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Anon Ymouse
09:52 PM on 05/31/2012
Another knee jerk reaction by politicians to try control peoples' daily lives. All the soda drinkers will do is by a second bottle. If you increase the tax on it, it just means poor people will be poorer, afterall, they are the ones buying it. They will just trade food stamps for cash to buy soda.
I expected this from Chicago politicians, like Daley and Emmanuel, not Bloomberg. Daley outlawed handguns in hopes of curbing drive-bys. All this did was left innocent people defenseless. This past weekend there were 40+ shootings and 9 deaths, the majority of perps were gang bangers. Crime is going up, so let's take away their constitutional right to defend themselves. Nice going politicians!
I am sure there are more topics to spend time and resources.

09:35 PM on 05/31/2012
Why are people always blaming soda for obesity as if eating fast food and other crap doesn't contribute to it? No large sodas? Ok, then people will buy two small ones. You can't regulate what people put into their bodies. Instead of going after sugar, how about going after all of these poisonous ingredients in food. Some of the ingredient lists I see looks like something out out of a chemistry textbook.
03:12 AM on 06/01/2012
It's not "as if eating fast food and other crap doesn't contribute to it." It's just that calories in beverages are less visible; people tend to drink them without thinking about how many (empty, at that) calories they're getting, even when they're mostly aware of the value of a bag of fries even if they eat them anyway.
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01:11 PM on 06/01/2012
Oh thank you, our most glorious Overlord! I praise you at your feet! We peasants are much too stupid to understand sugary drinks may have adverse health effects if we do not control our intake. Thankfully there are people like you (and Bloomberg) who have decided it is the governments role to restrict the activities and purchases of the useless eaters! Praise be unto Bloomberg, help us, through law, to live by your righteous standards!
04:49 PM on 06/01/2012
I agree with you 100%, but it's not the government's place to mandate what size soda a person can buy. They can start a public awareness campaign if they want, but that's as far as it should go, in my opinion. What's to stop a person from buying two 16 oz. sodas if a 20 oz. is no longer available? Now they are going to consume 32 oz. of soda!
09:23 PM on 05/31/2012
they say soda is the cause but they dont say things about people sitting in the house not doing nothing but staying on the computer,games. that is called lazy people it has nothing to do with soda. so take it out on everybody that how who do it right.
12:30 AM on 06/01/2012
"computer games" Or, computer blogs and comments on HP!
Get off your chair and do some pushups!!! :-) Just kidding. Thanks for the laugh,and for the well made point!
09:20 PM on 05/31/2012
Big Brother strikes again!
Marielaina Perrone DDS
09:17 PM on 05/31/2012
this is beyond stupid
09:01 PM on 05/31/2012
Lets put a limit on what participants of the SNAP program can buy on foodstamps, then we will see a decrease in obesity issues. Has anyone seen the carts at the beginning of the month? Come on people wake up! It all starts at home, let's start cooking again instead of handing our children a banquet dinner and a can of soda for dinner. Treat the foodstamps like WIC make it limited to what you can buy and how much you can get. Make people start cooking....
09:26 PM on 05/31/2012
it is computers and games and laying around doing nothing
09:36 PM on 05/31/2012
You're saying that only poor people drink soda?
10:29 PM on 05/31/2012
I doubt mdevoe1 was suggesting that only poor people drink soda... just that they often make poor choices when it comes to the food they buy. I'd have to agree. Rarely do I see people using government assistance to buy healthy ingredients to cook with, even though it would go further in feeding their families. They're usually the ones with carts full of processed microwave meals.

In other words, it's not the soda that's the problem. It's the lifestyle.
08:59 PM on 05/31/2012
That's dictatorship.. He does not have the right to tell people what they can drink or what they can't. If New Yorkers don't tell him to shove it where the sun don't shine then they deserve to be ruled over like peasants in a dictatorship.
Soror quaerens lucem
09:14 PM on 05/31/2012
THe right? Interesting choice of word.
He has the POWER...and that is what counts. He changed term limits for the mayor's office after the CIty COuncil voted against extending term limits. This is how he got to be Mayor for a third term....and we criticize Hugo Chavez!
09:57 PM on 05/31/2012
"He does not have the right to tell people what they can drink or what they can't.".....

He never told anyone they couldnt drink soda anymore, he is limiting its distribution, as well as well as, making large containers off limits for certain settings.,. You can still drink all the soda you want, dont freak out...
more amazing than you
12:01 AM on 06/01/2012
Diet sodas are associated with increased food intake after consumption of the beverages.

So it actually makes things worse. Diet sodas do not make people thin. They work against people who want to decrease consumption of calories.
08:53 PM on 05/31/2012
As bad as sodas may be for us, this control freak has no business DICTATING what others may drink.
09:03 PM on 05/31/2012
Is beer,ice cream,bread,cake,pies next?
09:58 PM on 05/31/2012
Who said you couldnt drink soda anymore?
10:08 PM on 05/31/2012
Thats next!
10:37 PM on 05/31/2012
While you're right that this legislation will in no way limit consumption, don't be fooled into thinking that it means that legislation like this is any less damaging or invasive. This will be the first step. Soon, they'll be pointing out how despite widespread criticism of the ban, it was a tremendous success, which begs consideration of further health "guarantees." This is but a foot in the door of a much greater movement to control what we consume.
08:52 PM on 05/31/2012
...but no ban on cigarettes?
09:08 PM on 05/31/2012
That's next, if this one passes...
10:38 PM on 05/31/2012
Nah, that's generating revenue.
Gina Parziale
08:51 PM on 05/31/2012
I was a big fan of the smoking bans as second hand smoke is harmful to others.
I was a big fan of putting the grades on the restaurants and don't go to places that have less than an "a"
I was a big fan of putting calories on menus-as the free market is supposed to work by giving people info and letting them make their own choices.

I think this goes too far. I don't see how the government can tell private businesses how much of a legal product they can sell to someone.

I appreciate the need to lower obesity rates, but question this particular approach.

I am also concerned about the conservative version of this kind of law that may be inspired by this. Can conservative leaders limit the number of condoms someone can purchase?
09:20 PM on 05/31/2012
It;s time the goverment to step in to tell us What we can eat ,drink what time to go to bed get up go to work.How much tax we pay when can worship an where. Why do you think our founders left europe
08:51 PM on 05/31/2012
Overstepping the lines of Govt making choices for the American people! A joke indeed! If this passes; others are to follow! I'm appalled by the blatant disregard to the rights of individuals. I see we are not allowed to make our own choices; Politicians have to do it for us!
08:50 PM on 05/31/2012
great.. ban soda's in NYC... the rest of the country will have to pay double the outrageous price we have to already pay to make up for the companies profit loss. you can still get a 24oz beer for a buck though right.. makes ya wonder why there is so many drunks out there.
08:37 PM on 05/31/2012
With all due respect to the mayor this has to be the most absurd idea a politician has come up with for a long time! In a way it reminds me of prohibition-and that didn't work either! People are going to drink what they like and as much as they like and no legislation will ever change that. If they can't do it in one place they will simply go somewhere else. So how in the name of common sense will that impact the obesity problem? Fact is....IT WON'T! I mean, dah. 'car 54 where are you?'
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08:36 PM on 05/31/2012
Why does it not include a BEER ban?
08:39 PM on 05/31/2012
because they trade that before and it didn't work
08:33 PM on 05/31/2012
Smells like socialism creeping into NYC government. Bloomberg is a Republican? Must be buddyin' up to Geo. Soros. Thanks, Big Brother...
Soror quaerens lucem
09:11 PM on 05/31/2012
It is far from socialism. It is Fascism right in line with Republican thinking.
09:37 PM on 05/31/2012
Socialism, i.e., communism (although it has never been a governmental reality) controls virtually everything in the respective country. Conservatism, i.e., Republican doctrine promotes less government and regulation while Democratic doctrine dictates more government control and regulations. Does this plan sound like regulation to you? And Fascism has no belief in democracy. Sorry about your luck, Lefty.