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goodog 01:23 AM on 06/19/2012
"To fix this technical problem, the Internal Revenue Service issued a new rule, making the tax credit available for people who purchase insurance on federal exchanges. Conservative watchdogs, including Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute (owned and operated by the Koch twins), say the IRS overstepped its bounds and lacked the power to rewrite the law."
Conservatives against a 
04:27 PM on 06/18/2012
Osama Binladen said he would not have to attack the U.S. a second time, a financial disaster would be the second attack on the U.S.A.. He was absolutely correct. The American people voted Obama in as their President.
06:32 PM on 06/18/2012
Delusional and ignorant much?
Here's your sign.....
06:47 PM on 06/18/2012
We know, Romney killed Bin Laden
Romney saved GM....
any other breaking news?
04:11 PM on 06/18/2012
Preventing doctors from opening or expanding their own small hospitals. Yep those Democrats are always helping the little guy.
05:38 PM on 06/18/2012
There is room to criticize the healthcare law to be sure, but we're still waiting on the Repub plan for guaranteeing affordable health care access to the same number of people as the current plan. Until they provide this plan, the Repub party clearly doesn't care about helping the little guy.
05:50 PM on 06/18/2012
ACA does nothing about affordability. Costs are not addressed at all. It forces people to buy insurance thus a boon to the insurance business and, as this article points out, it PREVENTS small hospitals from competing. The latter being an actual attack on "the little guy," not just Repub neglect.
06:10 PM on 06/18/2012
where in the BILL OF RIGHTS or the CONSTITUTION does it say you are entitled to any HEALTHCARE?-GUARNTEE? lmao -
06:30 PM on 06/18/2012
You can say what every positive thing you want about the GOP, but if you vote Republicans into office in the next election you will find out soon enough how badly the GOP will take vengence on the middle and lower classes. They started during Reagan, Bush did some of it but was a bit too slow to always be effective, now with Romney as a puppet of the Tea Party, the dismantling of the workers, middle class,regular people will be in full force. And, the sad thing, the middle class Tea Party folks don't have a single, legitimate clue as to what they are bringing down on their own heads.
09:33 PM on 06/18/2012
romney is a puppet to money ...
09:42 PM on 06/18/2012
Where in my first comment did I mention the Repubs?
FYI: When Reagan, Bush, Romney, I et al were children, doctors made housecalls and no one worried about the cost of doctor bills because they were low. Perhaps that's where the TEA PArty would like to go.