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11:43 PM on 06/15/2012
I don't know if I agree with you about her not being a drag queen. Given her history with drag, I think it will always be a part of her. She isn't the first drag queen to transition, and I'm sure she won't be the last. Let's just be supportive, eh?
01:37 AM on 06/16/2012
NOT A DRAG QUEEN!I can understand why people may think she is butby the definition she is transgender. Although the difference between being trans and dressing up in drag and being a gay man dressing up in drag is a STATE OF MIND. Very hard to enforce and I doubt that most of us care to much about it, I don't care to much but I would wish they introduce her as a Transgender lady or whatever besides Drag queen because I don't think it's fair to REAL drag queens who don't take hormones to transition into a female being a DRAG QUEEN is a state of mind I understand her reason to be on the show and I don't object she had a right to be on the show as she was pre-transzation. However she was born a man who felt trapped in a man's body while feeling that she was truly a female. I have a few transgender friends and from what I have learned from them they are born in the wrong body and have a whole different perspective than a gay man in a dress. All depend on how you define the word "drag queen" if you define it simply as a male with a male gender parts dressed in female clothes then trans, cross-dressers and those plp who find opposite clothes sexy are all defined as "Drag-Queens" thats why you have to account for the state of mind and the intent?
02:29 AM on 06/16/2012
Drag as in performance in clubs and public venues has gay,straight, bi, pansexual, cis, trans interex, gender queer and any other type of person that act as drag queens. There are even some cisgender women that do it. Yes I do believe the majority of drag queens are gay men that identify as male but there is more to it and a ton of transgender women that do it. Also there are drag queens that do get plastic surgery and use hormones for their work to look more feminine but that does not necessarily mean they want to be women.
06:08 AM on 06/16/2012
Thanks. Would recommend reading Jan Morris's book Conundrum. Powerful book by an amazing woman. Ms Morris describes early (age 4) realizations of being in the wrong body. Also recommend her travel books btw.
Devon Childress
No1Curr but I say it anyway
10:09 AM on 06/16/2012
You don't agree she isn't a drag queen? What on earth? Drag queens are not transgendered individuals. It seems like drag was what helped Carmen get comfortable with her own body dressing as a woman, and finally taking the steps to live her life that way. She is no longer a drag queen, there's just no debating it. She's a trans-gendered woman, absolutely gorgeous and sweet. A woman in womens clothing isn't doing drag. Do you get it?
12:41 PM on 06/16/2012
First and foremost she is obviously a beautiful trans woman. But she has a strong history within the drag culture, as a performer. She is not a drag queen because she has transitioned into her true state (that of course makes her transgendered), she's a drag queen because she's a performer. Either way, we simply argue semantics. She's a wonderful lady, who I'm sure we will all continue to support no matter what! :)
11:43 PM on 07/19/2012
You make some good points, and obviously are sensitive to the subject, but our world is not black and white. I mean, I'm sure sometime in your life you have done, and possibly done very well, something that maybe wasn't really "you". Or, you have done something, and done well, something that was "you". You may not feel the same as the man sitting next to you about something, or you and him may agree on something and be the only two men on the planet that feel that way about that subject. We are people, just like straights are people, gays are people, lesbians are people. All people are different, and may well have different thoughts or ideas than others that may "fit" into the same "classification" of people. I applaud your desire to see us as real people, and try to understand and even protect our feelings about things. But honestly, the only person that can answer the question about "who and what she is", is Carmen. One other thing to consider, sadly, being trans is often about survival, doing whatever it takes to live. Our lives are rarely glamorous or easy. Carmen is very lucky and I love her for trying to educate others to make our lives easier, and people like you who respect and try to understand us aren't so bad either. Thank you.
11:39 PM on 06/15/2012
She may not have known the difference between a pineapple and a porcupine when she was on Drag Race but I love how eloquent she is when she's speaking about equality. Werk Carmen! Werk!
05:36 PM on 06/15/2012
Goldie Treasure
05:23 PM on 06/15/2012
Why on earth would you even put yourself in that situation? I'm glad she is happy, but I hope she has matured since the show. She and her coven were hardly tolerable with their bad attitudes.
07:46 PM on 06/15/2012
If she had not been shown laughing about how easy it was to get Anthony's attention I might have believed what she said about the show editing to make her seem like a willing participant; but there she was.
04:16 PM on 06/15/2012
Congrats Carmen, however, you are a lovely women, but you are not a drag queen.

I have no interest in watching women lip sync songs and being all "sexy" as is Carmen's schtick, like so many other trans women...using the stage as a vehicle to validate gender identity and a gay bar no less.

I'd rather watch a man dressed as a women putting on a performance, that's drag.

And before the haters come for me, I've worked in gay bars with drag and trans performers and I know of what I speak.
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05:34 PM on 06/15/2012
As a former transsexual who now has a hard fought for female identity, I agree with you. Why go through transition, with all it's dangers and heartaches and label yourself as a drag queen? I do not get that.

Her choice but she's insulting herself.
Taking you less seriously than you take yourself.
07:48 PM on 06/15/2012
But it is fair for her to say she was a drag queen before her transition, since she was one for many years. It might be hard for her to let go of that part of her identity. It's kind of like leaving a long-term relationship. You still say "we" for awhile, you still see things that you think, "Oh s/he would like that" etc. I don't think she's insulting herself, I just think she'd young and still learning.
03:26 PM on 06/15/2012
Congrats Carmen (Miss Carrera if your nasty!) on all your success!!! You are a lovely woman and I look forward to seeing and hearing more about you and your work with the Transgendered communitiy.