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Believe in something or fall for anything
12:47 PM on 06/14/2012
If you cannot see this as something in tune to the Democratic demonic attack against the Black Church then I have a bridge to sell you in Alaska. You ever wonder why preachers seem to have the worse kids? It is all to break down the church at the weakest link. We stand behind the preacher/father disciplining his daughter. We stand behind the preacher/father running his household and we stand behind the preacher/father word that nothing happened. You should be ashamed of yourself crowing the and throwing a negative spin toward the allegation against Mr. Dollar.
The election of President Obama has really exposed the liberalism destroying this country along with the Godless fake Christians in our mist....
Morris W. O'Kelly
Host of The Mo'Kelly Show on KFI AM640 - http://mr
04:56 PM on 06/14/2012 you connect Creflo Dollar to the Democrats to the supposed fall of America. That was some trick.

Being arrested and commentary on it is "throwing a negative spin?" Yes, I forgot, that being arrested for abuse is a "positive" thing...what in the HELL was I thinking?!

The FACT is that he was arrested. THAT is not spin, that's a fact. He wasn't given a certificate for parent of the year. Whether the allegations are true are to be determined. If you don't want "negative" commentary regarding Creflo Dollar, please email him and advise him to not ever get arrested.


"You have the ardent Dollar supporters who support him regardless of the charges, circumstances... or even the evidence for that matter. They will recite "touch not my anointed" quicker and more frequently than baskets in the NBA playoffs; not pausing to consider whether Dollar is actually innocent or even anointed for that matter."


Eddie Long, Creflo et al. were part of the REPUBLICAN faith initiative coalition and the Defense of Marriage Act.

The REPUBLICAN and BUSH supporter got arrested last week. Hard to connect THAT to "liberalism."

Don't let facts get in the're doing great.

So if there are "Godless fake Christians" bringing down the country...tell them to stop voting Republican. Because we all know people like Newt Gingrich is of high moral standing.
Stephen Stafford
Be the answer to somebody's prayer!
04:05 AM on 06/16/2012
Got to this party late, but hope my comment shows up and you check it out.

Remember, all comments for you show up in the "comment activity" window, so even those not put forth will be visible there. I am hoping mine will be visible here.
Believe in something or fall for anything
06:23 PM on 06/18/2012
I connect the destruction of the family structure, the de-masculation of the male authority in the home and the femination of boys in this society to the Democratic Party. The family is the first rung of God's government on this earth and the brick that has held all societies together. It is a fact that single women are more valuable to the Democrats. It is a fact that children without parents can be molded by government child care and students in government debt can be pushed into the street just like the Occupy movement. The Democratic Party is moving to destroy all morals brought about by the belief in something other than government. The life of Julia directive put out by the Democrats has a little girl being taken care of by the government from cradle to the grave. There is no husband thus no family and her children are to be cared for by government..
Just because one is arrested does not identify guilt. You are a black man you should know this or have you sold out on that too...
03:26 AM on 06/22/2012
10:27 AM on 06/14/2012
quess what? we were all Kids at one time or the Other, those of us who live to get older , are very thankful for the Discipline , we recieved, in the light of our Friends who Ran around Freely,, at some point we wanted to call the authorities on our Parents too, but in reflection we are glad we did not,, regarless of any Dogmas, our Children have to be trained in the Proper ways,and sometimes, discipline is part of the Prescription, we are making too much of this pastors, attitudes, some of us out of spite and Malice,,( anology) a tree grow crooked if it is not Braced up properly.
02:49 PM on 06/14/2012
you are so right Babygeorge...i fine that most people who are saying things about this pastor has been bitter with him before. So, this incident happen and they are rejoicing about it. They have some jealous people in this world. I think it is more about his leadership in the church and where there is a hole they can fine to dig and throw him in they will. This man is a great leader, he has a mega church and people who believe in his ministries, and they are jealous to see what God have given him. But they have to realize if you just wait on God he will give it to you also, but they are so busy trying to take his blessing. There is a saying if you dig one hole, you better dig two. But it don't work like that. If you are going to dig a hole for someone, thats all you have to dig, because the one you dug for Pastor Dollar, that is the you will fall in. So be careful how you speak about God people and he is listening
10:29 AM on 06/15/2012
If you are waiting for God to give you what C. Dollar has,then you need to deceive thousands of people like he has. Read your Bible for yourself. Think for yourself!
Of the thousands of you who follow him, how many of you have what he has??? This man has had what he has for many years. So how long do you have to wait? Why don't you give your "dollar" to a ministry that truly helps people. Not with things, but with a love for Jesus Christ and a life that follows his principles. Your name in itself "sexyma53" tells me something diffrent. Wake up from your"C. Dollar Slumber" and live!!
Know Jesus..don't leave here without Him!!!
08:52 AM on 06/18/2012
I am thankful for the discipline that was given....People need to let this man be a parent.
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10:37 PM on 06/13/2012
Agree 100%, but you know those preacher's kids.
Ezra Black
Long Live New Orleans
09:42 AM on 06/14/2012
Stereotyping Preacher's kids ... just like saying "you know how those Blacks are"

We can't put blanket statements on all preachers kids
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12:56 PM on 06/14/2012
You must be one. Devoid of humor, propriety, and a decent outlook toward other human beings.
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02:45 PM on 06/13/2012
Do not conflate what allegedly happened in the Dollar house with any discussion of "tough love" or "what's wrong with today's youth." They are separate, distinct and unrelated.

Well said and I agree with you one hundred percent.