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Fascinated by red polish on women
05:56 PM on 05/24/2012
Wearing those purple stockings or pantyhose or tights or whatever the hell they are, was a big risk. Nothing in that photograph is matching. Nothing.
Sonya Parker
Uppity since 1959
08:15 PM on 05/24/2012
I'm with you. I thought the tights were her biggest risk.
05:37 PM on 05/24/2012
What an inspiring story of free enterprise and capitalism!. Hope she doesn't feel guilty about getting rich; she deserves it.
04:50 PM on 05/24/2012
Well, L.A. aint so magical anymore.
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04:02 PM on 05/24/2012
Well done, Renee, congrats!
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07:21 PM on 05/24/2012
I agree! Way to go Renee! Can you believe the number of negative comments over a success story? P.S. I like 'HAD ENUFF HUFF'
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11:06 PM on 05/24/2012
Thanks, nohuffan, your name is liked as well.
Happiness and Peace
02:40 PM on 05/24/2012
In the picture shown, she isn't matching her clothes very well.
I could never sew, but I am a good stylist. I can pick out the best look for anyone who has ever asked me.
One time I was shopping and someone was in distress so I helped her. Then other people approached me and I helped them.
It never became a money making living, but I really enjoy helping people look their best. I feel good when I make other people feel good. It is a good deed.
Why not me?
07:46 PM on 07/02/2012
So whose fault is it that you never made money at it? Certainly not Renee's. Try putting the effort into your endeavor instead of taking pot shots at someone who made things happen for herself!
02:32 PM on 05/24/2012
It sounds like all those years that she was making clothes and still had to keep her waitress job, she was not pricing her clothes appropriately or she would have made a profit. If you are making only enough money to buy your next round of supplies, you need to rethink your pricing strategy.
12:22 PM on 05/23/2012
This is such an inspiring article that proves that with hard work, dreams do come true. While living in LA and going to FIDM, I actually worked at Bedhead Pajamas briefly. I knew the designer had an amazing concept and products and love how she has built her brand organically.
07:57 PM on 05/23/2012
For every success story there is probably a 100 that don't succed. I know your chances od getting an acting career going is one in a thousand if your are lucky
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