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01:13 PM on 12/27/2008
First of all, I'm a conservative and I don't believe anyone that is smart enough to own a nuclear bomb will ever use it unless they are totally deranged. If Pakistan dropped the bomb on Indian cities, the Indians will defeat Pakistan totally (and I don't blame them). They will bring death and distruction to everyone in their country. Why would anyone want to sign the death warrant for their country. I don't even understand why anyone would want a nuclear bomb. I for one, hope the Hindu's kick the muzzie's arses.
02:04 PM on 12/27/2008
I am a liberal, and I agree with you 100% per cent. You are correct, if Pakistan did the first nuclear attack, parts of India may be affected, but there won't be any Pakistan left. The Pakistani govt. needs to keep this in its mind, when using the "we are a nuclear power" blackmail.
02:30 PM on 12/27/2008
But as a "conservative" don't you also believe that the Iranians on the other hand are totally deranged?...if so..... why?.......if not.......excuse my presumption
01:10 PM on 12/27/2008
Delusional and revisionist. Invaded East Pakistan? I guess you were the lucky few to matriculate out the great system of education in Pakistan....
12:07 PM on 12/27/2008
Mr.Nawaz has conveniently rewritten the history of Indo-Pak war of 1971 Where is the mention of western Pakistanis not allowing Mujibur Rehman of then Eastern Pakistan become Prime Minister? Or of the millions of refugees their army sent into India when they fought their own people in East Pakistan? Any number of explanations of the consequences of war by Mr.Nawaz will not change the fundamental truths of this situation. Pakistanis have been attacking India and its interests world wide (remember the Kabul embassy bombing?}. The Mumbai attacks were the last straw. India is not Israel or the United States It has not responded to every strike or gone to war over smaller reasons Indians are capable of great forbearance and tolerance. And the think tanks in New Delhi are quite aware of the consequences of war. But sometimes peace is not an option.
02:13 PM on 12/27/2008
Very well said...You fight fire with fire..
11:39 AM on 12/27/2008
India is an irrisponsible nuclear state and its democracy is under constant pressure by Hindu fundamentalists.

Read the following link. India's Right Wing Wants Nuclear War, Wednesday 17 December 2008.

It is generally understood that a nuclear state will not attack another nuclear state directly, although a cold war is generally accepted.

There is no political leader in India who has enough charisma, farsightedness and following in the people who could rise against the viciousness of Hindu fundamentalism and lead Indians towards peace with Pakistan that will yield much greater economic benefits to south asia than war could.

Unfortunately, most of the Indians residing in the West also get carried away by extremist propaganda and point fingers at Pakistan without researching on their own. Few Hints: Reports by Interpol, murder of Karkare and his widow refusing the compensation, role of media at the time of US invasion of Iraq regarding the WMDs.
02:15 PM on 12/27/2008
Your post make a great piece for the Pakistani Propaganda Ministry....
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10:08 PM on 12/27/2008
And Pakistan is a very "responsible " nuclear state.
10:45 AM on 12/27/2008
LETS Keep the records straight

1) Every major terrorist attacks like 9/11, Spanish Train Bomb Blasts,Mumbai Attacks etc has Pakistan;s fingerprints. This is Proven Fact.

2) Pakistan has a infrastructure led by ISI which supports terror and terrorists. This is part of Pakistan Government.

3) If Iranian revolutionary guard can be declared a terrorist organization, why not ISI? Unless there is double standard on loss of American Lives as compared to Loss of India Lives.

4) This scenario of 150 nuclear device explosion is hogwash. Its a doomsday scenario conjured up by Pakistan to engage US to prevent India from taking any military steps it thinks a fit response.

5) If US and Israel have the right to respond in any manner they think fit for terrorist attacks against their citizens, why not India?

6) It seems there is blatant racism in Media. When Israel get hit by terrorists I dont see HuffPost or other broadcast media inviting Palestinian sources to provide their side of story yet it lets Pakistan to indulge in blatant propaganda. Ditto after 911 there were no coverage on Afghan side of story.

I'm a regular consumer to Huffingtonpost but I'm disappointed on this disparity mentioned in above points.
12:27 PM on 12/27/2008
Kindly stop being cheap.

Pakistan itself is victim of terrorism. No other country has faced so many acts of terrorism and deaths of its innocent citizens as that country.

Read here:

and here:
02:17 PM on 12/27/2008
I wonder why all terrorists are in Pakistan and who are they?
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10:09 PM on 12/27/2008
Kindly open your eyes and start accepting the TRUTH.. its always..
The sooner...the better..
09:55 AM on 12/27/2008
It is incumbent upon all right minded (sane) leaders of the world community to focus immediately and intensely on the powder keg that is the standoff between these two nations, and to do whatever it takes to defuse it. Anything less is simply insane. This basic premise is not overstated and cannot be overemphasized.

We are faced with a terrible problem for which there are no satisfactory answers. Nuclear weapons are a reality and, yet, their very existence defies the meaning of sanity. If you do not agree, then you do not understand their potential for harm to humankind and all other life on Earth. The existence of nuclear weapons continues to be the single most dangerous threat to the world, much more so than even that of global warming.

Certainly, Pakistan and India are not alone in their irresponsible conduct as possessors of nuclear weapons. Indeed, the United States, especially under the "leadership" of Bush/Cheney, has been dangerously irresponsible in its nuclear policies. But the subject situation is the most serious threat we have faced since the Cuban missile crisis and the current potential for nuclear warfare is probably greater.

Now is not the time to sit back and casually analyze the situatuion. The situation requires an immediate, worldwide effort to do whatever it takes to cause Pakistan and India to step back from the brink. Then, the world community must seize upon this situation as an opportunity and mandate to forge a sane policy toward nuclear weapons.
11:57 AM on 12/27/2008
Pray, how has India been "irresponsible" as a nuclear weapons state? India has guarded all of its nuclear in secure hands unlike the rogue Pakistani intelligence agencies which let the technology proliferate to other rogue states (read the Axis of Evil) under the leadership of Abdul Qadeer Khan - the disgraced Pakistani scientist.

So kindly refrain from making uneducated statements and stop tarring everyone with the same brush.
03:54 PM on 12/27/2008
Well said....Additionally, India does not use a "nuclear attack" blackmail either,
06:00 PM on 12/27/2008
dbc, as difficult as it may be for one as educated and obviously brilliant as you to miss the most important point, it appears that you have.

I do not know the history of India's handling of nuclear weapons and related technologies and, unless you have a unique access to those programs, it is unlikely that you are that much more informed. Certainly, I agree that Pakistan is a rogue state, with regard to its handling of nuclear weapons technology and more, and becoming more dangerous each day.

As to culpability, I do not compare the two, but to suggest that India is without fault in the prolongation of hostilities between the two nations and how they have been addressed would be absurd. It is not just how a nation handles its nuclear weapons technology but how it handles its relationships with other nations -especially other nuclear powers.

The immediate need is to deal with two nuclear powers at each others throats, with tensions between them high and rising, and one of them is a rogue nation. At such a time, the brilliant minds of the world, and certainly yours, should be focused on defusing the conflict.

tcp, anytime two nations having the ability to start a nuclear conflagration that would affect all on Earth get into this kind of a pissin' match, it becomes everyone's business. Get used to it, because the admittedly irresponsible world community is likely to become much more involved in your affairs, and rightly so.
01:02 PM on 12/27/2008
Irresponsible nuclear power? Let me direct you to this NY times graphics that depicts how each Nuclear power/weapon country has handled its technology and arsenal - and the point I want to make is that India is the only country that has not spread it further.

And more about irresponsible conduct - for over 2 decades, Pakistan has in some way or the other interfered in Indian affairs, first fomenting terrorism in Punjab, then Kashmir, giving shelter to the murderers of Bombay 93. In fact, a Pakistani general famously said that doing these things was equivalent to maintaining a few army divisions - not his exact words but his point anyway. Despite all this, Pakistan still exists. Why? Because India doesn't have the military power to pull it off, lacks the strategic focus, maybe even lacks the guts but the dominant reason is that our internal dynamics prevent us from doing anything too stupid, i.e. we may self-destruct due to our stupidity but won't go and destroy someone else.

The world community is a joke, it can condemn, pass resolutions in the UN (incidentally, Israel is exempt, so is China). It is time for the world community to mind its own business and not meddle in this situation.

Nuclear weapons are here to stay - and the fear of a nuclear war keeps us from going after each others throats. Sad.
09:20 AM on 12/27/2008
Until Pakistan's military sees the terror networks operating within its borders as an existential threat, no progress will come to the region. India should force Pakistan into reckoning with this giant possibility: fight and defeat terror within your borders or lose part of your sovereignity. India knows a serious conflict with Pakistan would likely break Pakistan up and this remains the deepest suspicion that Islamabad harbors. A state that does not have a monopoly on the use of force within its borders is a huge danger to its neighbors. War is inevitable and even with nuclear weapons, a corrupt and conflicted Pakistani military cannot prevail. Furthermore, Islamabad cannot survive the economic catastrophe that will follow war for Pakistan.
08:52 AM on 12/27/2008
This is so blatantly far from the truth, I can't believe the author seriously believes what he has written. So, it is okay for Pakistan to give safe haven to terrorist camps and explain away their collusion by projecting them as "non-state actors"? Really, how much of dishonesty and cowardice can any government take?

It is okay to shed false tears about Pakistan but the day is not far off when the Frankenstein of ISI-sponsored terrorism would engulf Pakistan and with it, all those states silently working for Pakistan's interests. It is fashionable to decry war but the ugly reality is that a criminal state like Pakistan deserves no less for its innumerable acts of provocation since 1947. The fact that India has maintained restraint over the past so many decades, for whatever reason, has led Pakistan to think it could practically get away with every possible outrage. Not anymore, the Indian state is well within its rights to respond in a military manner. The "nuclear war" option is a little far-fetched though. Surgical military strikes targeting terrorist camps in Pakistan would be the first casualty and no one need cry over these unless you are a terrorist-sympathizer yourself.
03:55 AM on 12/27/2008
Pakistani propaganda. I hope HuffPo will allow India to respond. It is the opposite of what he says. Pakistan is xCounting on the US to restrain India from responding to this terrorist attack that has Pakistani fingerprints all over it.
06:15 AM on 12/27/2008
I can see how perhaps an Indian (if I may assume that you are. I hope I'm not offending. I'm South Asian myself) would get prickly when reading this article. Admittedly, it does have a bias when it says Pakistan "bent over backwards", although I could be wrong b/c to that I don't know what the author is referring. However, I think a logical person who strives to be unbiased can see that there were Indian elements involved in this as well. The evidence does implicate Pakistan, but from what I have gathered, no more than it could implicate India. We know Pakistan is corrupt and they can't get their act together, but it's different to say that Pakistan conspired to do these acts.

I don't know, I guess my view may upset you because I don't wholeheartedly agree with you, but at least I made the effort to see things from your perspective. What do you mean to have India respond on Huffpo? You mean you desire a pro-India response? I think Huffpo has in the past, but don't forget that most of the media is in favor of India since it was so obviously a victim of the Mumbai attacks.
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10:27 AM on 12/27/2008
1 month has passed and Pakistanis are back to their game of "show us evidence " "terrorists are non state actors (still we wouldn't hand over convicted terrorists like Masood Azhar)", "We have no record of him in our database" "He is not in Pakistan" "Indians caused Lahore blasts" "We will nuke them"..." This is a Zion-Christian-Hindu" alliance to take out our nukes" "Bush was behind 9/11" "Taliban will fight along with Pakistani army against Indians" "Give evidence to Interpol (we wouldn't hand over dawood ibrahim , another convict with multiple interpol red corner notices, living in Karachi)"
01:22 PM on 12/27/2008
Pakistan Govt. is most certainly not involved in a direct way, However, if as the head of a family, one of my family members wreaks havoc in the neighbourhood and returns home in the evening knowing that I will provide shelter with full knowledge of his activities, will you not hold me accountable for anything? Is it not natural for the neighbours to go after me..and my house when their patience runs out?

Without support from elements in India, this was not possible. Indians won't deny that but to equate the level of evidence implicating Pakistan with evidence against Indians is strange.

I am an Indian and frankly, I don't know if and how involved Pakistan is - I have seen no evidence to that effect. But if the India shares evidence of Pakistani complicity, 1 billion Indians would want to go after Pakistan. At this point, I am happy that evidence is not being shared.

The interesting thing is that Pakistan was adept at the PR and for the first time, it is losing it and does not know how to handle it. This article is a good indication of that.

That said, it is good to know how other South Asians feel caught up in this India - Pakistan nonsense as none of us will escape in case there is an escalation. And there won't be Nuclear war. Pakistan won't pull the trigger. India will never unless Pakistan does.
02:19 AM on 12/27/2008
The bottomline is Taliban cannot be permitted to prevail (a fate worse than a victorious Hitler). That means removing their space and support, whereever it might be. If Obama backs up his rhetoric on Afghanistan with real action, the likely endgame is joint international action along both eastern and western borders of Pakistan to rid the world of terrorist infrastructure, probably followed by a prolonged quasi-occupation until civil society becomes ascendant.
06:05 AM on 12/27/2008
"The bottomline is Taliban cannot be permitted to prevail (a fate worse than a victorious Hitler). "

Oh, really? Worse, huh? Please tell me what barometer you're using. Hitler committed genocide and used gas chambers. Not saying the Taliban is better, but really, how did you come up with "worse"? Would Hitler have been better because he was "Christian"? I fail to see how you can compare the two and rate one worse or better.
12:59 PM on 12/27/2008
Religion has nothing to do with this. I'll bet Taliban can match genocide and ethnic cleansing and up the ante by destroying schools for its own muslim girls - half of the preferred population (to speak nothing of non-preferred peoples).
11:02 PM on 12/26/2008
"The early evidence after the Mumbai terrorist attack pointed to the absence of the Pakistan government's involvement in the attack. Indeed, the government of Pakistan seemed to bend over backwards to accommodate and understand Indian anger at the tragedy."

What a lie being spun by someone who's obviously quite partisan.

The FBI team that came to Mumbai unambiguously concluded that elements of Pakistan's government apparatus were involved in these attacks. Pakistan certainly hasn't done anything beyond mere cosmetic measures to shut down the organizations that participated in this terror. Indeed, there was a NYT article showing Hafez Saeed, the spiritual leader of Lashkar-e-Taiba freely moving around and continuing his hate-filled sermons unrestrained. Pakistan also claimed that Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Masood Azhar was in custody, and then later backtracked, claiming no knowledge of his whereabouts.

Pakistan's demand India present it with evidence by India is preposterous. It's like a criminal demanding proof from the victim of his crime. Pakistan isn't in a credible position to play judge and jury over India, when it's the accused. Even the US has been forced to launch cross-border attacks into Pakistan, complaining of terror groups which continue cross-border attacks unabated.

Pakistan's nuclear blackmail has become the shield it hides behind while launching terror strikes at neighbors. India has no choice but to respond to the Mumbai atrocity with punitive military action, or else leave itself open to further attacks by Pakistan and the jihadist apparatus it safeguards.
03:34 AM on 12/27/2008

Your belligerent attitude is illogical. You would rather see the two countries annihilating themselves in the name of "fighting terrorism." What is more terrifying than the nuclear war killing millions of people? Its war hawks like you who legitimize terror and terrorists. Who actually will be the winner in a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? It is utter madness to push for war over diplomacy.
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10:28 AM on 12/27/2008
Mr.Authority on South Asia, What should India do then?
01:34 PM on 12/27/2008
Both India and Pakistan have mismanaged this situation. India by ratcheting up the rhetoric without having the firepower to back it up, and Pakistan by going into denial. And the more Pakistan denies, the pressure in India rises for India to do something. If Pakistan goes anywhere close to accepting even an iota of complicity (by non-state actors operating from its territory), it won't be spared by its people.

So .. as we say in India .. what to do?

We need to stop worrying so much about a Nuclear war - now if it happens, my words will ring hollow and more insensitive than it sounds now - but frankly, it's not going to happen. There's too much at stake for both our countries to go destroy each other.

But is war a possibility? Yes.
Do we want it? No.
Do we have a choice? No.
Why? Because diplomacy/talking/negotiation is possible only if both parties speak the same language and right now, India/Pakistan are not.
10:39 PM on 12/26/2008
Interesting piece. If we look at motive, a weak civilian government in Pakistan has a lot to gain in promoting the idea of war with its neighbor India. Nothing unites the factions in Pakistan faster than a threat from India. It is difficult to say if the civilian government had a hand in the Mumbai attack or they are just using it after the fact. The only reason for the Mumbai attach, with attacks on Indians, foreigners and a Jewish center, seems to be to give India enough reason and enough international support to take some action that would than bring Pakistan together against its favorite common enemy. Lack of freedom has destroyed Pakistan’s economy. The military has gotten used to foreign aid. They need an external threat. If they fight the enemies within the country how can they keep their place of power and privilege?
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10:38 PM on 12/26/2008
Please do not tell Bush, the Nu-cular Preemptive Strike Boy.