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I am an Obama supporter
01:38 PM on 06/05/2012
That's really cool.

Our folks in uniform deserve all the appreciation in the world.

Don't touch my food!!!
12:44 PM on 06/05/2012
So many ads and links....

Huff&Puff is going to make my computer blow up one day when I click the wrong article...
12:42 PM on 06/05/2012
In Nov Justin took Kelsey to the Marine Ball and Mila Kunis went with a Marine I wish Mila would go out with the Marine again. That would be nice!! I love Justin
live w/motherearthnot juston her
12:18 PM on 06/05/2012
Good guy and in safe hands.
12:14 PM on 06/05/2012
Our daughter worked for his uncle so we had a chance to meet him several times. A genuinely nice guy, no pretenses and very grounded. Not your usual Hollywood type.
12:12 PM on 06/05/2012
There only one word to describe Mr. Timberlake's action......the man has CLASS! On another serious note the young Marine appears to be a CLASSY lady as well.....& certainly an attractive lady to boot.
12:02 PM on 06/05/2012
ive always been a justin timberlake fan, this is just an outstanding move on his part!! much love JT and Kelsey
12:02 PM on 06/05/2012
kudos to both of them
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11:57 AM on 06/05/2012
JT is a real class act...the guy is legit! Nice job acknowledging Corporal DeSantis this way!
something clever
11:45 AM on 06/05/2012
Why is it that the Marines are the only ones that get ticked of when you call them a soldier instead of a Marine? My family has served in all of the branches of Military. At a time when your choice was jail, or the Military. Yes, be proud, but to me it seems like you want to highlight the differences. Like calling someone an African American or Latino American instead of just an American. When people are shooting at you, trying to kill you, they don't care what kind of American you are, or what branch you serve in. Stand together brothers and sisters.
01:28 PM on 06/05/2012
Just call an officer in the army a soldier, an officer in the air force an airman or an officer in the navy a sailor and they will correct you. A marine officer would be proud to be called a marine. This is one reason we as marines don't like to be called "soldier".
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I mention it because its true
01:40 PM on 06/05/2012
My father served in the Army in Vietnam, and he always told me the worst thing you could ever do was call a Marine a 'soldier' or a SEAL a 'sailor,' and I totally understand why. It's like calling a Doctor a Nurse!
A true artist always starves...
11:20 AM on 06/05/2012
Ya know, never did care much for his music... but damn that boy's got some swag! Gotta give credit!
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10:30 AM on 06/05/2012
A classy guy taking out a true American Hero! Nice job, Justin and Kelsey, Thank You for your service to our country
10:25 AM on 06/05/2012
i used to have second thoughts about JT but I have to admit this kid is a class act
Husband. Father. Veteran.
09:56 AM on 06/05/2012
I've always liked him. He just kinda comes off as a very likeable guy. This just further proves that. I wish him all the continued success he deserves.