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10:10 AM on 06/13/2012
How does one even get the chance to auction such a very important piece of our nations history??? How did this even get into public hands? It should have been given to a museum or to the government a very long time ago. Total Shame.
10:53 AM on 06/13/2012
I was wondering that myself, but as the article states, his family sold it. It looks like it was well taken care of though
11:13 AM on 06/13/2012
I found this interesting fact on some web article:

"After Washington's death in December 1799, his copy of the Constitution remained at his Mount Vernon library until relatives sold it in 1876 along with about 100 other items. After that, Coover said, it fell into several different hands before Dietrich bought it at an auction in 1964."

Oh I almost forgot the link to page
10:08 AM on 06/13/2012
why would they sell something like that? It should be placed in a museum for all to see. I hope to god it dosent get sold to another country. I know China likes to buy alot of things from the USA. Like AMC theaters and Waldorf Astoria in NY.
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10:02 AM on 06/13/2012
I'm holding out for his wooden teeth and cherry tree axe...
The universe is laughing at you behind your back
10:52 AM on 06/13/2012
I cannot tell a lie - you're gonna have a loooooong wait!
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10:01 AM on 06/13/2012
Hopefully these national treasures will end up in the Smithsonian where they belong.
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09:55 AM on 06/13/2012
Washington indeed was America's father. he gave up his wealth while serving the nation for expenses only during the Revolution. Moreover, the stress of being commander of a rag tag army (until Von Steuben appeared), would have killed lesser men.

His brilliance at Trenton and Princeton displayed his military leadership and command presence.

As the nation's first president, everything he did in office was precedent while setting the bar for our leaders very high.

After he left office (he could have served for the rest of his life), George III said that he is "truly the greatest man in the world".

Without Washington, where would we be today.
11:28 AM on 06/13/2012
Washington did not "give up his wealth", although he spent a good deal of money during the Revolution. He died a very, very wealthy man and maintained that wealth all through the war and during his presidency. I do think, however, that his greatest contribution to this country is that he voluntarily stepped down from the presidency when he could have stayed forever, as you astutely pointed out.
09:48 AM on 06/13/2012
I think the auction estimate of $3 million is extremely low. I can see this document going for many times that. Unbelievable.
This actually belongs in the National Archives or the Smithsonian.
09:54 AM on 06/13/2012
That's the first thing I thought. I believe $3M is very conservative-OK people, I'm not talking politics here!
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09:37 AM on 06/13/2012
So why is this not in the smithsonian?
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09:56 AM on 06/13/2012
Exactly my thoughts, but I suppose it's only appropriate that it too will be in the hands of the 1%, as well as our government.
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10:22 AM on 06/13/2012
DITTO ............
09:31 AM on 06/13/2012
If the auction winner doesn't care to donate or display the documents at the GW Museum, he/she could have it scanned and the scans posted....

Another way to share our history.
09:31 AM on 06/13/2012
He sure was a Good Looking Man, wasn't he???
09:48 AM on 06/13/2012
Very Imposing.
11:17 AM on 06/13/2012
That picture was part of the video Washington made for new presidents. It was called What to tell Americans To Do, After The Election.... It was just some of the stuff Obama Leaked.... If you could see that outstreached hand in motion, you'd really be awed at how imposing he actually was....
09:20 AM on 06/13/2012
Stupid in America
09:17 AM on 06/13/2012
Since the Bill of Rights was pared down to just 10, I wonder what the other 2 included in Washington's copy were?
11:32 AM on 06/13/2012
Google is your friend. You can use the Library of Congress' web site to figure that out.
09:06 AM on 06/13/2012
Is this man an idiot or just ill-informed? Is he unaware that Washington wrote yet another letter to a 'spy' in NY suggesting he 'quietly' buy dozens of ladders that the continentals would use to breech the British fortifications? The idea that anyone could buy 'dozens' of ladders at that time w/o anyone noticing was pretty ridiculous. The thought that a large group of people could then carry them through the streets -- again unnoticed -- lean them against the British fortifications and swoop down on them, taking them by surprise is almost frightening, given the future of this country rested on Washington's shoulders. His concept of 'intelligence' was non-existant. Check the Forbes collection auction catalogs from a few years ago and you'll find the text. And needless to say, nothing ever came of the suggestion except, perhaps, a few guffaws.
no thanks
09:32 AM on 06/13/2012
What are you talking about roll..? your babble sounds like you should have been there with your computer to design a better way... give us all a break...
11:28 AM on 06/13/2012
Like I said, it's there in black and white in an auction catalog. Washington was an amazing man, but exalting his ability to gather intelligence is not historically accurate. Just because he realized "intelligence" was working for the Brits doesn't mean he knew what to do with it.
09:46 AM on 06/13/2012
It seems impossible this "spy" could go into Home Depot and buy dozens of ladders and not be noticed by the British.
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08:35 AM on 06/13/2012
These are national treasures, and one would hope that they can be acquired by the Smithsonian or the new George Washington Presidential Library now being constructed across from Mount Vernon. They should be kept available to the public to see and appreciate for all time. The cost is nothing in the scheme of things in light of the garbage our government spends most of our money for....
08:42 AM on 06/13/2012
That is just your opinion.
08:54 AM on 06/13/2012
I am sure there are many who share my opinion. Since you failed to give yours, but only choose to take a shot at mine, we can presume you think it perfectly acceptable for these documents to end up in someone's personal collection in China.
08:50 AM on 06/13/2012
Agreed. As a person who has worked in many a museum in her life, I have met many a museum worker and visitor who deeply appreciated the foresight of those who have seen placing such rare documents in a museum as a priceless public priority. Hoping for the best outcome.