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Solidarity. Courage. Humor.
03:47 PM on 01/17/2009
Children are the human moral barometer. When any action of yours causes distress in children, YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE. When you take mothers from their children, you better have a better reason than 'I'm just following the immigration law.' How does this guy sleep at night?
04:01 PM on 01/17/2009
Does the mother bear any responsibility for her children being taken from her? She is in the country illegally-she knew there was a possibility she would get caught,and she took the chance.
04:20 PM on 01/17/2009
I think the mother did what your and most others' grandparents, greatgrandparents etc. did 10s, or 100s of years ago. To try to give her kids a better life. When did that become such a felonious offense?
It took a woman to get arrested in a bus to fire up a civil rights movement. It will take quite a few arrests like this before immigration laws are reformed and rewritten. Oh and please read the verse above that SEQUOIABISON so kindly copied for us.
05:29 PM on 01/17/2009
The mother should have thought of that before she immigrated here illegally. With the all horrific problems we have in this country Americans need to look after themselves first. Illegal immirgants are draining our social service system; Americans are angry and have a right to be.

Legal immigration should be put on hold for a while as well. It's a noble idea for us to open our arms to the world, but when we are experiencing very difficult times in our own nation, we need to be practical. I'm a progressive democrat, but on this issue I agree with most Americans.
10:10 PM on 01/17/2009
It seems you are an immigrant yourself as your handle/name suggests. So you are saying stop illegal immigration, and stop legal immigration as well??
What kind of hypocrite are you? Since you are willing to volunteer others why don't you travel back to your country of origin as a first step to solving the problem? Let's see the sincerity of your claims.
10:24 PM on 01/17/2009
A servant of the Lord you ain't...Such an insular and territorial mind set is more sudra in the scheme of things
03:45 PM on 01/17/2009
Joe Arpaio strikes again
03:33 PM on 01/17/2009
Let he who has never broken the law cast the first stone. Otherwise go turn yourself in, because until you pay for your crimes, Ciria Lopez exists as a better person than you have been up to this point.
02:55 PM on 01/17/2009
Janet Napolitaino will take care of this A##, who doesn't know what goes around, comes around & I for one, can't wait. This is so wrong.
03:06 PM on 01/17/2009
so Janet is going to stop law enforcement officials from enforcing the laws .... Maybe she will also stop those protecting the rail lines this weekend
04:00 PM on 01/17/2009
From the volume and frequency of your responses and I have a feeling you work either for Arpaio, or the Republican party or some other conservative PAC. You are not letting a single comment slide. You have a remark for almost every comment and all from a ultra conservative point of view, with no regard to logic or good sense, of course.
You're defending Bush, defending Arpaio, defending the Republican party...

Curious. Very curious indeed.
04:28 PM on 01/17/2009
Ignorant...that's all you are....
04:07 PM on 01/17/2009
I appreciate you optimism, however Ms. Napolitano is part of the problem. She has never even mentioned the Human Rights concerns of Immigration and has been a long time supporter of Sheriff Arpaio. She helped get him his 287(g) authority. He endorsed her for Governor in 2006. We Arizona progressives were too slow to protest her and regret it. She would not endorse Arpaio's opponent in the 2008 election. If she did, we may be done with this madness.
Please watch this for more info on Napolitano. She is Obama's worse choice yet and the only way we can fix this is to let the new administration know we want humane solutions. They are still rarely talked about within the administration and never discussed by Napolitano.

With Obama, the work only begins. We need to let him know we need Immigration reform that protects children who are citizens, keeps families together and creates a path for the poor who are here working and cannot afford the the imposable, unfair bureaucracy involved in becoming legal residents.
05:09 PM on 01/17/2009
Saw the youtube link, very enlightnening. It will become clear if Obama is or is NOT for change if he does not order Napolitano to recind Arpaio's 287g's agreement. This will be his first test of his choices.
02:41 PM on 01/17/2009
This is sooo wrong.
02:28 PM on 01/17/2009
Come on man! Give the kids their mom back. Be human for Pete's sake!!
There Are Americans, then there are Liberals . .
02:47 PM on 01/17/2009
Obey the law for Pete's sake!
03:11 PM on 01/17/2009
I don't like reminding lemmings that laws are mostly made by people in privilege and sometimes privileged lemmings too.
Sometimes these privileged lemmings prevent the passage of laws that would ensure humane treatment of existing illegal aliens and prevention and cure of the root cause of illegal immigration. In fact every time a lemming screams "illegal" immigration it reminds me of the Columbus, the Mayflower, the Pilgrims etc.
03:28 PM on 01/17/2009
and has BUSH Obeyed the laws of this land via torture? I must have missed your outrage on THAT little nugget.

I am sure you have blogged non-stop trying to right that wrong.

(perhaps not)
02:27 PM on 01/17/2009
America gets away with torture,and destruction of our economy---and this lady is tore away from her children for a traffic violation! America has gone to the dogs!
02:25 PM on 01/17/2009
Okay, here's my problem.

I smoke weed. It is now decriminalized in Massachusetts, but I smoked it even when it was not. I felt marijuana laws were unjust. I think it's ridiculous we spend enormous amounts of money and law enforcement hours going after pot users. I think pot is illegal only due to lobbying and propaganda.

HOWEVER, you know what, I still knew it was illegal. I thought it was WRONG for it to be illegal, but I was well aware of its illegality. If I had been arrested for smoking pot before decriminalization, I would have expected absolutely no sympathy, because at the end of the day, I was completely aware of the law I was breaking.

AMERICAN CITIZENS are arrested for pot all the time, and they don't make the news. They don't garner the sympathy that illegal aliens get when stories like this break.

So I don't really understand why this is a news story. She broke the law, she was arrested. Her children were taken from her, as is what happens when you get arrested.

We can debate about the LAWS regarding aliens, and we can try to change them if we feel they are unjust. But for right now, those laws are still in place, and when you come to this country illegally, you know the risks.
06:50 PM on 01/17/2009
If a cop found you with weed but decided to look the other way, would you turn him in for breaking the law?
11:19 PM on 01/21/2009
All you hypocrites got quiet all of the sudden.
02:11 PM on 01/17/2009
Now , Mrs Lopez was treated in a lawful humane manner and so were the kids .. She is an accused felon ... With that being said our countries judicial system stinks when Maddoff should be sitting in a tent city somewhere cleaning latrines with his mouth... And so should those involved with Freddie and FAnnie and the bank execs and Congress ( Barney and Dodd)
02:14 PM on 01/17/2009
And Congress-Frank and Dodd. Are the rest of congress-which the Repubs held for 6 years,were powerless? Nice revisionist history-but I'm not buying it.
02:21 PM on 01/17/2009
Revisionist? I think not ... Notice that the economy started its tanking in 2006
03:08 PM on 01/17/2009
Unpaid traffic tickets makes her a felon? Do you even know what the definition of felon is?
03:16 PM on 01/17/2009
you need a course in reading comprehension ... she is an accused felon for her being an illegal
02:07 PM on 01/17/2009
Any truth to the rumor Arpaio will be going to elementary schools and holding children of Latino color until their parents can provide proof of citizenship? Supposedly his troopers are already scouting elementary schools that will provide the highest publicity impact.
02:13 PM on 01/17/2009
They do that in almost every large city when they can get leads on parents who are guilty of crimes...Shows that law enforcement is not shirking their responsibilities to protect and to serve
04:00 PM on 01/17/2009
There is a huge difference between these two things. One is inverstigating. The other is racial profiling, something he does just for publicity.
03:37 PM on 01/17/2009
That is the lowest of the low. I had no idea that law enforcements solution for trying to combat illegal immigration is watching elementary schools. That just shows the lack of smarts in our police forces. They shouldn't be allowed to spy on citizens, let alone children (super creepy) to try and get their parents. That is disgusting.
On the fence about Obama nowadays
02:00 PM on 01/17/2009
Perhaps if she entered America LEGALLY and LAWFULLY this wouldn't be a problem for her or her children. The sheriff is doing his job. This woman broke a series of laws, how many bites of the apple does she or her supporters wish for her to have. It's funny, there are many American citizens whose children are WRONGFULLY removed from their home daily and we hear nothing from the media but a woman who presumably entered America illegally is rightfully arrested she's plastered all over the news. What's wrong with this picture.
04:07 PM on 01/17/2009
Who cares about legally bla bla bla....there are better ways to handle the situation and I pray they are coming. America has suffered a sickness from the Bush years. A hatred for their own fellow man....looking for any target to direct this creepy anger and grateful Obama is in will take years to get the mental health of our Citizens back.
01:46 PM on 01/17/2009
While it is morally wrong enough what ICE did to Pottsvile, the 287 g policy (giving local police Federal immigration authority) is destroying thousands of children's lives and hurting our economy and moral fiber. Her original traffic ticket was the result of ridiculous laws that won't allow for Drivers Licenses for undocumented non-criminal adults. Her fear of showing up to court or ability to pay the fine is an example of our WAR ON THE POOR. I was at this Anti-Brown Skin Sweep to film and document. I saw first hand 200 Deputies and posse members/day for 2 days saturate the streets of a low crime sleepy little farm town called Buckeye for the purpose of racial profiling. The results were an incredible failure. Only 52 arrests were made. 14 suspected of being undocumented and no violent criminals arrested. If your skin was brown, you were stopped and asked for proof of citizenship. Arpaio's sweeps jail many US citizens-only to release them without charges.

This is Apartheid in Maricopa County.

Here's video showing Arpaio's Deputies at this raid wearing ski masks doing traffic stops. That's what they were wearing when they told these children to "Kiss your Mommy Good-Bye."

Please contact Obama administration and ask them to end 287 g authority for Maricopa County Az. It was given by Chertoff, it can be removed.

Dennis Gilman
02:01 PM on 01/17/2009
It is the responsibility of the Mexican government,and any other country to care for its citizens-not America. These governments will never do anything as long as their citizens break our immigration laws- they don't have any incentive to do so. I also don't think is ridiculous for non-citizens of this country to be denied a drivers license.
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02:33 PM on 01/17/2009
Mexico is part of America. I am sure you meant the United States of America though.
03:25 PM on 01/17/2009
Do you have a plan of how to address this issue? Or do you only have criticism for people that try to look at it from a humane standpoint?
03:29 PM on 01/17/2009
Thank you for the facts. As I wrote above somewhere, for the past 8 years laws were made by the privileged class to the detriment of the poor. These same people then wave the piece of paper crying "this is the law, here it is written" without paying any heed to how these laws came into being in the first place.
A law that is unjust and unfair is no law and needs to be changed.
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01:43 PM on 01/17/2009
Wonder what the jobless rate would look like if we got rid of the work visas until the economy turns around and we actually need foreign workers again? Really, is there some reason our college grads can't find work, and laid off workers can't find anything for years (so long their unemployment insurance runs out), but we still need hundreds of thousands of foreign workers here? I don't get it. Why is our government giving away our office and tech jobs to foreigners when Americans need them?
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01:55 PM on 01/17/2009
Only the latest: Circuit City closing. 35K to loose jobs. Blame Ciria Lopez? Wonder on that.
Do not feed the trolls
09:03 PM on 01/17/2009
Yeah, there's just a rash of illegal foreigners working at Circuit City.
03:37 PM on 01/17/2009
I don't know if you are not in touch with the times or you are just trying to be a devil's advocate.

1. There aren't a lot of US college grads with technical degrees that can compete in a highly technical work force. US levels of education is quite a joke compared with the rigor of education in countries like China and India.
2. Then there is the problem that for low skilled jobs like gardening, landscaping, American workers sometimes think they are too good for that kind of work and/or they can't work for the pay that is offered.

Squeezed between the two the only jobs they can hold are middle skilled service oriented jobs. Seems you are not close to academia or industry to understand the necessity of foreign skilled workers. The United States doesn't produce enough skilled workers to do all the tasks. There is a reason why Silicon Valley is full of immigrant engineers and entrepreneurs starting new companies.
An easy going responsible bohemian
01:32 PM on 01/17/2009
I live in Los Angeles which has a large Mexican population--some, if not many of them illegal I'm sure. But when I see someone selling oranges by a freeway on-ramp everyday, and realize that they had to cross a hot desert, hunted by dogs just to do an honest days work selling oranges for peanuts, I realize how desperate, and pathetic the economic situation in Mexico must be. They stand here on corners, and get picked up everyday by contractors to do manual labor. I've talked to some contractors who tell me these laborers do exemplary work. We've got Americans out of work here who would never sell oranges, or clean houses, or do landscaping because they feel it would be beneath them.

My point is that they come here, they work very hard, and for the most part stay out of trouble. If there was a large surge in crime associated with these illegal immigrants threatening our social cohesion, that would be a different story, but that's not the case. So I don't have a problem with them at all. In fact, I wish we could deport the lazy Americans we have here who sit on their asses and won't do these jobs.

That being said, the lady should've paid her traffic ticket. Much as I detest that Sheriff, he's only following the law. However I wish her and her children the best.
01:42 PM on 01/17/2009
How many white people do you know who are arrested and their children taken away form them for an unpaid traffic ticket?
An easy going responsible bohemian
02:01 PM on 01/17/2009
It was her illegal status not the traffic ticket which is the reason she is in the predicament she's in. It's an immigration issue not a traffic issue at this point. Knowing her illegal status she should've made sure she immediately paid the ticket. If it was up to me, I'd let her slide. As I stated earlier, I understand why they're coming here.
02:04 PM on 01/17/2009
typical liberal race card.... If the person is white and is charged with a felony , their children are taken and sent to DCFS... Mr Lopez evidently decided the care of his children was not worth his involvement
01:19 PM on 01/17/2009
Joe Arpiao is actually costing the tax payers of Maricopa County MORE money that he claims to be saving us via the cost of his tent cities and immigration raids--how, you say?

The tent have been certified by inspectors as unfit for humans; they wind up costing us MORE because he refuses a whole host of needs in order to confine people. Arpiao cost us MORE due to civil suits, soaring medical bills due to untreated illness, dental, sanitation problems stemming from the poorly imprisoned and not meeting federal guidelines, etc.

The real zinger is, no one down hear can figure out WHO KEEPS VOTING FOR THIS A-HOLE! The only "living" souls (?) must be the occasional snow bird, on their death bed, who is illegally voting in their home state as well as in AZ. We want him gone...
01:32 PM on 01/17/2009
Then close up the tent cities , bring down Obama's train after Tuesday ( 2 football fields long ) All Aboard to the border.And why should the citizens pay for the lodging of the illegals ...As far as voting ? The vast majority of the citizens , Libs included , are against harboring felonious individuals in the community
01:43 PM on 01/17/2009
Uh huh, not having papers is a big felonious crime. It ranks up there with rape, child molestation, murder, and racketeering. /snark/
01:44 PM on 01/17/2009
You are wrong. A majority of citizens in this country are for allowing undocumented workers a way to work legally in this country.

I would say to you "may god have mercy on your soul", but I doubt you have a soul.