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04:54 PM on 06/22/2012
Oh gosh, just let it die with the Nazi's. If anything, it serves as a more useful symbol with it's current meaning, which is to remind us of how horrific humans can be if left to their own devices.
08:02 PM on 06/22/2012
The Nazis twisted the symbol.

The cross should face the four cardinal points on the compass.

I'm sure that the symbol that the group wants to reclaim points to these four compass points.

Not that I wish to become a member of this group; but their ideals of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness in moving forward are more positive than the oppositional dialog of our election-year political party loyalists.
Bob Moody
Economystic Extraordinaire
08:36 PM on 06/22/2012
Frankly it should be remembered for what it is and was related to Hitler and the Nazi regime so that the world never forgets what can happen. If some group wants to reintroduce the swastika let them modify it, this one is taken. I hope nobody ever forgets that, for as they say those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. I actually think this relic of cliche was invented just for this purpose.
There has got to be a better way!
04:52 PM on 06/22/2012
The Swastika will forever be tainted by its adoption by the Nazis. Even today, hate groups claim the symbol as their own.

The Raelians may be trying to rehabilitate the image -- but I have to wonder if there aren't some racists among them joining their efforts in a campaign to make a symbol of hate acceptable.

In any case, I will not accept it, nor will most people of good will. It will be a constant reminder that hate can corrupt an otherwise good thing, even as a good people (the Germans) were corrupted by Nazi hatred and bigotry. In today's US, there are a lot of otherwise good people being corrupted by the hatred fundamentalism brings. Otherwise good people are being corrupted by the message of hatred borne by Tea Party Republicans.

Hatred tears people apart. Hatred cannot be rehabilitated, and neither can its symbols.
08:14 AM on 06/23/2012
You make interesting points about the intent of the Raelians. It is strange that the Raelians, in a video that aspires to "rehabilitate" the swastika, seem ignorant of the fact (the video never mentions) that Hitler and German National Socialists did not call their symbol a swastika. They called it a Hakenkreuz (hooked cross) because it was a type of cross. The Raelians also fail to distinguish Hitler's German socialist symbol by the fact that Hitler altered the symbol, using it to represent crossed S-letters for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party (see the work of the symbologist Dr. Rex Curry). As long as Raelians + others use the word "swastika" for the German socialist symbol, then they will perpetuate public ignorance about the German symbol and its meaning, and continue to libel an ancient symbol and sanskrit term. The Raelians claim they want to educate but they are leaving basic info out. Nazis did not "hijack" the symbol (a word from the video), as it was an ancient cross there, with a different name, and they altered it for alphabetical symbolism and, for them, it did have positive meaning.
Joe Bigg
Socialism always saves Capitalism!
04:43 PM on 06/22/2012
"the swastika for thousands of years appeared on Hindu and Buddhist temples"

Actually it (the symbol) is still used on Hindu or Buddhist temples/shrines, it just has a completely different meaning than the far right one.
American Capitalist Pursuing the Dream in India.
04:42 PM on 06/22/2012
"Some things are so debased that they can't be redeemed," Selby told The Huffington Post.

I would say that about a billion Indians, and perhaps another billion Buddhists disagree with such a nonsensical, ethnocentric statement.

I lived in East Asia for awhile and Buddhists wore swastika necklaces. In India I see it every day...on doors of homes, backs of trucks, stairwells, wedding announcements, and even business cards. It is sometimes embedded in the floors as a design.

Whenever Germans visit, they're a bit shocked, but then they realize it's just the culture, and it predates Western culture by thousands of years.

So....get over it. Open our mind.
Shadow mutt
04:35 PM on 06/22/2012
Yeah. Good luck with that.

04:32 PM on 06/22/2012
I believe the swastika symbol is still used widely around the world, and in the US, to represent and in Buddist temples. I saw it widely used in the Hong Kong train stations.
06:43 PM on 06/22/2012
I saw it all over Asia.
09:23 PM on 06/22/2012
So it means something else to them. Call Asians "orientals" and see how fast they care about using a word to reclaim it's meaning.
09:19 AM on 06/23/2012
Who declared the word Oriental as bad? It's not (shouldn't be) a derogatory term. We still say Oriental rug. Nothing wrong with that.

This Hindu symbol that they're trying to reclaim is a symbol of peace. It should be shown that dignity that it deserves and not dragged through the mud.

Reclaiming the innocent symbol is the right thing to do.
Dogs drool, cats rule
04:28 PM on 06/22/2012
I've seen it in a book on African designs.
It is a traditional symbol used by the Ashanti people of Ghana.
06:44 PM on 06/22/2012
I've seen it in Asia, but didn't know about the Ashanti. Good to know. Thanks.
04:21 PM on 06/22/2012
I love the Star of David with a swastika inside. A picture is truly worth 1,000 words! The 4th Reich!
Against Stupidity, the Gods themselves try in Vain
04:21 PM on 06/22/2012
Of course their symbol includes a Swastika-like symbol. The Elohim are aliens with a quadruple helix DNA, doubling the chromosomes and redundancy of our double helix DNA..

: P
04:20 PM on 06/22/2012
hey, if the swastika is such a passive and peaceful symbol perhaps we should also revive the use of the Confederate Flag Stars and Bars in Southern State Flags, license plates, etc. By now perhaps black people won't be offended anymore by that symbol of slavery and torture. NOT
04:55 PM on 06/22/2012
I assume you are referring to the battle flag which is not actually the stars and bars but is commonly called that by mistake. I suppose if you could site where the confederate battle flag had been used for thousands of years prior to the confederacy you might have a case.
05:36 PM on 06/22/2012
all of the Confederate flags and symbols are very offensive to me. I class them with the Nazi swastika. Both were used to suppress and destroy people. In my opinion Robt. E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Pickett, Bragg, Old Pete and all the Confederate high ups should have been hanged. They were traitors. They caused the death of a million Americans.
05:57 PM on 06/22/2012
09:33 PM on 06/22/2012
easy there big fellow. get back on your meds. I'll call your mom and tell her you're not in the basement and she should call the cops to go and find you. OK?
04:14 PM on 06/22/2012
Millions of innocent people being systematically killed by people wearing a symbol tends to create a negative association with that symbol.
05:37 PM on 06/22/2012
Yes it does and that sob wearing that awesome stache we can't take that back either.
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04:12 PM on 06/22/2012
While the endeavor may be noble, it is futile.

The swastika has been irretrievably tainted beyond redemption.
04:09 PM on 06/22/2012
silly symbols and sillier people ,do we really need the swastika back ?? really ?
I hope it isn't too late for change...
04:31 PM on 06/22/2012
So, anyone who uses it is silly? Hindus? Buddhists? For some people, the symbol was never absent.
06:50 PM on 06/22/2012
I've seen it in NM. The meaning is not offensive.
Life's too short, be happy..
01:29 PM on 09/19/2012
S'all about context, all of it....
04:06 PM on 06/22/2012
My 10,000 ruble note from 1918 (a little before Hitler's Germany adopted the symbol - from Communist or at least moving that way Russia is a large Redish Note with a Swastika in the center - it can be seen about 1/4 of the way down this page just to the right and below the guy with the red dragon and the sword -
08:31 PM on 06/22/2012
Good post. The symbologist Dr. Rex Curry showed that Hitler altered the swastika, using it to represent crossed S-letters for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler also supported the Bavarian Soviet Republic.
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What the ????
01:00 AM on 06/23/2012
The symbol normally attributed to a hated piece of history was perverted from it's original sources. and intent. Thank you for trying to get that point across. FnF
Get busy living or get busy dying. Choose.
04:05 PM on 06/22/2012
It will be an uphill battle to reestablish the swastika as representing anything but the death of over 12 million souls.