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themodernleader 07:06 AM on 06/13/2012
   This article is dead wrong for American justice and dead right for the continuation of criminal financial malfeasance and treason. by law, precedent and tradition the chief executive officer is held responsible for every action of his subordinates.  He must be indicted for the crimes committed under his administration. Without punishment of our banking big operators, the crimes are  Read More...
01:37 PM on 06/12/2012
Only fools use guns to rob people these days! Most use a briefcase! If they weren't registered why were they allowed to be in the business? Sounds like an ethical loophole crafted by a conservative. You know the ones that talk endlessly about personal responsibility and accountability..... as long as it doesn't apply to them!
02:25 PM on 06/12/2012
Yeah, like Curt Shilling, the blowhard baseball pitcher, who took Rhode Island for $75 mill in loan guarantees and Mitt Romney, the Bain Capital vulture capitalist, who took the US taxpayer for $44million in pension funds from the GST Steel Bankrupcy - people who live in glass houses in LaJolla, CA shouldn't preach to the rest of us, we might heave a few stones in the form of Justice Dept. Indictments.
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Desert Storm Vet
01:35 PM on 06/12/2012
When do they ever.......
01:33 PM on 06/12/2012
so, don't charge them. Just arrest them and throw away the keys
02:33 PM on 06/12/2012
better still just keep charging them with everything you can find and run down their Bank account with lawyers fees - poetic justice - wall street tycoons done in with lawyer fees - it doesn't get any better than that. If Michael Milkin was guilty - so are these birds.....!
Jt John
Asura's Samsara
01:32 PM on 06/12/2012
The elite will never be charged. They will loot and suck the life out of us till we are dry.
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Enough TEA already!
01:29 PM on 06/12/2012
What no personal fine for not registering? That is a handy loop hole to avoid responsibility. I wonder how that got into the statute?
02:11 PM on 06/12/2012
Reminds me of how the US was all about international justice and helping found the UN to replace the League of Nations but then they want to get rid of it or ignore what the UN has to say if they are criticizing us. Or that they owe the UN funds they promised or pledged so they could use it and then back out so now it's " lets do away with the UN." OR not sign onto the ICC because if we do we can be tried in the international court for war crimes. Same ideology.
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Enough TEA already!
01:27 PM on 06/12/2012
Cutting funds is the republican way. Pass laws and not fund them, start wars on a credit card, and starve the Government of revenue to choke it to death. Solving problems is not in their MO creating them, however is their mission in life.
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Carpe Diem!
01:23 PM on 06/12/2012
Now if we were in Italy with the Mafia and in Russia and their crooks I could understand, but in the USA. Investors beware, someone will get your money. Imagine, having a company that steals and gets away with it? Oh, we already have, the banks.
02:37 PM on 06/12/2012
I'm reminded of Robert Kiyosaki's ( author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad ) comments about making money. ( I don't much agree with many of his ideas except these two) Make your money as fast as possible and always be in control of your investments. Think Mitt Romney for the ultimate example of these two axioms.
Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?
01:22 PM on 06/12/2012
In-freaking-credible. My guess is the key players knew not to register knowing they could not be charged for failure to supervise. I have to believe there is some way to prosecute all of them but I would not bet more than one thin dime.
01:21 PM on 06/12/2012
Meanwhile, keep believing, as the Republicans want you to - that it's public workers that are bringing down the economy, not white collar crime at the highest levels of Wall Street and Corporate America.
Good grief!!!
01:13 PM on 06/12/2012
Of course they are.
01:11 PM on 06/12/2012
Perhaps one of them could go on to being the Secretary of Commerce.

That position seems to be above the law also.
Giant Obstructing Pylon (GOP)
01:07 PM on 06/12/2012
Anyone out there not yet sure of our Oligarchy.
retired, tired and been retreaded 3x
12:46 PM on 06/12/2012
It is absolutely amazing how many loopholes there are for white collar criminals and irresponsible financial executives in America. Can you imagine telling the IRS that your workload is strangling you at the present time and you will not be able to comply with their recent request for at least 2or 3years or they can just stick-it?

With blue collar criminals and dysfunctional work conduct, the parties are identified and punished almost immediately. With white collar criminals and substandard performance, not only is it more difficult to identify the guilty ones; those doing the investigation seem to do so with substandard performance and lack of desire to prosecute.

White collar criminals in America have set the performance bar very high and it is hard to deny their success rate. Of course they get a little inside help not otherwise available to the blue collar population.

You go MFG; another big win for the white collars.