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07:17 PM on 01/06/2009
ULTIMATELY, Sen. Diane Feinstein is TOO UNINTELLIGENT to be the incoming chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
07:14 PM on 01/06/2009
Ohmigard, that Feinstein is "a piece of work". She is a SPOILED BRAT "royal" PRINCESS

And now, Senator Dianne Feinstein broke with many of her Democratic colleagues
by saying that Roland W. Burris should be seated as a Senator from Illinois.

After all her TROUBLE MAKING, will Feinstein wake up and smell the coffee??
Voters WILL NOT RE-ELECT that egomaniac.
07:06 PM on 01/06/2009
If Dianne "I'm not a progressive but I play one on TV" Feinstein is opposed to Leon Panetta, it only gives him more credibility. Panetta will bring fresh leadership to this agency. He has great intelligence, superior management skills and absolute integrity.

The fact that Dianne Feinstein---who gave Bush absolutely everything he wanted regarding Iraq, illegal wiretaps and much more---dislikes him just sweetens the deal. Now, I want Panetta more than ever!
Economic Justice for All
07:31 PM on 01/06/2009
I agree . However I always wanted Panetta. He is a person you can trust.
08:41 PM on 01/06/2009
I second your motion!!!
Man From Atlan
07:01 PM on 01/06/2009
It's fascinating to see the messages going out about a new sheriff in town. I know many people were expecting to be disappointed, but I really believe Obama when he says 'change'
06:54 PM on 01/06/2009
She was probably told, politely of course, she'd better come around and if not don't send any pork "cause ya ain't gonna get any"!
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Wise and strong.
08:00 PM on 01/06/2009
DiFi's hubby is a war profiteer. If she would like for him to stay out of jail she better play ball with Obama. She just has to make it to the end of her term without upsetting her betters.
06:47 PM on 01/06/2009
Now Feinstein wants Burris seated. There must be something wrong with her.
07:05 PM on 01/06/2009
Why shouldn't Burris be seated?
07:11 PM on 01/06/2009
hotwire because he wants the senate seat
for the wrong reason.
07:57 PM on 01/06/2009
Because he has run and lost elections to the senate, for governor (3 times) and for mayor of Chicago. Seemingly the people of Illinois do not want him in office and that makes one wonder why Blago appointed him.
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Wise and strong.
08:03 PM on 01/06/2009
Willie Brown thinks Blagovetch did nothing wrong ero Feinstein is okay with Burris. The SF poliiticos are a very clickish bunch and generally march in lockstep.
Don't know much micro-bio-logy
06:44 PM on 01/06/2009
Feinstein vs. Feingold.
12:54 AM on 01/07/2009
No contest. And I'll bet he did consult some members of the intelligence committee *wink*
06:42 PM on 01/06/2009
So when did Dianne Feinstein discover her spine? Amazing. She seemed totally without one during the Bush administration.
10:18 PM on 01/06/2009
AIPAC and Raytheon had it reinstalled after Obama's Nov.5th victory
06:38 PM on 01/06/2009
Feinstein should have spoken with Obama and Biden before making HER public statement.

We want a head of CIA who does not believe in torture, period. Obama and Biden have chosen that person.
06:22 PM on 01/06/2009
Are there any photos of Di-Fi with her tail between her legs?
Micro-bio this
07:11 PM on 01/06/2009
Nope, but we have yours :-)
10:19 PM on 01/06/2009
Well not between HER legs.
06:20 PM on 01/06/2009
Andrew Sullivan on Feinstein and Rockefeller not getting the heads-up on the Panetta appointment:

The more I think about this, the more it seems to me that the snub of these two was a deliberate signal. Their oversight of Bush's war crimes was pathetic. Ditto Harman. Obama is telling us he is serious about both improving intelligence and drawing a clear line - for the entire world to see - between the United States and the war criminals who will soon be leaving office, and those who enabled them.
06:41 PM on 01/06/2009
Hear Hear! Bravo hudsuckerproxy!
06:42 PM on 01/06/2009
excellent point.

i'm from california, and after the mukasey thing feinstein will never get my vote again.
06:12 PM on 01/06/2009
Feinstein is not the person in charge. It is Obama.
06:45 PM on 01/06/2009
that's right! Obama said it clearly: the CIA will give the president not the info he wants to hear but the info he needs to hear.
06:06 PM on 01/06/2009
Diane is predictable so she's ultimately not so bad -- she is part of the Old Senate Guard that is used to a certain way business is handled. I think she was mad because Barack didn't give her a courtesy call (which he should have) and she was offended. She will go with the flow -- I think she is one of those Senators that thinks her job is to ask probing questions in subcommittee, but then to be a "good soldier" and support the President (whomever he or she - oops, wishful thinking) may be. Unfortunately, Diane is probably more valuable than Boxer (who's beliefs are much more in line with my own) because she has good relationships with Republicans. Anyone who hasn't seen it should rent the Preminger film Advice and Consent which I believe is based on an Allan Drury novel. The Senate is a small group of 100 and they place a high priority on building consensus across the aisle.
Large...........but definitely NOT in charge!
06:18 PM on 01/06/2009
Why is it that Democrats try to build a consensus, but when Bill Frist was in charge, it was pretty much "My way or the highway"? I call what the Democrats have done since Jan. 2007 nothing less than acquiescence, and Feingold is one of the biggest purveyors. My greatest hope is that she makes good on her threat to run for governor of California.
Large...........but definitely NOT in charge!
06:25 PM on 01/06/2009
Oops! Wrong Fein!
06:44 PM on 01/06/2009
While I agree with you please dont support her for a run for governor, we have enough problems.
06:29 PM on 01/06/2009
Bush never gave her a courtesy call either. And I can't remember her challenging any of the appointments that he sent up to Congress either. They just rubber-stamped every crazy NeoCon he sent them, so she has a lot of nerve "acting" as if she takes her role seriously now after having ignored her responsibilities up til now.

I think what she has learned in this silly little hissyfit episode of hers, is that she wasn't elected President. She doesn't get to pick the appointments for Obama. Just "advise and consent" -- and that's it. And its the Old Guard whom the American people are tired of. Apparently she didn't understand what the the results of the election meant: CHANGE

And I have my doubts as to her "usefulness." Up til now, it appears that she's been mostly useful to her husband's business interests, more than that of the country.

So I guess we'll see.....
05:58 PM on 01/06/2009
Yes, Di...there's a new sheriff in town. Now please sit down and shut up!
06:05 PM on 01/06/2009
Great comment. Di needs to sit on the back of the bus, and the O. Man take over.
06:27 PM on 01/06/2009
05:58 PM on 01/06/2009
Does Feinstein remind anyone else of the mother from the animated "Trial" part of Pink Floyd's The Wall?
06:28 PM on 01/06/2009
Rather, make that the hallucination of her during "Comfortably Numb".
10:22 PM on 01/06/2009
Spitting image.