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05:35 PM on 12/30/2008
Hey Donald, your ego is that fragile? Stupid me.

I cannot wait till the Donald puts the move on Sarah Plain.
05:23 PM on 12/30/2008
Oh please Trump, nobody cares about your ghastly show and she did the right thing by not listing it. Bravo to Rebecca Jarvis. I guess Trump has a hidden agenda in his pants
06:31 PM on 12/30/2008
Why does Trump assume his show would be an 'asset' to anyone's resume. She is very accomplished in her own right. Trump did nothing for this beautifuly, bright young woman. He is such a dickhead.
05:18 PM on 12/30/2008
Donald Chump.
05:11 PM on 12/30/2008
I see people arguing apples and oranges here. True, Rebecca's appearance on the show got her in the door, but why should she have to put it on her bio? There is a woman who was absolutely instrumental in me getting my job. I thanked her with a phone call, with a card, in person and with an invitation for lunch. If you look up by bio on my firm's website, no where does it appear that I volunteered with this woman and it was on her name that I received the job.

I don't know if Jarvis is ungrateful. Perhaps she didn't "thank" Trump for the opportunities. But for him to demand that she do so publicly is ridiculous.
05:25 PM on 12/30/2008
Seriously. She could have just as easily been on "Survivor" and gotten an interview.

"The Apprentice" is a game show.

Not a job.

It doesn't belong on a professional resume (She's obviously highly qualified, from the appropriate info that IS there).

Trump is an attention-seeker who doesn't care who he causes problems for.
06:18 PM on 12/30/2008
To demand such a thing so publicly is in my opinion very bad manners. How rude!
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05:06 PM on 12/30/2008
As a former applicant of the Donald, I observed how he chose those he wanted. It wasn't based on brains as he claims, as many far brighter than what won, applied. This was a T&A show draped in buiness suits. Let's call it what it is here. I applied with lawyers, doctors, PHD's. who didn't fit that model profile, but had brains that would have put him to shame. Let's look at Rebecca shall we? Did it hurt she was a cupie doll? Nope. This is what landed her both jobs. The idea it was based on her ability is bullshit. This isn't sour grapes, I am happy with the career path I have. But I think if we are going to call out both sides. lets get real and honest here. If you asked other fellow contestants, they would tell you the same thing. Donald, if it was up to me to hire you, you would never make it. You're Fired. Networks, lets stop the BS and just admit you don't want aging reporters, only cupie dolls. Enough said.
11:43 AM on 01/02/2009
The aging males get to stay but the females are shipped out and they could be the same age and have the same physical appearance for upkeep.
05:06 PM on 12/30/2008
So, her degree, her intellect, her experience, her poise, her appeal... Does she owe all that to Trump as well? Does Trump scrutinize the current resumes and CVs of other Apprentice contestants to ensure they've credited him appropriately?

I suppose this is what Trump does when the economy sucks and his net worth ain't what it used to be.
posted 5 minutes ago
05:46 PM on 12/30/2008
Excellent call. It's those things (intellect, ability to think on one's feet, poise, outlook on life, etc) that corporate America takes advantage of when you work for them, but refuse to recognize when evaluating how much and how well one does for them. Good observation.
04:59 PM on 12/30/2008
'The Apprentice' got Rebecca a courtesy interview, but her intelligence, determination and background in both journalism and investment banking got her everything else."

'Nuff said!
05:29 PM on 12/30/2008
I agree. Leave it to DT to expect something in return. He wanted the free publicity and now he had to complain it wasn't there to get it.
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04:57 PM on 12/30/2008
I'm so tired of Donald Dump's mouth! Literally nothing but crap comes out every time it opens.
It's so obvious why he hates Rosie with a passion-- they're just a like!
06:00 PM on 12/30/2008
Except that Rosie devotes a lot of her time and money to childrens charities, and gave a loving home to three parentless children rather than siring endless pedigreed pups with three different women (so far).
04:54 PM on 12/30/2008
Mr. Trump....Your wife and kids might put you on a pedestal, but the rest of the world does not....
nor does the world evolve around you....sorry.....
you do however, lend whole new meaning to the term "narcissism".
04:45 PM on 12/30/2008
trump is on his period again
05:02 PM on 12/30/2008
lol. Seems about every month or so dude complains about some ish.
04:35 PM on 12/30/2008
I can think of one reason. "The Apprentice" was not a job.
04:27 PM on 12/30/2008
Just a little insight to everyone, the University of Chicago does not have an undergraduate business program. Ms. Jarvis is a graduate of the liberal arts school and is in no way affiliated with the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.
04:26 PM on 12/30/2008
I work in investment banking and my colleagues an I laughed at her bio. She did not analyze a thing. She was an analyst which is an entry level job. Her work consisted of formatting powerpoint slides and putting numbers in excel charts per the direction of others. To say she "analyzed and advised $6 billion in mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt transactions" is absurd. It is the same as saying the entry level in guy or girl in your department is responsible for making the CEO's decisions because he/she is responsible for preparing one of the CEO's monthly reports.
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04:46 PM on 12/30/2008
She has a steady job reading the news on TV,

And she POSSIBLY could have more job security AND be paid more than you.

So, seeing her job is NOT an analyst for an investment bank, why are you laughing at her?
06:33 PM on 12/30/2008
Because she proceeded to tell senior business reporter that she knew exactly what the top people in Goldman, Merrill, etc were being paid. When the senior reporter corrected her. She responded "I know because I worked as an investment banker."

That is one example.

Others are listening to her lack luster commentary and yes on CNBC PowerLunch commentators do not just read the news they are expected to make educated opinions on topics. She lacks at this big time.

BTW - I doubt she is paid more than me.
I'm dyin' last
04:18 PM on 12/30/2008
Why didn’t Don, with his infallible instincts regarding human behavior and motivation, immediately recognize Jarvis as a potential ingrate and "fire" her?
What if I don't have a FB account?
04:18 PM on 12/30/2008
YO Donald - it's really NOT all about YOU! Shut up and go get fitted for a toupee!