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and that's all that needs to be said...
07:04 PM on 06/15/2012
nasty trash bums.
07:03 PM on 06/15/2012
Sounds like an episode of "Snapped". Yikes.
06:54 PM on 06/15/2012
The boy looks like a d$#!.
06:23 PM on 06/15/2012
I am so glad their plan did not work out. I am glad the parents are okay.
The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
06:06 PM on 06/15/2012
As upset as I am with Robert Best, I am even more furious with Grace Dillman !! These parents were the people who gave her life. They provided her with love, food, clothing, and education, and THIS is how she shows her ":appreciation" for all that they have done for her ! I think that BOTH of these "would be murderers" deserve a nice long stay in prison !!
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I waited patiently for the Lord.....40
09:12 PM on 06/15/2012
You know some where her parents are resoning that she was a nice girl before "he" entered her life...and his parents are saying "he" was a nice boy before he met" her".
11:32 PM on 06/15/2012
In their case- absolutely.
06:05 PM on 06/15/2012
I can't imagine how crushing this must be for those parents. I do know the internet is not a place for children to just "explore" without constant parental supervision. It is like leaving a loaded gun on the kitchen table.
I would have a very hard time trying to get past this, if it were my daughter. Mountains of issues would need to be sorted through and even then, I can't imagine what kind of therapy could establish a bond of trust ever again. I look at the photo of that boyfriend and think, good grief, she gave up her life for that homely cretin?! Where to begin trying to figure that out? Apparently she will have loads of time to think, while she is incarcerated. What a shame.
Fenrir Lokison
I luv the sci fi of Evolution and the Big Bang
06:40 PM on 06/15/2012
I am taking a 50% bet that she and her parents and lawyers will put it all on Best and how he was a bad influence on her (don't get me wrong the parents had every right not to want a 17 year old boy dating their then 13 year old daughter). Nevermind the fact that she could just as be as nasty and murderous and treacherous as she seems.

And is it just me, or do these two look like they can be blood?
07:49 PM on 06/15/2012
I was going to say the same thing. They have the same eyes, EXACTLY THE SAME.
common sense isn't so common
12:10 AM on 06/16/2012
If they chatted on-line for 3 years it might be provable who suggested what. I'd like to see any e-mails/IM.

These parents had possibly been trying to keep them apart for 3 yrs.
It's good to be good & nice to be nice
06:05 PM on 06/15/2012
Ah oh, the arrest, trial, probable conviction and prison time is sure going to mess with their alone time together.
06:02 PM on 06/15/2012
So glad they did not get away with it! Thank God the father was a light sleeper. :D
The Albany Kid
From the 518 to the 651
05:59 PM on 06/15/2012
I would have guessed that their hometown was Blood Buzz, Ohio.

Don't know if these two will ever marry, but Ohio will definitely remember them.
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07:45 PM on 06/15/2012
Marry??? Hmmm, I hope they don't reproduce.
I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.
05:47 PM on 06/15/2012
try and get your act together here Huff, no matter what story you click on to watch something else comes up, got no time for your games.
05:46 PM on 06/15/2012
if they had succeeded, I predict that their relationship would have lasted another 24 hrs, just before police picked them up at Walmart...
Gabrielle Rossi
04:48 PM on 06/15/2012
One does not need to look far, to see sociopathy alive and well in the American family nowadays.
Cheryl Casale
04:30 PM on 06/15/2012
The spoiled little witch of the daughter should also go to prison, thats the problem with kids they get their way to much. and if the dont like getting grounded or things taken away they want to kill the parents, i cant amagin living with a child that you brought into the world and feed and clothed and live for, that they would be capable of killing their own parent , i am so glad my 16 year old is a good son ,being i am a single parent and his only family, the way kids are now adays im thankful my son is a A-B student, doesnt run the streets, is in rotc in high school , doesnt smoke or do drugs , so i must be doing something right,
Fight the Ah mer I cun talibanned
05:41 PM on 06/15/2012
Ok Dr.. You do know that the frontal lobe of teens is not fully developed?
Go get a degree in neuroscience before pronouncing your psycho babble.
And you are lucky your son is "normal". Or so you think.
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Tired of the BS. Time for real Action.
07:19 PM on 06/15/2012
Her kid is probably not as normal as she would like but she is probably looking at all the obvious things that he could be doing that would really give her constipation. When you have kids that age, being vigilant helps but doesn't guarantee anything. It sounds like her kid is doing okay. Good job, Cheryl.
07:20 PM on 06/15/2012
Best isn't a 'teenager', first of all.

And she's taking value in her own son, not giving 'psycho babble'.

Thirdly, the 'development' of their brains has nothing to do with how they're raised and what they value. If you care about neuroscience so much, then please, go learn it yourself. But you don't need it when you have a working common sense. It's how a teenager grows up, and what influences them, that carves their personality later on in life.
Give a stray cat or dog a chance .
04:29 PM on 06/15/2012
Parents need to check everyday to see what their young daughters are doing on the internet .. it could get her killed or you killed if you don't .. Young girls who think that they are ' in love " don't have a clue to how many sick people that are out there and are just waiting for a victim like them .
Not left nor right or center. Just a free thinker!
06:15 PM on 06/15/2012
Apart from that how could anyone think of killing another human being, let alone her parents for a disagreement. It seems children nowadays don't trust their own parents but trust strangers!
Jean Anne
You always have options.
04:15 PM on 06/15/2012
I don't think there was enough hugs and kisses in that family!