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08:42 AM on 06/16/2012
come on, please when you say plus size lets have a plus size women, with a full belly, big boobs that are hanging over her belly, big hips and football player arms, not some skinny women who is a size 8 - 10. or the plus size women who is sitting on the floor in her underwwear with a small tummy roll that goes away as soon as she stands up, want to show a REAL plus women I'll model for you and we can all have a good laugh,.
08:19 AM on 06/16/2012
these woman are NOT.... Plus Size women....they have the look of most women in the world ...NORMAL
08:59 AM on 06/16/2012
Maybe in your world...
10:52 AM on 06/16/2012
No, Tom in YOUR world.
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08:15 AM on 06/16/2012
Every one of those models are sexy, beautiful women...and they don't look like plus sized models either. ALL women are wonderful, and all men are too!
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08:08 AM on 06/16/2012
omgosh. they are not plus size. they are normal size. good grief. no wonder girls have self esteem problems.
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The Right thinks, the left feels.
10:01 AM on 06/16/2012
They are not plus sized for our everyday life, where the average American woman is a size 14. However, in model sizing, - compared to size 0 (at most) - they are on the "plus" side. And since they are models, they are gauged by those standards. It's not an insult.
04:28 AM on 06/16/2012
What is the "big statement about body image"? The connection between body size and self worth? A woman should feel "moxie," "happy," "sass" in any size
01:53 AM on 06/16/2012
The women in red looks better than any of today's so-called "supermodels" and can be my next wife.
Honestly, who am I supposed to prefer to see in ads, her or a stick insect? I think we know the answer.
Just trying to keep what little I have.
08:06 PM on 06/15/2012
Are you kidding me? When I think of plus size, I think okay maybe something over 14. This woman is NOT a plus size! Geez, just because she's not a size 2 doesn't make her plus!
wtf is this
It depends.
01:23 AM on 06/16/2012
Really. Time for them to call today's models minus sizes. Cuz there is nothing normal about them.
08:51 AM on 06/16/2012
Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful sexy women and was the perfect size 14..and NEVER considered plus sized..!
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The Right thinks, the left feels.
10:02 AM on 06/16/2012
She would be today.
Diana Bitritto
Never be too damn good for your own damn good
03:50 PM on 06/16/2012
Clothes ran smaller in the 50s than they do now. Marilyn's size 14 would probably be the equivalent of today's 8-10. It's called vanity sizing.
07:55 PM on 06/15/2012
They talk about the "plus size" models and then show this 'normal weight' woman in a red suit. Honestly, nowadays, sizes 12 and 14 are really NOT plus size and I wish they would stop referring to them as such. Heck, I wouldn't even consider size 16 a plus size, but... women are suppose to have curves, be curvy.... its time society stopped making women feel bad or 'unattractive' for having them!
07:43 PM on 06/15/2012
Not many men are into skinny women who look like teenage boys.
08:00 PM on 06/15/2012
Yep... look at Marilyn Monroe - she was loved and adored by many (including men) and she was a size 14 ... that would be considered plus-sized now. Look at Beyonce, Queen Latifah... many others ... all plus-size and they are BEAUTIFUL. I wish society would stop equating plus-sized (overweight) with ugly/unattractive/unwanted/unlovable (not to mention stupid and more). As a plus size woman, I've gotten all of those adjectives thrown at me just because of my weight... and it hurts.
08:31 AM on 06/16/2012
that size 14 would be a smaller size in modern times.
09:58 PM on 06/15/2012
Marilyn was a 14??!! Who'd a thunk it?! Maybe society should stop equating plus-sized with overweight. There seems to be a difference!
This amp goes to 11
11:46 AM on 06/16/2012
She wasn't. See above. Monroe was 5'5" and weighed 118-125 pounds. Probably a 6 or 8 in the sizing system of her time. Not a 14 .
07:02 PM on 06/15/2012
Red suit is NOT plus sized, she looks quite normal and healthy actually.
07:39 PM on 06/15/2012
That's exactly right! On what planet is she considered plus size?
05:31 PM on 06/15/2012
Special K, you're not doing women any favors. The woman in the red bathing suit looks like she's maybe a size 8 or 10. She does not look plus-sized.
05:20 PM on 06/15/2012
The one in the red one piece looks yummy.
Amie Nogrady
you say witch like it's a bad thing
04:38 PM on 06/15/2012
Who doesn't get a little breathless when they see Tara Lynn? Oh, but Crystal Renn lost all her weight and looks terrible!
04:15 PM on 06/15/2012
FASHION DESIGNERS: "Ladies, you must be below size 4 if you want to be considered attractive and desirable."

STUPID AND GULLIBLE WOMEN/MEN: "Uh derrr... okay. If you say so."

Sorry, fashion designers, but I have a brain and can think for myself, thank you very much. Size 0-2 if fine for a child, not for a fully-developed woman. Sofia Vergara would be laughed out of the typical "fashion designer's" office as being "plus-sized." What does that tell you?
05:52 PM on 06/15/2012
saying stuff like "size 0-2 is fine for a child, not a fully-developed women." is just hypocritical. Just because you are less than a size four does not mean you are "stupid or gullible".
The same goes for if you're a size 12, 14, 7, 22, etc.
Everyone is beautiful no matter what size.

How about we stop putting down others because of their size and just accept everyone!?
Pro deo et patria
12:58 PM on 06/16/2012
"Just because you are less than a size four does not mean you are "stupid or gullible". "

You called that right. I know a woman who was asked, "You don't even weigh a hundred pounds, do you?" She said, "No, but I got up to 86 pounds when I was pregnant." This woman has a beautiful, curvy woman's body in miniature. I haven't weighed 86 pounds since grade school but my friend and I are both fine.
04:12 PM on 06/15/2012
Let the puppies breath!