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10:59 AM on 12/30/2008
Is there some kind of rule that says important people have to play golf ???? He can outplay all of his critics in basketball, so what's the fuss. Some of us don't care for golf, football, bowling or alot of other sports, so it doesn't matter if he wants to whack the ball around the course, or throw it down an alley .
10:50 AM on 12/30/2008
there isn't a Tiger in the tank, but there is a whole lot of sugar
12:45 PM on 12/30/2008
You wish!!!
10:28 AM on 12/30/2008
I get the impression that Obama is secure enough that he doesn't give a care as to what people think of his bowling or his golf game.
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10:26 AM on 12/30/2008
I didn't vote for him to play Golf or Bowl but if he wants to in his off time bang some balls around big or little high or low score I really don't care.

I do care about my mortgage and what is going to happen to interest rates. I care about preserving the mountains for my grandkids. I care about having food on the table and a roof over my head. I care whether or not I keep my job.
John Galt's last name is McGuffin-Smithee
10:26 AM on 12/30/2008
What and no one remembers Ford injurious golf swing?
John Galt's last name is McGuffin-Smithee
10:24 AM on 12/30/2008
Oh jeez we all can't play golf or bowl, and it's NOT a bad thing.
10:21 AM on 12/30/2008
i heard that lincoln, because of his height, could actually dunk.
10:20 AM on 12/30/2008
The only thing OBAMA needs to be good at... is fixing this economy and doing get it going again......Fast!
10:14 AM on 12/30/2008
Don't fret Mr. President-elect, you can't be great at everything. The important thing is that you look smokin hot in your golf attire.
10:13 AM on 12/30/2008
I'm reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, and it so happens that Lincoln was terrible at bowling. Just sayin'.
10:31 AM on 12/30/2008
Maybe so, but he had one heck of an outside shot.
01:29 PM on 12/30/2008
LOL, then Obama is on the path to become a great leader
I support 'Legalistic Argle Bargle'
10:12 AM on 12/30/2008
I've been playing golf for 20 years and I still suck.. no news here.
11:08 AM on 12/30/2008
Yeah, I hear you. My golf game had devolved to scaring kids with the golf cart.
Speaking Truth to Lies
10:10 AM on 12/30/2008
It is duly noted for the umpteen time...Obama rented a nine million dollar home. Got that already...there is no need to be the news and stop trying to make the news. As far as his playing golf or this really news? And for future references...I do not care if he eats tuna melt for lunch. It is getting to be silly season with the press. And then they have the nerve to complain that Obama is getting tired of them. I would be too. I am seriously thinking about creating a paper or online report called report on reporters... and I would love to write about their every movement. When they went to the bathroom, I will send someone in their and report if they washed their hands after the fact. I would send someone to take photos of them eating with their families...for after all, they too are on television and can be considered public figures. I would report the amount of money they spent on their vacations and every other detail I can find about them...they will be household names rather than familiar faces on the television giving imput or output. They really need a taste of their own medicine and see how it feels.
10:07 AM on 12/30/2008
Obama has sought to stay out of the public eye while here, opting for private meals at his vacation home or at a friend's house.
And we all have to thank the MSM for allowing Obama to have a private vacation before he takes on the toughest job in the world. NOT!
Football fan, news addict
10:05 AM on 12/30/2008
The black man isn't good at golf and bowling. Thats a shocker. Thats why we stick to basketball, Tiger Woods is an anomaly.
11:01 AM on 12/30/2008
They keep forgetting that Golfing is an expensive game and Obama was raised by his working class grandmother, he wasn't born with a silver tee in his mouth. The man was born smart and good looking not RICH, they keep trying to make this elitist crap stick to Obama, although he just paid off his school loans after his books sold. Leave the man his last few days of freedom alone to enjoy his family before he steps into this hell hole situation Bush has left this country in.
10:02 AM on 12/30/2008
Well when I see a bowling game with 5 million 30 seconds ads, and 100,000,000, people watching it and calling in sick to watch the match..then I'll worry if our super cool President can bowl.......NEXT