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speaking my mind however wrong!
10:23 AM on 05/29/2012
if i get Romney, i will squeeze his nutz....
10:18 AM on 05/29/2012
just like my policies no content
10:09 AM on 05/29/2012
OK, Mitt... Rock Paper Scissors for the office. One, two, three, GO!
10:03 AM on 05/29/2012
I hold in my hand Mitt Romney's promise to America
10:02 AM on 05/29/2012
but I never took peoples pensions and closed their businesses for my personal gain.
09:55 AM on 05/29/2012
09:50 AM on 05/29/2012
If i had known I would age 20 yrs in just 4...
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09:49 AM on 05/29/2012
Yeah, I got your "terrorist fist bump" right here.
09:48 AM on 05/29/2012
I do have a big stick, but I also have a strong fist!
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09:37 AM on 05/29/2012
In search of Jan Brewer..