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12:14 PM on 06/15/2012
more tax dollars wasted
12:05 PM on 06/15/2012
just like all govt agencies they need to be reviewed and have certain people that are "above the law" as they are the law. Like the current President needs to be told what's actually constitutional.
Just an average European-American....
12:32 PM on 06/15/2012
He apparently does, hence the healthcare bill.
01:45 PM on 06/15/2012
So we end the healthcare bill. Someone without insurance gets sick and goes to a hospital. They are turned away so they go to the county/city hospital where they get treatment. The treatment costs get absorbed by the hospital whose operating funds come from your taxes. They might go to Medicaid but that's being cut to the bone so the taxpayer ends up paying for the uninsured. That's such a great solution why didn't I think of it? Oh wait - you say they will turn them away letting the person to go home and die? Yeah that sounds like a great plan - except what if they have a communicable disease - something that can transmit to other humans? Then we have a pandemic because they didn't get treatment. This is all sounding so good. People who hate the health care bill should be able to speak to their solution - what's yours?
11:57 AM on 06/15/2012
Why aren't there any women in the Secret Service.
The testosterone levels in this country are driving it into the ground.
staring down the corrrect end of a 45 barrel
12:35 PM on 06/15/2012
but there are.
Remember Athens, Tenn
12:45 PM on 06/15/2012
There are, a friend of mine who is female cover Hillary and Bill and the duck rule is in effect if bullets fly.
11:56 AM on 06/15/2012
with 50 or so Federal Agencies armed like Marines and operating without congressional oversight does it suprise anyone that they have gone completley out of controll?
12:22 PM on 06/15/2012
Not to mention the fact that they babysit the scummiest people in the world. I'm sure the behavior of the spoiled, entitled brats they watch was bound to eventually rub off.
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02:54 PM on 06/15/2012
And that fact that alot is paid for by taxpayer dollars since many illegal activities are charged as business/travel expenses via fake business fronts; including illegal gambling, prostitutiion, porno, sex slavery rings, escort services, and drug dealing fronts listed as restaurant/hotel/concierge charges; some of which are set-up and/or protected by our gov officials; and in many foriegn countries specificallly designed and maintained by/for "government use only".
11:52 AM on 06/15/2012
"Here's your paper as you requested under the freedom of information act, sir."
"ok, thanks...... Hey, it's almost all blacked out!"
"Yes sir, it is censored."
"well what's the point of this if no information is given?"
"Well sir that's up to you, I guess you can use it for toilet paper. Use it sparingly as it costs the taxpayer about a dollar a page, and about $2000 for the guy who blacked over all the good stuff with a sharpie."
11:50 AM on 06/15/2012
Oh good...more evidence of a corrupt administration full of Johns, Tricks, Pimps, and Hookers.
12:16 PM on 06/15/2012
What would you expect from chicago politicians. This has been characteristic of this admin.
Here's your sign.....
12:52 PM on 06/15/2012
2004? Oh, I know, don't blame Bush.......Texas is sooooo much more upright than illinois......NOT
nobody is right if everybody is wrong
12:23 PM on 06/15/2012
revealed details of serious allegations against Secret Service agents and officers since 2004

different president in 2004
01:04 PM on 06/15/2012
IMO predated Bush, Clinton, 41, etc.
11:47 AM on 06/15/2012
Maybe they didnt take protecting Obama very seriously, I cant blame them for it the guy is ruining America. RIP AMERICA............... we had a good run but everything has to end sometimes, even the Romans didnt last!
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12:31 PM on 06/15/2012
The reports go back to 2003, duh.
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12:55 PM on 06/15/2012
The items mentioned goes back to 2003 ... maybe that's why an unimpeded shoe was tossed at GB and he hand to fend for himself....
death is certain , life is not
11:46 AM on 06/15/2012
NO ONE IS PERFECT! we are human beings ,not God ok..
12:18 PM on 06/15/2012
Someone should tell obama that...
12:25 PM on 06/15/2012
There is quite a big difference between not being perfect and behaving like absolute gutter trash while on the job.
11:32 AM on 06/15/2012
There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every move he makes another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to work tomorrow

Beware of pretty faces that you find
A pretty face can hide an evil mind
Ah, be careful what you say
Or you'll give yourself away
Odds are you won't live to work tomorrow

Swingin' on the Riviera one day
And then ballin in Calle the next day
Oh no, you let the wrong word slip
While refusing to pay the bill
The odds are you won't live to work tomorrow
I have no micro, just macro.
12:25 PM on 06/15/2012
kvh, it's official.
You have qualified for +55 housing.
Bingo is at 7:00.
01:24 PM on 06/15/2012
LMAO Thanks!
11:22 AM on 06/15/2012
Apparently, someone has not been doing their job. Some men like to be boys, but there's no room for boys in the Secret Service, FB I or any type of security. We need "MEN" to be in charge so now it's time for heads to roll and these organizations be straightened out.
12:20 PM on 06/15/2012
You have that right. Also need to get the golfer in chief out of there, so someone can actually lead the country.
Voivode Vlad
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11:08 AM on 06/15/2012
This should prove interesting.
11:07 AM on 06/15/2012
What a shock! Possible abuse for years at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve? I will NEVER remove my head from the sand and buy into that one!
Don't be stupid all your life
11:04 AM on 06/15/2012
So the "secret service" isn't so secretive after all.
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11:03 AM on 06/15/2012
I love it when these government officials look right at you and lie. The Secret Service needs to be totally gutted and replaced with honest qualified people. The people running the show now ARE THE PROBLEM. This man know the culture of the Secret Service and he knows he spouting out a bunch of BS
Cats Rule!
11:03 AM on 06/15/2012
Ok. What's the point of this article?
Aint Superstitious - Just A Little Stitious
11:29 AM on 06/15/2012
First and foremost, it demonstrates what every American who is not a narrow-minded Republican hack already knew - that these issues of unprofessional and bad behavior were not created by the Obama Administration, but have been endemic and wide reaching in government agencies for many years.
Cats Rule!
01:17 PM on 06/15/2012
That is my exact point. This article doesn't say that. It just says that paperwork was released back to 2004. There is no indication if these incidents have increased since then or decreased. A lot of people assume that since the report is 229 pages long, the incident rate has stayed level throughout that period. An informative article might have provide such details.
Comedy writer ordinaire.
11:41 AM on 06/15/2012
To inform readers that documents regarding crimes committed by the Secret Service have been released?