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Obamacare = law of the land. Forever.
01:20 PM on 06/24/2012
"Let's explore some tips on how to effectively integrate carbohydrates into your diet."

I don't think Americans have a problem integrating carbohydrates into their diets. If anything, Americans needs to remove some of these carbohydrates from their diet.
03:18 PM on 06/24/2012
He's explaining how to do it in a *healthy* way.
Obamacare = law of the land. Forever.
03:35 PM on 06/24/2012
Yeah, I read that.

And, as I said above, Americans need to remove carbohydrates from their diet. We need NOT go by the 1950s food pyramid (bought off by the grain industry).
staring down the corrrect end of a 45 barrel
11:47 AM on 06/25/2012
I intergrate my carbs into my diet with bourbon.
06:02 PM on 06/26/2012
I'm a fan of whole-gin carbs. Good for the soul.
12:02 PM on 06/24/2012
Fat-phobic as usual. There still isn't such a thing as an essential carbohydrate. I eat a lot of vegetables, but I don't consider them to be the lynchpin of my diet. I base my nutrition on the most nutrient dense foods that don't bite me back. (Meaning the food I eat doesn't have some kind of negative effect like excessive estrogen or anti-nutrients) Meat raised on a healthy diet offers the biggest bang for the buck. The fat I get from those sources is not only eaten, but sought out! My health markers are exemplary. I know that may be anecdotal, but I'm only responsible for my own health. I do suspect that I am not unique in my nutrient requirements either. Many folks on here say how much better they feel after cutting out all the soda and grain, yet they also more often than not eliminate meat as well. I suspect that if they continued their new way of eating and re-introduced healthy meats, they would notice even better results.
Obamacare = law of the land. Forever.
03:42 PM on 06/24/2012
I'm with you.

Since I cut out the grain (and just about all carbohydrates outside of fruit and vegetables) I'm faster and stronger with an enormous amount of energy. Quality proteins and fats give me all the energy I need and more. Quinoa and company provide very few quality nutrients for all the calories you are taking in, so I avoid the stuff.
07:34 PM on 06/24/2012
Agree. I think that everybody's metabolism is different, and you are probably going to be comfortable with a diet that aligns with what your grandparents ate on a regular basis.

If you are from a dairy based culture, odds are that you do well with milk and meats; if your family originated where grains were the primary source of food, well, breads will be your friends.

Americans are probably malnurished because they have mixed up multiple nutritional traditions and aren't individualizing their foods.
11:45 AM on 06/24/2012
These recipes look great. I am going to printht em out and try them during the week., Thanks for sharing.

Marielaina Perrone DDS