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02:31 AM on 06/18/2012
It's obvious the man has lost it. At his age and with the younger stars coming up every year, he may NEVER win another major.
Reggie Licious
Against extremism of any kind
04:36 AM on 06/18/2012
Way too early to tell. Seems like his swing is holding up quite nicely, only the Olympic course does not forgive missed fairways, even if it's just by a couple of yards. His putting is a bit erratic, which is really his biggest problem.

If he wants to continue playing, he still has a number of years ahead of him where he can play very competitive golf. The younger stars sure haven't lived up to their promise so far...
09:10 AM on 06/18/2012
I am Not a Tiger fan- but to say he has lost it is to loose all touch with reality.

He finished 21st in the Open having just won the Memorial tournament -which while not a "major" it did have a pretty strong field. Plus as has been pointed out he is No 3 in the Fed Ex cup . Plus when he misses a cut it is news unlike for any of his current challengers.
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01:43 AM on 06/18/2012
3 comments on a day Tiger loses a Major?
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08:33 AM on 06/18/2012
72+ golfers lost this major.
01:35 AM on 06/18/2012
No worries. This one was all about the birdman anyway.
12:57 AM on 06/18/2012
Admittedly there is not much to say about the guy who won, but is Tiger Wood's decline still news? To put it in perspective, he beat a 17 year old amateur by only two strokes... now that's news!
Reggie Licious
Against extremism of any kind
04:42 AM on 06/18/2012
To put it into perspective, the no. 1 of the OWGR didn't even make the cut. Nor did no.2. No. 3 did rather well, and even a T21 for no. 4 isn't all that bad. To put it further into perspective, that 17-year-old amateur beat Phil Mickelson by six strokes. So what? It's one tournament.
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05:17 AM on 06/18/2012
Since his return to the game, it's been an incline actually. Coming from being ranked out of the top 100, and coming up with an entirely new swing, to being ranked 4th the world and 3rd in FedEx points is clearly the opposite of a decline. Phil Mickelson lost the practice round to the 17 year old and lost the tournament to him by 7 strokes...... Now thats a story.

Only 3 players are ranked higher and 2 missed the cut.
12:44 AM on 06/18/2012
The only thing he's really good at is coming up with excuses. Fact remains he seems to be caving on the weekends. Especially Sundays. More there than just a fraction or two.
Reggie Licious
Against extremism of any kind
04:37 AM on 06/18/2012
Where's the excuse? He said he missed fairways by a bit (a couple of yards truly is "a bit"), and Olympic doesn't forgive that. Where is that an excuse? In my book, it's an explanation when being asked.