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08:07 PM on 01/06/2009
How many votes did his teeth get ?
08:16 PM on 01/06/2009
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Assimilated by the bong long
08:52 PM on 01/06/2009
His dentist voted for him cause he wanted him to keep the federal dental insurance.
08:05 PM on 01/06/2009
In the words of Gomer Pyle, Suprise, suprise.
08:04 PM on 01/06/2009
Can't you Dims come up with something besides dental / hair jokes..??
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08:18 PM on 01/06/2009
Come on, it's a little funny. You have to admit those teeth look absolutely ridiculous! Kinda like Boehner's tan...
08:24 PM on 01/06/2009
It is funny....but 300 jokes is enough...let's get to something important like when will Caroline "Ya Know" Schlossberg get her appt??
08:29 PM on 01/06/2009
it looks FAKE - that's why it stands out.
08:03 PM on 01/06/2009
ACORN has struck again...all that community organizing pays off...literally...
08:06 PM on 01/06/2009
08:12 PM on 01/06/2009
Well, as ACORN registers low-income voters, you could say the common folk have spoken, again.
08:22 PM on 01/06/2009
Their income improves after ACORN "registers" them...
08:03 PM on 01/06/2009
Gee and after Harry Reid spoke those stirring words in the Senate this afternoon too. I guess Coleman didn't care what his good friend, Harry, had to say. In fact, somewhere along the line Coleman forgot about his own plea to spare Minnesota lengthy legal battles when he asked Franken to concede earlier. However, Coleman explained it all this afternoon. He says it's based on a bigger principle than just an election. I suspect that principle is about his own survival at all costs.

Norm, you won't win and you won't be missed but I guess you can muck things up for awhile in that unprincipled creepy way you have about you. Thanks, Norm. What a guy!
08:00 PM on 01/06/2009
Look guys, no matter how shaky is the law suit, it is his right. In 2000, a lot democrats thought that Gore gave up too easily. The matter of the fact is Gore fate was sealed by 5-4 decision. I am pretty sure Franken lawyers will shred Coleman case, but let the law take it course.
08:15 PM on 01/06/2009
This is merely an attempt by the rethugicans to weaken the new democratic majority. One seat less puts them that much further from filibuster proof margins. Its highly unlikely the 3 judge panel would overturn the rulings of the state Supreme Court, hence it is highly probable there will be no change in the outcome, hence this lawsuit is frivolous.
08:49 PM on 01/06/2009
Give me a break. There is no way Coleman can win and he knows it. His lawsuit is nothing other than a retread of the three lawsuits he has already lost. He is wasting time and making a mess out of the Senate. But, I'm sure that is his and the Republican's reason for doing this.
08:52 PM on 01/06/2009
His reason is he does not want to lose seat. He might get into legal trouble and senate seat can help him in raising cash to fight that. Republicans, just want to make 60 votes as difficult as possible.
07:59 PM on 01/06/2009
Hey Norm---

give it up--- It is OVER

just concede with a shred of self respect - please
07:57 PM on 01/06/2009
Isn't it true that if granted, the 2nd re-count would have to be paid for by Norm ? @ $200,000

He's just bluffing. Soon he'll need all his $ to pay his Leagal Defense Fund.
08:50 PM on 01/06/2009
Actually, I'm thinking the reason why he is filing suits is because he made a deal with the RNC to gum up the works as long as he can in return for the RNC paying his legal bills in his upcoming corruption trial.
07:57 PM on 01/06/2009
What's amazing to me is how much more time and care is being taken in properly deciding this than there was in deciding the presidential race in Florida in 2000. If only...
07:52 PM on 01/06/2009
Hey Norm

You gonna keep fighting this from your jail cell?

Give it up crybaby pussywimp.
07:50 PM on 01/06/2009
He ought to challenge his dentist to come up with more natural-looking false teeth.
08:08 PM on 01/06/2009
Horse doctors are Vets.
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07:43 PM on 01/06/2009
Give it up while there is a shred of dignity left.
08:00 PM on 01/06/2009
I think that ship has sailed.
08:10 PM on 01/06/2009
You dimocrats are so laughable with your banana republic election tactics and scandal ridden politicians. You people are a total mess! ...for God's sake,,Jefferson, Franken, Blago, Burris, Charlie Rangel, Rahm Emanuel, Richardson........whew! You just won the most historic election in history and you are in total disarray ,chaos and scandal and you haven't even taken office yet!
Is this what people thought they were voting for???? Waht an fn embarrassment! hahahahahah
08:13 PM on 01/06/2009
Well it is really hard to find upright guys like Ted Steven, Mark Foley, Tom Delay, Larry Craig etc.
08:19 PM on 01/06/2009

adjunct professor, artist, writer
07:32 PM on 01/06/2009
I'm a Minnesotan. Does anyone have contact info on FORMER Senator Coleman? As one he claims to want to represent, I'd like to ask him to cease and desist, out of sheer decency.
08:18 PM on 01/06/2009
Why not organize a lawsuit saying he's filing frivolous claims in an attempt to purposely disenfranchise your state of its Senator so the new Dem senate will be that much further from filibuster proof margins.
Author of Take Me Home by Richard Custer
07:28 PM on 01/06/2009
I hope the feds come hard after Coleman and he'll be forced to drop his lawsuit. I'm betting Coleman is trying to cut a deal so he and wifey can stay out of Jail in return, he'll drop his lawsuit.
08:05 PM on 01/06/2009
First job for the newly appointed Attorney General.
07:16 PM on 01/06/2009
The Chiclets people should make him an offer.
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07:24 PM on 01/06/2009
In his previous life he was a beaver.
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07:30 PM on 01/06/2009
No, I think he was a gopher.
08:31 PM on 01/06/2009
sexy.... ;)