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05:52 AM on 06/23/2012
A civil war is brewing in Egypt. It will dominate the news in a few months. It was all planned, US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are behind the soft military coup. But, I am afraid it will get very bloody.
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Remember Detroit!... Vote GOP!!
08:04 AM on 06/23/2012
yeah right
08:25 AM on 06/23/2012
hi, I agree with most of what you said but i disagree that the main stream media will show this as news. The media is owned by specific corporations/banks that own our gov't by constantly paying them well more than we do as tax payers. They want to remove any ideas of freedom as they pass unconstututional laws at home. Like the NDAA,NDRP,ACTA,trespass bill. As they push fto pass CISPA,PITA,SOPA removing even more freedom. Also the unlimited funding to israel for war that passed the senate.(i think senate) Occupy is against all that i mentioned yet in the media they attempt to make them appear as a bunch of party people with no message with a list of negative things that don't make sense because police are right there. How can people get raped,killed,pooped,and pee without a cop a few feet away watching this. This park isn't that big. Anyway since occupy is world wide. Hopefully we keep the countries too busy saving themselves than to bother with egypt. World wide revolution is among us. Lets hope things end up like icelands revolution.
04:47 AM on 06/23/2012
Arab winter is upon us. As in Syria the South American countries will follow with coups and upheavals supported by the US and engineered by the CIA!!!
it is 1960's all over! socialists and Moslims = continued growth of the military industrial complex at the expense of all!!
04:25 AM on 06/23/2012
ask the people who took to the streets in the Arab spring that brought down Mubarak's regime I bet there wasn't one Muslim brotherhood now they gained power not by democratic elections but by suppressing the will of the people. I'm not a fan of Mubarak but what the brotherhood will do will be 100 times worse.
06:06 AM on 06/23/2012
And we have what is equivalent to the Christian brotherhood in this country running things. You have lost dozens of rights since they came to power. If you think Americans are exempt from election fraud then rethink the American 2000 election or check out the video below.
09:00 AM on 06/23/2012
the crazy religions are at it again
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09:02 AM on 06/23/2012
Christians have been banned in the US
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Remember Detroit!... Vote GOP!!
08:05 AM on 06/23/2012
03:34 AM on 06/23/2012
Once careful what you wish for....
04:35 AM on 06/23/2012
Like Mubarak was going to hand over power and another dictator would take over? It was already known in Egypt that could not happen. The countries of the Arab spring have all been waiting to explode. Be careful about making wisecracks when you do not know very much.
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12:07 PM on 06/23/2012
absolutely true. this was brewing since sadat and i'm surprised the pressure cooker held together for as long as it did. one look at cairo's streets during mubarak's times anyone could tell
Reason, not religion.
03:16 AM on 06/23/2012
I'd like to see a government emerge in Egypt that will model democracy on the level as the pyramids that represent that fascinating country. On the otherhand, I'd like to see the same in the U.S., modeled on the virtues set forth in our own Constitution written by its authors who couldn't have imagined that their hard work would have been sacrificed for the next quarter profit margin.
I tot i taw a putty tat
03:16 AM on 06/23/2012
It's pretty certain that Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood won again , first because the Mubarak regiem that is still in place is doing every thing it can to delegitimize the choices of Egypts citizens , both the Mubarak judicial apointees and his military generals
And second .... because if their guy had won they would have announced it thursday or they needed more time to stuff ballet boxes after the election to try to claim he won
06:09 AM on 06/23/2012
It is sort of like the Republicans ruining the country and then stepping back from the top leadership position after the mess they made and allowing a Democrat to be elected who doesn't change things very much and is very Republican friendly.
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Liberalism = Stultification of the Brain
01:33 AM on 06/23/2012
Now remember folks, your Messiah had his hands in this outcome.
11:25 PM on 06/22/2012
The Egyptian military take the cake. They have been in charge of Egypt for decades and thus have the responsibilty to explain what they have done in terms of the economy and development of the country. The military appointed judges have also a duty to explain how they could dissolve a recently elected parliament where the voters put those politicians in their seats. Both the military and judges have to realize that it is the money from ordinary Egyptians that pays their wages and thus the two former groups are to be answerable to the electorate and not the other way round. Then again, many of the military, some of those appointed judges, and many of the regime backed elite have much to fear an investigation into their holdings that could show which ones have been swindling Egyptian society for how long???
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08:44 AM on 06/23/2012
Or, the military could be taking their marching orders from those who do not want to see the dreaded "Muslim Brotherhood" take over power in Egypt, perhaps?
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10:02 PM on 06/22/2012
The egyption people will not put up with the heavy handedness of the muslem brotherhood nor the military. They will tear them both apart to achieve their modest goals. Freedom, rights, oppertunity and representitve government.
Doug Sandlin
11:09 PM on 06/22/2012
What's heavy-handed about the Muslim Brotherhood?

Factually, I mean?
11:34 PM on 06/22/2012
Well, when they ran for Parliament , the Muslim Brotherhood said it would not put up a candidate for President. After they won a majority of seats in Parliament , guess what? they put up a candidate for President. Once you lie to the believing public, you can't be trusted.
02:43 AM on 06/23/2012
the word muslim is heavy handed. christian brotherhood sounds much more electable, especially in that part of the world !
05:42 AM on 06/23/2012
It's going to take time. The Egyptian people just opened the box and are fumbling over the instructions wondering if they have all the pieces. I will try to reserve judgement for a decade because 80 million people sorting stuff out is supposed to be difficult contentious and exasperating. They will make some bad decisions. They will go down some blind alleys. Look at us: 236 years in and we still go down blind alleys and get distracted by clown cars.
panem et circenses
10:01 PM on 06/22/2012
How the Brotherhood outmaneuvered the secular revolutionaries to take control of the country
Doug Sandlin
10:41 PM on 06/22/2012
That article doesn't seem to be saying that, at all.
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I have nothing to say except
09:58 PM on 06/22/2012
Rebuke the MB and their followers. We armed the same people that we send our children into Afghanistan and Iraq to fight against and now we give them weapons to kill our loved ones.
09:24 PM on 06/22/2012
A military coup is in the works as the generals will state that they are the protectors of the nation, and that the nation is fast moving toward anarchy.
09:02 PM on 06/22/2012
The people of Egypt got rid of Mubarak, they had better rally in the 100s of thousands and continue until Mubarak's Generals are kicked out as well! Their "war" for democracy will not be done until then.
10:10 PM on 06/22/2012
I personally hope they rally in the 100s of thousands to keep both Mubarak's generals and the Muslim Brotherhood out.
05:32 PM on 07/03/2012
They need to create a "Party for the People", but could they ever accomplish this in the middle east maelstrom going on at this time?
08:59 PM on 06/22/2012
Western back military dictators are at it again, be it Egypt or Pakistan. These dictators can be made to do anything for the West's interests and at the same time the Muslim countries get thrashed in the media on having dictators - double win. People representatives can't be forced into submission.. So here you are - military dictatorships in Muslim countries on one excuse or the other.