special report: Romney's steel skeleton in the Bain closet” Jan 7, 2012
07:44 PM on 05/21/2012
It was Bain Capital that did this at the steel mill in Georgetown SC, the same things happened.
Condemnant quod non intellegunt.
09:29 AM on 05/22/2012
What you have failed to mention is that our steel industry is dying because of cheap steel imports. When a company drops below profitability, it fails. No amount on cash infusion is going to save it. One sided news is not news, it's spin.
04:43 PM on 05/21/2012
Booker is a pillar of strength in support of his convictions, except when he gets the Party call. Now Bain bad, Wright good. Spineless.

And, when did any company come into being to provide jobs, except for the creator(s) of the company. A business' intent is to provide a product or service for a profit. If one person or 50,000 are required to accomplish that, the market will determine it. No profit, no business. I wouldn't (and couldn't) work at a loss, why would any business?
A Micro-Bio as empty as GOP promises
06:44 PM on 05/21/2012
No one to buy that company's hard is that for you guys to figure out?
move forward or die
10:09 PM on 05/21/2012
Your Statement is a simpleminded statement devoid of facts or anything else, Mismanagement happens to be biggest cause of business failure
04:42 PM on 05/21/2012
ITS hilarious how Obama says his experiance is better or more, then Romney. He was a Senator for 18 months. we know nothing about him. Smearing insulting a mans career as being less then his is laughable. This administration an their fair share is take from one give to another. So watch your wallets,
A Republican and very proud of it!!
05:26 PM on 05/21/2012
ooooo is a 'little boy trying to reach manhood!'
04:31 PM on 05/21/2012
Well the Obama team got to him and told him to back off the statement, I'm sure they told him to retract the statement. First the Whole Bain Capital ad is a lie. Romney was gone 2 years prior to the closure, Nain stream won't report honestly. Misrepresenting a capitalist company is nothing more then a smear. Obama administration is over 5 trillion more in debt in 4 years, gas prices are doubled, housing isn't coming back, another misguided attack is it's Bush fault, Democrats were in charge of congress during that mess the past 2 years of his term. So people think for yourself. The smear campaign by this administration attacking American's such as the independants or the Rep for the lack of governoring. Obama takes credit for good but blames for all the bad. He has Nothing to run on but insults.
04:28 PM on 05/21/2012
Don't be straying off the reservation Cory.
A Republican and very proud of it!!
05:29 PM on 05/21/2012
I wouldn't be so hasty ,,, if anyone is straying off the reservation we all know who it is. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
Midwest Soccer Mom
04:02 PM on 05/21/2012
Cory Booker obviously had not researched Bain Capital's past. Before Bain opened Staples they devastated entire towns by purchasing businesses and then bankrupting them. Cory Booker here is your homework, go to Youtube and watch, When Mitt Romney came to town-complete full version-King of Bain. Set aside 30 minutes it is very informative.
A Republican and very proud of it!!
05:36 PM on 05/21/2012
YouTube??? What a joke! You gotta do better than that. This post for sure doesn't make the dims get it at all. Bless you though, you will get on the right track midwest soccer mom. You will change your mind when you sit down and really think things through. You don't want your children paying down the debt the rest of their life time and you as well unless you are wealthy enough to pay down the debt. Oh, but that is a far reaching statement since we have a 'little boy in the W H trying to reach man hood.' We need someone who is already in man hood, instead of someone trying to get there. Think about it and please don't believe what you read on YouTube.
06:02 PM on 05/21/2012
"Don't believe what you 'read' on YouTube.'? Read?
Midwest Soccer Mom
06:20 PM on 05/21/2012
arhka, your comment is racist. President Obama is not a BOY. Video is viewed on Youtube you do not read Youtube. Mitt has devastated entire towns and their economies. I wonder if reporters went into these towns,villages and states and added up the economic devastation, how much money we would be discussing. Vote against your own interest if you want to but do so completely informed.
03:40 PM on 05/21/2012
Booker should now explain to the disenfranchised people who elected him mayor, how they will be better off under a Romney presidency.

When you're as wealthy as Booker, it doesn't matter who is in the White House ... but it matters to his constituents who want a shot at the American Dream, the same chances that Mr. Booker got.
fictio cedit veritati
03:34 PM on 05/21/2012
Booker cannot differentiate truth from fiction, and is only concerned with public appearances.

I don't trust Romney and I want his work with Bain examined through and through. The Romney supporters (both of them) have no reason to object since there is nothing to hide, right?
03:26 PM on 05/21/2012
Cory save your breath and tweets. Unfortunately you said what you said. So let's move forward and talk about the facts. Let's take a look at the companies and
-determine the criteria used by Private Equity = Leveraged BuyOut to select the companies
-determine if the companies are still around
-if the companies are still around, does the debt from the LBO eliminate/wipe out the taxes the companies would normally pay
-How much profit did the Private Equity firm walk away with?
-How much in pension liabilities did the and me) assume?
02:55 PM on 05/21/2012
Strange that when I called Booker's office today and complained I was put on hold, passed to another, put on hold and then given someone in media relations who had nothing to do with leaving a complaint?
That was after trying to get through for twenty minutes to begin with!
Can't take the heat? Get out of politics.
04:35 PM on 05/21/2012
That is the way they are hit and run attacks, Cory Booker obviously isn't allowed to disagree or have a differnce of opinon with this administration. They obviously did the same thing to him they did to Liberman for speaking against The Democratic party during the election of 2008. He's an independant but leaned with Mccain. Can't stand the truth
12:44 AM on 05/22/2012
There isn't really a comparison between Booker and Lie berman. You're probably the only one who thinks there is.
nothing is more real than nothing
02:50 PM on 05/21/2012
Our Cory needs far too much attention, and apparently will do just about anything to get it.