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Welcome to the island of Misfit Toys.
05:54 PM on 05/21/2012
SO CALL IT WHAT IT IS!!! It is two seasons; granted they are two shortened seasons. Why do this: The Emmy's. They have two chances of getting Emmy's.

The show is great... so is The Walking Dead and White Colllar (USA) but they need to quit cutting the show in half as much as they do. The networks do it, but by a couple of months. This is just ridiculous.
05:30 PM on 05/21/2012
um what in the world? this is horrible.
Your micro-bio is empty
06:11 PM on 05/21/2012
It's been a super strong rumor, or a poorly kept secret for a couple of months. I hoped they would be more sensible, but I guess not...