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01:35 AM on 01/20/2009
weapons of mass destruction not found, LOL
This Dog's bite is Worse Than his Bark
01:29 AM on 01/20/2009
Great game. I needed the laugh this game gave me.
12:42 AM on 01/20/2009
Sorry my words I just cannot print on this... I have nothing good to say of this Mr Bush...except that I did
NOT vote for him either time, and am happy that I didnt.

I figured those that voted once should have seen the liar and deceitful individual he is, now he is rich
and those who voted for him the second time, helped him get richer. As for his education, he continually displayed his Princeton education or Harvard wherever he received his so-called degree.
I feel that he like many other rich, was given the parchment to stay in good and keep receiving those
large sums from the Bush family and the Cheneys and all their buddies wearing robes overseas.... OH and not to forget Haliburton !
08:12 AM on 01/20/2009
GWB got his edumacashun at Yale.
Full spectrum - attacks facing society - PREPARE!
12:39 AM on 01/20/2009
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!! Dam* did that feel great. Wuuuuuuuuu!!!
12:22 AM on 01/20/2009
God but that was so satisfying!!!
12:10 AM on 01/20/2009
Wow, that really WAS fun and therapeutic! Thanks for this, HuffPost.
11:49 PM on 01/19/2009
A good guy, you coud have never handled what he did. Make all the games you want. Wait Bush Bashers; I am sure Bush will be there to support Obama in the end, because he truly cares about this Country. It is the old guard who truly runs this Country. Becareful for what you wish for, for you now have it. The Blame game is over. President Bush and Laura thank you for your service! And regardless of what is said now, History is truly the end all be all. When the word is written by a NON BIAS source, it will be fair, even, and most of all will show your contribution to our world and society.

I pray you peace for all the days of your life, I would hate to have had your job. It truly is the worse Job in the World. Hollywood can only sugar coat Obama for so long.
12:08 AM on 01/20/2009
You harp at those who judge Bush AFTER his presidency, but find it A-OK to judge Obama before his presidency even starts?

You wasted a lot of keystrokes there, my friend.
12:25 AM on 01/20/2009
oh please, for the last eight years during WAR we have heard how everything is Bush's fault, excuse me while I say to you my friend, I am so willing to turn the page as a Republican and be open to Obama, but post like this that continue to BASH Bush restate the MEDIA, GOVERNMENT run media. I prefer my media stirred, not shaken.

No harp, I think the media has played the harp for eight years. Congrats to Obama, but for God Sakes, enough of the Bush Bash, why not teach people how to work on State and Federal bills, and how they actually get passed instead of becoming a State Run Media Outlet?

No Keystrokes are wasted in a free society, my friend.
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For truth, justice, and the 'merican way!
12:14 AM on 01/20/2009
I.g.n.o.r.a.n.c.e. is truly blissful huh buddy?
11:23 PM on 01/19/2009
Hours left to no Bush!

Where's Mr. Darcy?
11:21 PM on 01/19/2009
Shoes are the best!
11:34 PM on 01/19/2009
I like the eggs.
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Freedom from fear - the philosophy of human rights
12:17 AM on 01/20/2009
Eggs are the best.

Rapid firing...................
Why so much hate???
11:19 PM on 01/19/2009
There was an irony to the weapons of mass destruction...there were none.

Gave it a try hoping to give him what he wanted. Damn.
11:04 PM on 01/19/2009
That was very satisfying, thank you.

I chose shoes.
10:56 PM on 01/19/2009
That one is really fun
10:54 PM on 01/19/2009
Please feel free to say farewell in your own way to our very worst President:
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watashi ha tororu ga oroka da to omoi masu。
08:49 AM on 01/20/2009
That was fun, too!
10:52 PM on 01/19/2009
A bikini wax place was advertising a "Goodbye, Mr. Bush" inauguration special. Guess nobody copywrited the phrase.
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For truth, justice, and the 'merican way!
10:50 PM on 01/19/2009
19 Boots, and 35 eggss. I am terrible at this game, but it is strangely therapeutic. I feel better already.