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12:49 AM on 06/24/2012
"Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is suspicion of, hatred toward, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage". - Wikipedia.

If Arabs in America feel discriminated, and one can't argue with feelings, although one can view matters objectively and think otherwise, they should object to Arab discrimination. But, as Mr. Zogby, refers to it as "anti-Semitism against Arabs" is a bit strange.

It dilutes the meaning of anti-Semitism, and perhaps this is the who idea behind attempting to confuse matters; to, once again, deny that which is Jewish...
07:19 AM on 06/24/2012
perhaps you can inform as to what percentage of jews are in fact arabs[semitic race]
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07:32 AM on 06/24/2012
Being a Jew, means being a member of a people, a race, if to use British English; as is the case with being an Arab. Therefore, one simply can't be both Jewish and Arab; you are either.
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12:35 AM on 06/24/2012
Jews Against Islamophobia, a coalition consisting of Jews Say No!, Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice and American Jews for a Just Peace, has targeted the Simon Wiesenthal Center since mid-September. The coalition has conducted frequent demonstrations outside the Museum of Tolerance, holding up signs calling out the center’s “hypocrisy” and passing out flyers to passer-bys and those going into the museum.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, appeared on Fox News last August to say that the location of the proposed center, known as Park 51, was “insensitive.” The executive director of the center, which describes itself as a Jewish organization that “promotes human rights and dignity,” expressed similar sentiments to Crain’s New York Business.

The protests highlight the split within the American Jewish community over Park 51 and Islamophobia. For instance, Marc Tracy of Tablet pointed out last August that “out of the [Marist] pool of registered New York City voters, only 20 percent of Jews approve of the center, while 71 percent oppose it.”
01:53 AM on 06/24/2012
What's your point? There are differences in opinion on these subjects within most groups in the US. If anything, I suspect that the opposition to Park 51 is stronger among Christians than Jews.
01:19 PM on 06/24/2012
There is no split. The Jewish groups you reference are marginal to the broader Jewish community and are afflicted with a form of Patti Hearst Syndrome or Battered Wife Syndrome: if only we behave better, maybe those who feel hostility toward us will love us.

These are Jews who have lost their survival instincts.
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12:26 AM on 06/24/2012
There is simply no way a people who's nation and identity are founded on being the victim, and who's rationale for defying every international authority is the existential threat, is going to share their special position. They have a patent on antisemitism (so very ironic really) that the diaspora in America are desperate to experience so that they can claim that victim bond. Arabs, Muslims, non-Jewish causalities of the Nazis and even goyim in general, are just not relevant to the narrative.
אני כלום בלעדיהם
01:54 AM on 06/24/2012
I finally get you Taxim.

YOU'RE the one looking for the true baptism of an Anti-Semitic experience.

lol. Who'd a thunk it?
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02:32 AM on 06/24/2012
But, you see, the Jewish people is NOT founded on being victimized. It is an ancient people with a long, deep and wide spread civilization - Judaism - that has focused for 4,000 years of existence on the positive in humanity: on life, on education, on the well beings of human beings regardless of who they are.

And, Jews DON'T have a patents on anti-Semitism, a concept brought to the world by European Christians and used exclusively against Jews. Sadly, the concept has spread deep and wide, even to the Arab Middle East where Jews certainly have no control over its ugly use there.

Isn't it time to apply facts and reason instead of obsessive anti-Jewish views designed to demonize, de-legitimize, to bring the demise of anything that is dear to Jews and Judaism....??
03:43 AM on 06/24/2012
Why was there an Exodus?
12:02 AM on 06/24/2012
"Jewish community organizations with many allies across the ethnic, religious and political spectrum have made it clear that there is a price to pay for public manifestations of bigotry."

That sounds like "You can't mess with them because they're too powerful", all dressed up.
11:48 PM on 06/23/2012
Mr. Zogby conveniently omits the fact that much of the most virulent and pervasive anti-semitism against Jews is now found within the Arab world where Mein Kampf is a bestseller, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are promoted as fact, and crowd chants of "death to the Jews" are not uncommon. Will Mr. Zogby denounce this as strongly as he (rightfully) decries blanket bigotry against Arabs in the West?

I won't hold my breath on that.
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12:36 AM on 06/24/2012
Can you link me to those publishers so I can confirm your ignorant assertions?
01:37 AM on 06/24/2012
To what "publishers" do you refer, and which part of my statement do you claim is incorrect or "ignorant?"
11:35 PM on 06/23/2012
The term "anti-Semitism" was coined by Wilhelm Marr in 1873 in a pamphlet titled "The Way to Victory of the Germanic Spirit over the Jewish Spirit". He used it to refer very specifically to Jews. It was a euphemism for Judenhass, hatred of Jews. It made it sound more intellectually respectable, couched in the pseudoscientific racial theories that increasingly took root in European culture, and ultimately grew into the rabid demonization of Jews that culminated in the Holocaust.

Referring to hatred of Arabs as "anti-Semitism" because Arabs are "Semitic" buries the historic resonance of the term along with the odious process that it was part of. I suspect that this is why Arabs insist on using the term to describe their own troubles.
11:55 PM on 06/23/2012
And you can be certain that both Mr Zogby and Mr Nader are fully aware of this, feigning ignorance is really quite insulting. Comparing discrimination of Jews and Arabs is both legitimate and important, attempting to change history, to further a political agenda, is not.
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12:55 AM on 06/24/2012
But, of course, why should facts, as you so clearly demonstrate them to be, stand in the way of "narratives", fictional short stories designed for political expediency, that Mr. Zogby is peddling here?
11:06 PM on 06/23/2012
Thank you, James Zogby- I'm Arab-American and I'm very proud of the work you do.
The Independent
10:22 PM on 06/23/2012
Thank you Mr Zogby and Nader for bringing up very important issue and extremely painful for the Muslims in the USA to live with such discrimination and hatred towards them by the Americans,and yet nobody can even criticize Israel,accusing people who criticize Israel's policies of antisemitism.
It is about time to start this discussion about Islamophobia,which is another form of antisemitism.
Willard was a rat in a movie!
10:43 PM on 06/23/2012
Muslims in America are free to move to the Middle East if their feelings are hurt here in America! Not ONE will go!
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12:47 AM on 06/24/2012
Abe Foxman, one of American Jewry’s leading Islamophobes, announced the ADL opposed Park51, the new Muslim cultural center two blocks from Ground Zero. The project, also known as Cordoba House, has the strong support of Mayor Bloomberg and all the appropriate community planning boards and agencies.

Asked why the opposition of the families was so pivotal in the decision, Mr. Foxman said they were entitled to their emotions.

“Survivors of the Holocaust are entitled to feelings that are irrational,” he said. Referring to the loved ones of Sept. 11 victims, he said, “Their anguish entitles them to positions that others would categorize as irrational or bigoted.”

Ding, ding, ding!!!
03:52 AM on 06/24/2012
And idiots are free to go too, but they'll probably not find a place where hate serves the interests of the elite any better.
08:36 PM on 06/23/2012
Anti-Jewish and anti-Arab sentiments have very different in both history and current expression so
I really don't understand why the writer insists on comparing them? It seems forced to me. If antisemitism was directed against the Jewish minorities by their own host countries, which led to things like pogroms, while anti Arab sentiments were directed against a foreign external force which led to things like colonialism, how can it be said they are cut from the same cloth? It's a completely different history. Also antisemitism mainly revolve around ideas about Jews controlling whatever and being rich and greedy while anti Arab stereotypes revolve around being violent terrorists. Again, totally different things. I think it's correct to say there are types of racism Americans are more/less sensitive to but I really don't understand this forced comparison.
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08:04 PM on 06/23/2012
Complain about Islamophobia all you want, James, but citing Jews as part of the issue is odious and deserves condemnation.
09:05 PM on 06/23/2012
Teacher, maybe I missed a statement in the article, but seems the author is examining anti-Arab/Muslim sentiment by comparing and contrasting it to anti-semitism.
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09:22 PM on 06/23/2012
He mentioned Jews and Judaism over 10 times and Islamophobia and anti-Arabism once.
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09:24 PM on 06/23/2012
sorry, "Judaism" should read "Jewish"
Pearl Bay, Australia
09:05 PM on 06/23/2012
Michael Savage, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Debbie Schlussel, David Yerushalmi, Daniel Pipes, and Mark Steyn are not part of the issue?
Willard was a rat in a movie!
10:41 PM on 06/23/2012
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11:13 PM on 06/23/2012
You're assuming they're all Jewish; Spencer and Steyn aren't. All have received criticism for their views; the ADL has publicly condemned Geller, Horowitz, and Yerushalmi. That seems to be the "standard" sought by the author in this article.
Always learning
07:46 PM on 06/23/2012
I agree with Nader, in that overgeneralization, particularly from racist motivations, should be challenged. We must take care to understand the real demographics. When liberal muslims are blamed for the chauvinism of sects east asian Islam and moderate muslims are blamed for the death cult of radical wahhabism, you know we've greatly over simplified these issues to the harm of everyone.

It should not be so difficult to oppose honor killing, oppose violence against women, oppose terrorism, and promote human rights in Islam while knowing which subsets of Islam are one one side and which subsets are on the other.
panem et circenses
07:29 PM on 06/23/2012
>>Arabs and Muslims, on the other hand, are still portrayed as more violent

That would be the news we see every single day.
Bombings, beheadings, attacks on Christians, churches, Jews, wanton slaughter, terrorism,--all part of our everyday news. To say nothing of honor killings, witch trials and executions, genocidal screeds from Islamic clerics--etc.
The arabs spend more time and effort complaining about perceptions instead of changing the reality that (accurately) creates those perceptions.
I feel so clean!
07:28 PM on 06/23/2012
Just don't let him run for president again, please.
Thank you!
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07:08 PM on 06/23/2012
The term anti-Semitic meant anti-Jewish for centuries, mainly because there were no other Semites to speak of in Europe for centuries.

However, now that the world is globally connected, and there are now more Arabs in Europe than Jews, and there are plenty of Arabs in the US, it is insulting to the Arabs to insist that anti-Semitic means only anti-Jewish.

We have changed the meaning of words many times in the English language because of people's sensibilities, and the words we use to refer to people etc. For example we now refer to Negroes as Blacks.

We should start using the term anti-Jewish instead of anti-Semitic, and anti-Arab for those who don't like Arabs. Anti-Semitic should be reserved for those who don't like both Jews and Arabs.

I'm normally an anti-PC guy, but since this would be a PC change affecting many who tend to be the PC police, it would be kind of fun. But the main reason why we should do it, is that it would avoid a lot of confusion.
08:50 PM on 06/23/2012
Why is it insulting to Arabs to use anti-semitic as it always has been used? You can say anti-Arab or anti-Muslim if that's what you mean.
Not to mention it would change the understanding of history to change it. People in couple of hundred years would think that Hitler was anti-Arab, even though Arabs were mostly his big supporters.
It is not the same as the different names for blacks, because in that case the people who were called that wanted to change it. And whichever version you use it is clear what you mean.
The NSA has classified my micro-bio
09:19 PM on 06/23/2012
I'm sure its not insulting to all Arabs, but to some it is. I think the ones that get the most upset are Arabs who speak against Jews and they then get labelled anti-Semitic. It upsets them because they themselves are Semites. wrt history, the history books a century from now will all say anti-Jewish vs anti-Semitic when speaking about Hitler etc.
07:17 AM on 06/24/2012
No, not for centuries-- since the 1870s. And it explicitly meant anti-Jewish, it was defined that way in he essay that introduced it.

But you're right, people begin arguing about words that are illogical and that they themselves don't understand-- better to find words that make sense.
Chris Herz
07:01 PM on 06/23/2012
Were all that oil in Israel rather than in the other middle eastern lands you can bet the US would be the best friend the Arabs ever had.