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06:22 PM on 05/30/2012
Ah yes.....another public spirited, for-the-people, selfless individual willing to give up membership in a political party that's kept him in his well paying job for the past 8 years to run for the governor's job in another state. self-sacrificing is that? A Democrat now holds the office of Governor of Virginia, so this humble soul is willing to not only change his political party from Democrat to Republican, but to change his state of residence from Alabama to Virginia. The man should be rewarded handsomely for acting in such a thoughtful and public spirited manner.

And the farmer hauled another load away.........
01:29 AM on 05/31/2012
"A Democrat now holds the office of Governor of Virginia"

That will come as a surprise to Bob McDonnell, the current Republican governor of Virginia.
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02:06 AM on 05/31/2012
Hahahahah!! :D Good one lightbreeze!! :D :D
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02:07 AM on 05/31/2012
Just goes to show you how uninformed the LEFT really is, lightbreeze. This guys (juswondrin) whole argument falls apart before it gets out of his Lefty mind.
06:20 PM on 05/30/2012
It's all about the money. If he comes back as a Republican, he'll get more and bigger bribes from the likes of the Kochs, Adelson, Perry (of the swift boaters) and other corporate and Wall Street fat cats who don't give a hoot about anyone not wealthy.
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02:08 AM on 05/31/2012
Hey, thruseer - been keeping an eye on Barack H. Obama (D) and HIS connections and "bribes" from WALL STREET!!??
Not a member of Jindal's
04:37 PM on 06/18/2012
Romney's donations from Wall Street: $37 million
Obama's donations from Wall Street: $5 million
Bruce vain
06:16 PM on 05/30/2012
Hey fool no matter how many bleach baths ya take your still not one of them..oh how you try and try...sell out
Looking for a new party!
07:00 PM on 05/30/2012
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We will move FORWARD without you!!!
06:06 PM on 05/30/2012
Who do you think you're fooling Arlen? We know it's all about your chances of being elected again. Dems don't want you and you think Republicans will. I'm betting you're gonna go extreme right just to try to appease the residents of the institution.
06:04 PM on 05/30/2012
"If I were to leave the sidelines, it would be as a member of the Republican Party that is fighting the drift in this country in a way that comes closest to my way of thinking: wearing a Democratic label no longer matches what I know about my country and its possibilities," Davis wrote in a blog post. How does ANYONE think that, much less a Black man from the South? It's ind-boggling.
hell hath no fury, like a bureucrat scorned!
06:17 PM on 05/30/2012
Good question, but he is an insider who is in all likelihood making an informed decision.
06:36 PM on 05/30/2012
LOL, good one!
Tax The Rich at 91%
05:58 PM on 05/30/2012
Artur Davis is scum. I say that because he has always been a Republican and is obviously an opportunist. He gets paid to defend the power establishment and promote income inequality, war profiteering, and corporate welfare. I'm not sorry to see you go.

That said, the billions in TV ads from his corporate masters are sure to get him elected.
01:27 PM on 06/04/2012
A African American Harvard grad (with honors) former classmate of Obama changes his party affiliation because he feels it represents the best chance for improving America. He has stated he is disappointed with how things are currently being handled at the federal level. I take him at his word and wish him the best.
05:51 PM on 05/30/2012
Self interest is a powerful motivator...
we are family
05:47 PM on 05/30/2012
so - if i'm understanding the other articles i see about this switch, Black voters in Alabama were just not impressed with Mr. Davis, and he felt they did not properly appreciate him so, he's going to the GOP where he can be a rarity - well - i guess if needs the attention that badly - he'll certainly be noticed - a standout (like a sore thumb) in an almost all white party
I support your right to disagree.
05:47 PM on 05/30/2012
He'll know if he's running when he gets a check from some right-wing group that will bankroll his campaign if he does exactly what they tell him to do if he's elected.
It is what it is
05:43 PM on 05/30/2012
Really? How sad. He obviously has lost_his_mind.
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05:36 PM on 05/30/2012
He's going to the best for flip flops. Good riddance.
05:45 PM on 05/30/2012
The President calls it evolving.
I support your right to disagree.
05:48 PM on 05/30/2012
Obama didn't flip flop on his views about gay marriage, he actually advanced in his thinking. It's not the same thing as completely going against what you've said before...
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06:41 PM on 05/30/2012
The concern for all America is the lack of common sense in politics. the concept of all or nothing has stagnated our recovery. Regardless of what one feels about the Health Care Bill, it has helped millions including my family. The concept of not giving an iota regrading our neighbors is attached to the direction of the nation. This is what fear creates a division that will impact us for another decade. We cam't afford slavery to the 1% or even the 40% that have a combined wealth of $$0 Trillion with an attitude my assets need protection because I create jobs. My attitude is "prove it!"
Gay, pagan, believer in science.
05:31 PM on 05/30/2012
Sounds like another etch-a-sketch...
They only call it class warfare when we fight back
05:31 PM on 05/30/2012
I'm trying to decide why this is news. A former Congressmen, who lost a primary battle after 4 terms, who may or may not return to politics has switched parties. To me, this wouldn't be news no matter which party he switched from / to.

If he was announcing a run for office, a comeback, then I could see this being of news value.
01:30 PM on 06/04/2012
He is a former friend, classmate at Harvard and supporter of the current President. It reflects a change of heart from someone who served in Congress and is not happy with the current state of affairs in Washington. I suppose thats the reason.
Don't believe everything you think.
05:28 PM on 05/30/2012
His defection to the cons raises the mean IQ of both parties.
Elle Bach
Mr. Einstein...please call me
06:21 PM on 05/30/2012
f& it when these politicians accidentally do something stupid and self-serving that actually works for "we the people."
01:31 PM on 06/04/2012
Honors graduate (twice, undergrad and law school) from Harvard. Former classmate and superior student to Pres. Obama.
05:25 PM on 05/30/2012
Just read his blog post. Totally unfocused person.