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05:33 PM on 01/19/2009
Jesus H. Christ I'm getting bored with this kind of drama. Take a breath. I am almost certain that the Constitution allows Congress to pass more than just the one this bill in a given session.
05:23 PM on 01/19/2009
You obviously did not hear what Emanuel said yesterday. Not everything they plan to do will be in the stimulus. This was in response to a question by David Gregory about National Service. Why can't people give the new President an opportunity to take over and then judge him on what he actually does or does not do as opposed to what you believe he is or isn't going to do. Its unfair to judge someone before they have a chance to fulfill their promises.
05:20 PM on 01/19/2009
AmeriCorps expenditures inside the US would have a greater multiplier effect than would expenditures by Peace Corps volunteers within foreign countries. But it's not too late to influence what happens in next month or so. What I recommend is described in the following shortened op-ed piece:

Top-down bailouts for banks and corporations do not work. ...

Within our federal system of government, Congress mandates various minimum objectives with regards to our health, education, housing, safety and even, more fundamentally, sustenance, as provided in the form of food stamps, a type of voucher for the poor to purchase food. ... "Energy vouchers" would provide better incentives than federal tax credits and state rebates to help us all become “energy independent” and avoid more oil wars, global warming and economic catastrophes.

In the case of top-down foreign aid, ... families might be aided by World Bank micro-finance “energy vouchers” to help borrow-to-buy renewable energy systems, thus making them more energy independent. (A multi-national “Energy Corps” ... could offer sufficient bottom-up technical support in the developing countries in order to make energy reform efforts become global upon the proposed doubling of the Peace Corps by its 50th anniversary in 2011.).
04:59 PM on 01/19/2009
04:56 PM on 01/19/2009
A progressive is someone that wants to be a liberal--but because of fear is to afraid of liberalism.

Most change in the US for social -- and civil rights cane from the liberals; if the politicians are to afraid of liberalism.... change is not likely to occur.
03:30 PM on 01/19/2009
You are confusing a stimulus package with appropriations. There is already justified criticism that Obama's plan is just big spending as usual.

Truth is Obama would give more weight to cutting taxes because that is the quickest and most effective way to stimulate the economy. But he is forced to pay homage to pet appropriations like the peace corps.
I say the things that have to be said.
04:46 PM on 01/19/2009
Same old Republican bullshit. No link for "cutting taxes . . . is the quickest and most effective way to stimulate the economy." Because that is just another Republican lie. You can't provide evidence for what isn't true.
05:07 PM on 01/19/2009

Please tell my daughter--frozen subsistence wage (Bush), occasional water, no electricity, 140 (F) daily temeratures, the only foreigner in a Muslim village of 2300 people--that anyone pays homage to the Peace Corps whether it is through appropriations or any other kind of recognition. Pet project? Whose? Not Congress's The U.S. Army's marching band has a bigger budget than the entire Peace Corps. You bet: she volunteered. She now speaks three languages and is highly respected in her little village in Mauritania. Can we say that about our volunteer force in Iraq? Who is reaching out? Who is building bridges?

Homage? Oh brother.
Conservative Commonsense
03:13 PM on 01/19/2009
Yo, that was a campaign promise, now comes the reality that he has to work WITH the democratic party and they have already parted ways. Nancy P. never signed off on that one or most of the other ones. Huge potential for the democratic party to keep obama from uniting the country because they do not see it in their interest.
03:02 PM on 01/19/2009
President Obama can look to the two individuals that continue to speak up for Peace Corps, Representative Farr (Colombia 64-66) and Senator Dodd (Dominican Republic 67-69)...they both want to increase the number of Volunteers and know that Peace Corps needs a better budget. We may not be able to do this in one day, but we need to start! Mention Peace Corps in your speech tomorrow President Obama, and your message will go out to the world of nations where Peace Corps has made friends.
Bob Arias, RPCV Colombia 64-66 (Oregon)
03:01 PM on 01/19/2009
Please add Peace Corps to the stimulus package. This is urgent because Peace Corps Volunteers are low cost ambassadors to parts of the world that are listening. RETURNED Peace Corps Volunteers continue their work once they return home. The network is nearly 200,000 people strong and does not take into account the spread of people around each volunteer who have been inspired to reach higher and wider in their lives. Not to fail to mention the wide spread of people affected in countries served by Peace Corps, including local staff, their families and so on.
02:59 PM on 01/19/2009
I'm not sure I would be too upset about stimulus package money not going to Peace Corps. I mean, how could you possibly justify Peace Corps service as a domestic economy investment? It is, in fact, the opposite: sending money and talented human capital overseas to benefit other countries. I agree that it is a good program, but I don't think you can justify funding it from money that is supposed to be helping the domestic economy.
02:58 PM on 01/19/2009
can you say campaign promise versus elected
02:51 PM on 01/19/2009
It's all going to be status quo!

Obama is gearing up to chain America to a massive anchor of debt to maintain the current status quo for many decades to come.

Why do you think that there is such a frenzied rush to get all of this debt approved in fell swoop without any reasoned debate or study?

Once it is approved it is game over for any real progressive agenda and they very well know that.
That isn't God's voice in your head.
04:27 PM on 01/19/2009
Bush has already chained th US citizens to debt.
09:36 PM on 01/19/2009
Get Positive! What you speak is what you get! Thoughts are things reinforced by words! The instigator of the first negative statement might take some time to rephrase the accusation as a question.We the people have learned to model the media moguls, cogitating on the intentions or motives of others and making prophecies of pending doom. Check many media "money pundits, " the diligent chefs of fear and gloom, on the stock market and the economy. So diligent are they that they begin and end our days with the negativism--reinforcing the fears which have investors and consumers on the current treadmill. In the absence of critical thinking, they analyze the facts they select and then send us on misguided witch hunts or scapegoat hunts. Give the President Elect a break! Start with a suggestion before the criticism.
02:38 PM on 01/19/2009
We need to double the number of PC Volunteers as soon as possible.
Pat Wand
RPCV Colombia
03:53 PM on 01/19/2009
I'm sorry but when did Colombia become a state? The time where the U.S. takes care of the rest of the world is over. Bush and his cronies have dug the country so far into a hole that we may not come out of it for decades. The best thing all countries can do is start providing free birth control. If all nations lowered their populations then the need for the peace corps and feed the children and all the others like them would dissapear.
11:44 PM on 01/20/2009
Peace Corps is not all about birth control and population control. Too bad your parents didn't use birth control you ingnoramous (just kidding). Why don't you go onto the Peace Corps website and learn a little bit more about it and be enlightened.

Ecuador 93-96
02:26 PM on 01/19/2009
Betrayal? Obama lied to his kids about getting them a dog. I'm surprised the media isn't making more of this. Peace in Palestine? Rebuild the economy? Pleeze
03:53 PM on 01/19/2009
He did not lie to his kids about getting a dog. They are just waiting until they get settled in the White House. The media has been talking about the dog for the last week. You apparently don't listen.
02:24 PM on 01/19/2009
As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Malaysia 1971-73, my 3 years of teaching Biology in Borneo not only lead me to my lifetime profession of teaching in the Mpls Public Schools, it also opened up a window on the world for me to share with my students, their families and communities.

Doubling the size of the Peace Corps and providing the adequate and even abundant funding for the future will not only provide the same opportunities for my son and your children and grandchildren, it will give Americans a chance to feel the connection we all have to building a truly just and co-operative future as we begin to return America to it's once held position of respect and admiration among the nations of the world.

I can't begin to tell you how like royalty I was treated in the early 70s as a Peace Corps Volunteer...let the changing of the guard in 2009 symbolize the return of the king/queen in each of us and take back what is rightfully ours: a peaceful, healthy world governed by loving kindness and a lives committed to service for all people....thank you Hubert Humphrey for a damn good idea...even if JFK got all the credit.

Paul Thompson
RPCV from Minnesota
03:56 PM on 01/19/2009
And if we send that money out of the country then your students here in the U.S. will suffer for it. Money will be taken from your state and will not go to the public schools. Is that what you want. I know this sounds harsh. But we need to take care of the U.S. now. After all our problems are solved then we can start helping other countries.
11:47 PM on 01/20/2009
Again, I must correct you. You assume the Peace Corps budget is billions of dollars a year. Compared to our education budget it is not even a drop. If we completely cut the Peace Corps completely from our budget you would not notice the savings compared with everything else. It is the most funding conscious item in our budget - cheap, cheap, cheap. That is why they call us Peace Corps VOLUNTEERS!