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10:49 PM on 06/25/2012
I don't think any od us really ever get over a death, no matter how it happens. We always have those questions "what if", "I should have", or "could haves". I am going thru a loss right now and another one that I know is coming. One was sudden and the other is a cancer death and we know it is coming. I don;t know which is worse or better in the sense that you can kind of prepare for a cancer death but a sudden death takes you by surprise. I like people who take a negative situation and find something positve to make out of it If it motivates him to make a differnce in the world and helps him to relate to all the pain and suffering going on, it can only help. Good for him.
10:06 PM on 06/25/2012
Smart, articulate professional! Thanks for all of your insight Anderson! Keep up the great work!
10:00 PM on 06/25/2012
Loved Marlo for years, but this is not her best effort.
11:42 PM on 06/25/2012
Best effort? Anderson is talking about the suicide his brother committed. The suicide his brother committed in front of his dear mother. Marlos best effort? Please don't respond. I found your post idiotic.
09:15 PM on 06/26/2012
Idiotic? Really? My point was that Marlo was only going thru the motions....not really caring...just reading the script. All my sympathy to Anderson and his family.
01:53 AM on 06/26/2012
Her father was a fantastic man........
09:41 PM on 06/25/2012
Two types of people when it comes to suicide. The ones who succeed and the ones who go on the talk show circuit to get the attention.
11:55 PM on 06/25/2012
You know Anderson Cooper is talking about his older brother who committed suicide in 1988 - not about himself, right?
09:31 PM on 06/25/2012
He looks like he's 55 instead of 45. And Marlo seemed bored during the interview. He was droaning on and on.
02:41 AM on 06/26/2012
It was HP and Marlo Thomas, not Edward R. Murrow. The "droning on and on" component can be attributed to the fact that Cooper's recollection lacked the expected hyperdrama associated with such personal stories. Marlo seemed no more bored than usual. She asked a question and let him speak.
09:27 PM on 06/25/2012
We heard it all before when you were on your cable show ---the time you had your mother on the show. Now, you're not only on cable, but you're on one of the networks. The afternoon shows are taken up with talk shows, b/c it's cheaper for the networks to have volunteers on their talk shows than to pay a cast of soap opera actors / actresses.
09:54 PM on 06/25/2012
you can always change the channel. I personally am still interested in how Mr. Cooper continues to deal with the heartbreaking loss of his brother. It's something that helps many others who have gone through the same nightmare.
12:15 AM on 06/26/2012
If you don't like it don't watch it. You sound like a person that likes to complain a lot. I got the feeling from your post. After just one year as a talk show host he was nominated for an emmy. His ratings are high. Obviously he is adored by many.

Since you seem like you could use some positive feelings....some of that good ole positive air.....I will say a few nice things.

Anderson is all class. A man with so much money....a man with means yet is so down to earth. A man who was brought up with maids, butlers and chefs yet he lives alone with none of the mentioned. He does his own cooking and cleaning. He's the type of person that lights up a room with his smile. Just thought I'd mention that. I heard of him when he had his show on CNN but never watched his show b/c I am a Fox person.Got a glimpse of him when I changed the channel. Boy was I missing out. What a Man!!!!!
09:12 PM on 06/25/2012
08:27 PM on 06/25/2012
I have afew "why" questions for you Cooper...Why did you switch and bate the Lima family into doing a show about special relationships between mothers and daughters only to change the premise of the show to how mothers obsessed with the gym adversely affect their children?...Why did you deliberately try to damage this fine family, including that wonderful 16 year old daughter Kayley and her younger brother Logan just for your personal ratings? How despicable can you be when you repeatedly have your crew insist that these children read scripted lines criticizing their mother to the point where Kayley quit and refused to finish the filming? And then to have your editors slice and dice what people said in order to get a 180 degree opposite meaning all to destroy this family for your ratings? By the way, notwithstanding your treachery, it was still a lousy show. Bored to tears is an understatement. I have a hard time feeling any empathy for you due to your brothers suicide or the early loss of your father when I know that you are rotten to the core.
08:58 PM on 06/25/2012
from what i had read.if any of this is true than i'm saddened by that,however to say what you did about his brothers death &the lack of empathy.what does that have to do with it? shame on you! you have not a clue about pain....death
12:21 AM on 06/26/2012 are nasty. You are entitled to your feelings and opinions although you sound so bitter. Sounds like you have a lot of anger.....maybe misplaced anger?? Rhetorical.
I feel only sadness for you. Hopefully you will seek some help. The best of luck to you.

I read people with no empathy are psychopaths.